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Top 20 College Basketball Point Guards for the 2020-2021 Season: 10-1

1. Marcus Zegarowski Creighton

Zegarowski had a phenomenal season and was one of the most improved players in the country. He is one of the best guards in the country. Next, he is a very good shooter off the catch and dribble and plays with a great feel. Furthermore, the ability to move off the ball and make shots at a consistent rate is superior. Also, he is really good at making plays with the basketball going downhill in ball screen action. He also pulls up in transition consistently with knockdown ability. He does a good job of getting others involved with his passing ability. Zegarowski is an elite shooter and scorer who will be one of the best players in college basketball next season. Now defensively, he does a very solid job on the ball and doesn’t take any chances. He moves well laterally and is in good position off the ball as well. Zegarowski will be in contention for Big East Player of the Year and be one of the best point guards in the country.

2. Cade Cunnigham Oklahoma State

Cunnigham is staying at Oklahoma State, making them must-watch team next season despite their ineligibility for the NCAA tournament. Furthermore, he will be in completion to be the first overall pick in the 2021 NBA draft with his great size and skill. He will be a really good distributor for Oklahoma State with his size along and passing ability being a forming a great backcourt with Issac Likekele. He can get to the rim well and finishes with good touch consistently. Also, his ability to have a great feel will make him the focal point of the Oklahoma State offense. Next, his ability to defend will be good with his size and athleticism being able to move laterally well. His shooting should improve throughout the season and once that develops he will be a complete offensive threat. Cunnigham has the potential to be an All-American type player next season.

3. Jared Butler Baylor

Butler is one of the best guards in the country and had an exceptional sophomore season. Now, his scoring ability is very good and his ball control skills are really good. He also has the ability to attack in transition getting to the basket well and pulling up for perimeter jumpers. Furthermore, he has sneaky athleticism with his ability to use his speed to get by players and finish strong around the basket. Additionally, his ability to shoot off the dribble and catch is very good. Butler is the key to the Baylor offense and is very efficient with the ability to get others involved. The ability to score in one on one opportunities could improve and score in highly contested situations. Now defensively, he does a very good job of being active off the basketball and being in help consistently. Also, he does a good job of containing the ball with his activity. Butler will be one of the best point guards in the country looking to lead Baylor to a National Championship.

4. Collin Gillespie Villanova

Gillespie is the leader of Villanova and set the tone with their offensive success as he has a great feel and is as fundamentally sound as any point guard in the country. Next, he’s great in catch and shoots opportunities from deep. He also gets into the middle of the lane in great control with his jump stop and the ability to pass or shoot. Furthermore, he’s really good at getting others in scoring positions, and dribble penetration is great with his ball and head fakes. Additionally, an area he could get better in creating his shot off the dribble and making shots with contested defense. He moves really well without the basketball and gets set up in a scoring position. Also, he’s a tough player who will scrap for everything and fits perfectly into the Villanova scheme and culture. Defensively, he’s really solid with his overall positioning and effort. He does a good job of taking away space for the guard and fighting through screens. Gillespie will be one of the best point guards in the country and will look to lead Villanova to a National Championship.

5. Tyrell Terry Stanford

Terry is a lead guard and contributes heavily to winning and initiating the offense. Next, he can draw contact and get fouled to go to the foul line consistently. Also, he is very good at ball screen action with a really good feel. An area of improvement for Terry is dealing with physicality and finishing through contact. Furthermore, he plays well off the ball moving very well to get in scoring positions. His ability to pass open his players is very good and he is good at distributing the offense. Also, his ability to make threes off the ball and the bounce is very effective. The overall feel of Terry is very good and his impact on Stanford’s success is crucial. On the defensive end, he’s decent but the lateral quickness is not great and he gets beat to the rim by quicker guards and more physical guards.

6. Ayo Dosunmu Illinois

Dosunmu will be the best point guard in college basketball if he returns. He has elite ball skills in the open floor. Furthermore, he is dynamic with the basketball with a great first step and is really effective in ball screen actions. He purely gets downhill attacking the basket and has guards stay in front of him. He’s an effective mid-range shooter off the dribble but can be hit or miss from three that is the biggest area of his game that must improve. Along with his overall strength and continuing to build his body. Also, with his size and athleticism, he does a very good job of rebounding the basketball and is a good distributor. His pure ability to get to the basket is as good as anyone and what makes him such a great player. Now defensively, he is really active on and off the ball and has really good length. He brings good energy and can turn defense into offense very quickly. Dosunmu will be one of the best players in all of the college basketball if he returns and has Illinois in the Top 15.

7. Bryce Aiken Seton Hall

The presence that Aiken will bring to Seton Hall be vital replacing the impact of their backcourt in Myles Powell and Quincy McKnight. Next, he has the ability to take over games as a scorer but will have a tremendous feel and will impact winning greatly. Aiken is undersized as a defender, but moves his feet very well and does a solid job defending the basketball. He will bring exceptional leadership and consistency to run a team at the point guard position. Further, he does a very good job of pushing the ball in transition and is always in great control. He is very good at ball screen situations, getting to the basket with his finishing ability. Next, he is a solid shooter from the mid-range and three. Bryce Aiken will be as influential as any other point guard next season to keep Seton Hall as an NCAA tournament team. Kevin Willard has a steal of a transfer in the local player in Aiken.

Remy Martin's basketball passion helped him get better each year ...8. Remy Martin Arizona State

Martin brings really good steadiness and leadership for Arizona State with a chip on his shoulder mentality. Next, while Martin is on the ball a lot he does a really good job of getting open without the basketball creating scoring opportunities. Furthermore, he brings good toughness and can get into the lane at times and finish at the rim when he’s in control. Additionally, control and consistency are really key for Martin to take the next step if he can show consistency he will be one of the best point guards in the country next season and have Arizona State as a top 10 team in the country. His ability to create off the dribble and pull up with major confidence is a really good aspect of his game. His playmaking and shot hunting ability are what make Martin the player he is. Now, defensively, he’s undersized but brings really good effort and tenacity on the defensive end. He can get up in guys and cause some havoc at times. Arizona State will be the PAC-12 favorites with Remy Martin leading the way next season.

9. James Bouknight UConn

Bouknight has a very good feel and ball control with the ability to attack very effectively. He posses a very solid size with the ability to use it to shoot over the top and get to the rim. Also, he rebounds the basketball well for a guard and can push the ball in transition effectively. Next, he is a very solid mid-range shooter with the ability to pull with ease. The next step for Bouknight is to become a most consistent perimeter shooter from three to be a guy who then can score at all three levels. He could improve his ability to pass the basketball to initiate more of the offense. He moves well without the basketball spotting up on the perimeter and cutting through the lanes. Additionally, his best trait is the control and finishing ability around the basket that is very good. As for the defensive end, he could improve his ability to contain the basketball and utilizing his length even more. Bouknight will continue to be the lead guard for UConn and one of the best guards in the Big East.

10. Kihei Clark Virginia

Clark contributes in every aspect to the success of Virginia and is the ultimate table setting point guard on both ends. He does an exceptional job of running the offense setting up his teammates for great shot opportunities and has a very good feel always being in control. Next, he does a very solid job of getting to the basket with finishing away from bigger defenders. Also, he does a very good job of playing off the ball moving well and making set shots from deep. Further, he has great ball control and quickness to make plays in the lane and get out in transition when called upon. He is very good at ball screen action creating opportunities for himself and others. The biggest adjustment Clark needs to improve his ability to score around bigger defenders and improve his ability to finish with short jumpers. Clark makes the Virginia Offense go and is the key to their success. Now defensively, he does a good job of applying ball pressure and contributing on the boards. Also, he needs to improve his ability to get around screens more effectively and his size doesn’t help absorb drives by guards. Clark will look to improve his overall shot-making to take the next step and help lead Virginia towards an ACC title and a National Championship.

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