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Top 20 College Basketball Point Guards for the 2020-2021 Season: 20-11

11. Marcus Garrett Kansas

Garrett brings a lot of intangibles to Kansas, leading to a great amount of success. He is the reigning Defensive Player of the Year. He does a good job getting to the basket with his quickness and he finishes well. Also, his perimeter shooting has continued to improve and is a capable three-point shooter when he gets good looks. Additionally, he does a good job setting up others with his passing and rebounds the ball well. He will get isolated at times for him to create off the dribble. He will be taking on duties as the lead guard for Kansas with the departure of Devon Dotson. His ability to contribute in so many aspects makes him very valuable for Kansas’ success. Defensively he brings elite effort on the basketball with the ability to switch on any perimeter player. His length and toughness contribute very effectively on and off the ball. Garrett will be crucial to Kansas’ success on both ends of the floor next season.

Fatts Russell makes it a special night on Hawk Hill -- for Rhode ...

12. Fats Russell

Russell is a scoring guard who consistently is hunting his shot with the ability to be a three-level scorer. His ability to create off the dribble is really good. Next, he can improve his shot selection at times to be a way more efficient, scorer. Also, he’s quick and gets to the basket and can finish, but needs to be more consistent around the basket. He’s very solid in the open court pushing all the way to the basket or coming off-ball screens. When Russell gets hot he can be very dynamic and a strong scorer but needs to find that consistency. Additionally, his ability to create off the dribble and get space from defenders is his best trait. Defensively he can be a scrappy defender who gives good effort, as well as get under guards and apply good ball pressure. Russell will be one of the best guards in the country next season if he returns.

13. McKinley Wright IV Colorado

Wright had a very good season leading Colorado well. His ability to facilitate and get others involved making them better is one of his best traits. Next, he’s very good at ball screen action with his handle and ability to separation for mid-range pull up jumpers. Furthermore, he’s really quick off the bounce and gets in the lane really effectively. The area in which Wright can improve is his perimeter shot and looking for it more consistently. He does a good job in transition pushing the pace looking to score while maintaining good control. Wright plays with a really good feel to score and pass the basketball. He will be one of the best point guards in the country next season. Defensively, he does a solid job of giving effort on the basketball. He’s not a great athlete but has improved his ability to laterally move. Wright will have a tremendous season for Colorado next season.

14. Will Richardson Oregon

Richardson is a very well rounded player and contributes heavily to the success of Oregon. He replaces Payton Pritchard at point guard. Further, he plays with a really good feel with the ability to finish at the basket and get into the lane for short jumpers. He’s really effective going downhill in dribble penetration, breaking down his defender, and using ball screens as well. The ability for him to finish around people and with contact is very effective. He does a good job of passing to others and rebounding as well. He’s got a very good handle and can draw fouls consistently when attacking. Also, he is really great with threes in catch and shoot opportunities as well as off the bounce. Defensively, Richardson applies great pressure with his active hands and can be a constant threat on the ball creating turnovers for transition opportunities. He has good size and brings good toughness to Oregon’s defense. Richardson will be the lead guard for Oregon and should be an all-league player.

15. Matt Coleman Texas

Coleman is the lead guard for Texas and plays very well on both ends of the floor setting the tone for Texas. Further, he has a really good feel with the basketball and does a good job of getting highly efficient shots. He’s a really good scorer from the mid-range and elevates really well off the dribble. Additionally, he’s a very solid three-point shooter off the dribble and catches, as well as being in complete control of the Texas offense getting others involved effectively. Continued, he brings good toughness and does a very good job of getting to the rim basket in control with the ability to finish. Coleman will be one of the best floor generals in the country next season shaping up for Texas to have a really good season. As for the defensive end, he’s solid with bringing active and solid hands. He’s not that quick or strong but brings good consistency. Texas will have one of the best point guards in the country with Coleman.

16. D’Mitrik Trice Wisconsin

Trice brings good shot-making and facilitates the offense very well for Wisconsin. Further, Trice can settle for tough contested shots and with his size, he can struggle to create separation as well. Continued, he uses ball screens a lot to get downhill and will drag them out and get solid looks at mid-range jumpers. Also, he is good at making threes off the dribble in isolated situations, as well as having the ability to make a catch and shoot threes pretty well. Next, he is a high volume shooter who can get really hot or cold so he needs to find more consistency to really take the next step. In addition, to getting into the lane more on drives with the ball screens. Defensively, he can get caught up in screens and big guards can shoot over the top of him. He does bring really good activity on the ball and gets in you defensively. He moves laterally well and is very solid defensively. Trice will be in the backcourt with Davison looking to secure a Big Ten title.

Chris Lykes, Isaiah Wong lead attack in Miami's 71-54 win17. Chris Lykes Miami

Lykes is a really good scorer for Miami and brings really good toughness. His quickness and ability to be dynamic with the basketball is really good. Also, he does a very solid job of creating separation off the dribble as well as coming in transition with ball screens. Furthermore, he’s very solid in isolated situations from the deep and mid-range. His ability to pull up from deep threes is good and he’s effective. Additionally, he has the ability to get in the lane area with his quickness he needs to finish more effectively with runners and timing against the bigs in the paint. He might be undersized but he is a scoring machine off the dribble and one of the best guards in the ACC. Now defensively, he brings good activity on the defense and gets under opposing guards. His size can make it difficult for him to contain drives and shots over the top. Lykes will be the best player on a Miami team that should make it back to the NCAA tournament.

18. Ja’Vonte Smart LSU

Smart is really good in transition getting to the basket with his size and physicality. Also, he is really good in isolated situations getting to the basket and has improved his overall ball control skills. Next, he is a good set shooter but needs to improve his ability to make shots off the dribble. Furthermore, his ability to get other good shots is effective, as well as, his overall feel taking over the point guard duties from Tremont Waters. His dribble penetration ability is what stands out in his game finishing at the rim. Defensively, he’s solid and does a good job containing drives but could improve his activity off the ball and getting himself in better positioning. Smart will be the lead guard for LSU looking to become even more skilled offensively.

19. David Johnson Louisville

Johnson has very good size and does a good job with ball control. Furthermore, an area where he could improve is his quickness with the basketball to be more explosive. Also, his shooting from the perimeter must improve to become a more efficient scorer. Also, his size allows him to be a very effective driver and he can finish at the rim effectively. He is also capable of being a very good rebounder for a guard on both ends. Additionally, he can be very effective in transition with his finishing ability at the rim. Next, he can be very effective off the basketball as a cutter. The overall shot-making of Johnson must take the next step to be a more dynamic player. Now defensively, he’s got good size and will develop into a good defender when he improves his lateral movement. His overall length and size do disrupt the ability for guards to get downhill on Johnson. Johnson’s shot-making will be crucial in his development and ability for him and Carlik Jones to be the best backcourt in the ACC.

20. Jalen Crutcher Dayton

Crutcher brings really good stability for Dayton and scores the ball really effectively. He’s a very good catch and shoot player. Furthermore, he has good size and can get to the basket to finish well. Additionally, he plays with really good control and effectiveness at the point. He also gets his shot easily off the bounce. Also, he drives hard in one on one situations and finishes strong at the rim. Crutcher has the ability to be a three-level scorer and will be the go-to play next season for Dayton. Defensively, he brings good size and effort on the basketball. Further, he’s really solid with his overall length and mobility defensively. Crutcher will be in contention to be the A-10 Player of the Year next season.

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