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Rule Changes That Would Improve College Basketball

College basketball is undoubtedly in the best place it’s ever been. However, it’s time the rules committee looks at several rule changes to better the flow and rhythm of the game. Players are far more athletic and stronger and shoot the ball from deeper distances than we’ve seen. Here are a few rule changes that would definitely improve college basketball, as well as the fan’s viewing experience:

Eliminate The Block/Charge Call

The block/charge rule needs to be addressed (photo by GQ)

One common complaint that from basketball fans is that there are too many whistles. Especially this season, there has been an emphasis on freedom of movement and hand-checking. One rule that needs to be completely eliminated from basketball is the block/charge call. Sliding under an offensive player who has already left their feet should not be considered “defense”. It’s almost impossible in today’s game to drive in the paint and not get called for a charge. Obviously extending your arm as an offensive player should be called every time, but flopping and sliding under offensive players should not be rewarded for good defense. The flow and pace of the game would improve drastically if the block/charge rule was eliminated.

Move the Three-Point Line Back

Thanks to Steph Curry, kids grow up shooting three-pointers even though they can barely get it to the rim. His effect on the game can easily be seen in the college game too, as players are pulling up from three to four feet behind the three-point line. And coaches are starting to lean towards this trend, as there is a greater reward for shooting threes and shooting them in numbers. Moving the three-point line back from 20.75 feet to 22 feet would add more excitement to the game, as well as improve spacing and driving lanes. It’s a rule that many basketball minds, like Dick Vitale and Jay Bilas, are hoping to see the college game make. Three-point shots are being taken at a level never seen before, so it makes sense in extending the line back a few feet.

Instead of Halves, Transition to Quarters

Men’s college basketball is the only level in the entire world that plays two halves. Middle school, high school, NBA/WNBA all play four quarters. The NCAA and college basketball need to adjust like the rest of the world have and move to four quarters, for several reasons. Establishing a flow is so important in basketball. With quarters, there would be fewer free throws and fewer timeouts. Another reason for moving to quarters would be to see an increase in scoring. The NIT experimented with these rule changes last season and saw a much better product compared to the normal rules that are set in place.


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