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College Basketball

Ranking the top 10 Uniforms in College Basketball

Ranking the top 10 Uniforms in College Basketball

10. Michigan

Michigan sneaks into the top 10 best NCAA basketball uniforms due to its simplicity. They have a fundamental, clean uniform that has accents to make it pop. Also, it may be overlooked, but the arch of the word Michigan on their jerseys is enough to make a subtle but clean touch.

9. Syracuse

Ranking the top 10 Uniforms in College Basketball

Known as “The Orange”, Syracuse’s program revolves around their vivid orange color. Complemented with a white color, the uniforms have an elementary look with an alternating colored stripe running down the sides. The history of the orange color is a token of Syracuse’s history and dominating past.

8. Kentucky

Although running with the basic blue and white colors seen everywhere in college basketball, Kentucky’s uniforms have something that sets them apart: the iconic checkerboard stripes. Running down the whole side of the jersey, the stripes boast a stylish look and give innovation to the simplicity of the uniform.

7. Miami

Ranking the top 10 Uniforms in College Basketball
Image courtesy of Richard C. Lewis, Lauren Rakes, Michael Hickey, Andy Mead/Getty Images

Undoubtedly, Miami has one of the most colorful jerseys in the nation. With their distinctive orange and green colors, the uniform definitely stands out from the basic, traditional look seen in college basketball. With their eccentric look, Miami’s jerseys find themselves a spot in the top 10.

6. Duke

Rivaled with the light Carolina Blue, Duke contrasts with their blue. Throughout the years, the team’s jerseys have stuck to their origins, not changing much to their original look. They have a basic design with stripes coming off the collar and side, portraying a nice pop and aesthetically pleasing finish to the uniform.

5. Indiana

Ranking the top 10 Uniforms in College Basketball
Image courtesy of Joe Robbins/Getty Images

It’s rare to see a complex Indiana uniform. Sticking to a traditional level, the jersey displays very little. It’s a clean look with two stripes on the waistline and at the bottom of the shorts, making for a very solid, fresh jersey.

4. Villanova

Although fairly basic, the Villanova jerseys emphasize their simplicity to make them stand out. With a combination of navy, light blue and white, the colors together create a sharp look. The best aspect of their jersey comes from the shadow outline they have around the letters and numbers. It makes them pop off the jersey.

3. Kansas

Ranking the top 10 Uniforms in College Basketball
Image courtesy of Rich Sugg

Kansas has some unique lettering on their jerseys, diversifying themselves from the crowd. In addition to their classic Jayhawk font, the school’s embraced some extraordinary combinations. Especially in their red unis, the jersey gives Kansas a strong and commanding look.


The gorgeous blue and gold on UCLA’s jersey complement each other nicely, enough to put them at the No. 2 spot on this list. Represented by Under Armor, the jersey is universally known to be a classic. The white outlining on their away jerseys makes for a crisp look and a vintage appearance. 

1. North Carolina

Image courtesy of Brian Murphy, Mitchell Layton, Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Iconic. Dominated by the Carolina blue color with the argyle design down the side, the Tar Heels jerseys are perhaps the most recognized look in the game. It’s become a staple of the university, representing one of the most elite programs in America. The font on the jerseys is straightforward but looks good, and the North Carolina split by the number on the jersey is a nice touch.


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