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College Basketball’s Rising Stars

Rising stars of today have the potential to go on and become superstars of tomorrow. Every college basketball season, there is always a group of players who stand out from the rest, and inevitably, seeing them emerge as massive stars further down the line is almost a near certainty.

This year is no different, as there is a clutch of talent trying to break out and impress, staking a claim to be the next big thing in the sport.

Javonte Perkins

Javonte Perkins, a senior standing at 6’6, is a guard who currently represents the Saint Louis Billikens. Born in St. Louis, Missouri, Perkins is averaging 19.8 points per game in the current campaign and is quickly establishing himself as a household name in the homes of every college basketball fan. He’s currently bettering his stats from last season after a handful of games on the court, so now the challenge is for Perkins to sustain it throughout the season.

Marcus Sasser

Marcus Sasser, of the Houston Cougars, is another of college basketball’s rising stars. He enjoyed an impressive campaign in 2019/20, and like Perkins, is showing markable improvements during the early exchanges of the current season. The guard, who is 6’1, has upped his points per game ratio considerably so far, with the current standing being 17.3. Which is progress when you consider he finished with a PPG of 8.1 last term.

Moses Moody

Arkansas are also a side with a rising star in their ranks. Moses Moody, a freshman, is quickly establishing himself as the crucial component in the team, and any success on the horizon will come if he stays on his A-game. The guard is averaging 17.3 points per game, with the Razorbacks off to a superb start of being 4-0. Everyone is now looking to Moody to lead the way. And the pressure is on for him to find consistency in his game.

Zach Freemantle

Zach Freemantle, a sophomore standing at 6’9, has proven himself useful on both the inside and outside for Xavier Musketeers. The forward is posting impressive stats after six games played this season. And has an average point per game return of 17.2. His record of 8.5 board per game stands out, too, as does his field goal percentage of 58.4. In terms of the Xavier Musketeers and Freemantle’s returns, he leads the way where stats are concerned. And, if he’s not top of the pile, he’s a close second.

For all of college basketball’s rising stars, the challenge is to keep on improving and impressing and not to become distracted and fall away. There is a lot of talent in the sport right now, and only a small percentage will go on to make it as superstars. It is widely popular among fans of the sport to try and spot new talent, at young age, find where their stats are increasing and potentially try out Basketball betting¬†as a fun way of monitoring the players progress.

The players we mentioned above are moving in the right direction, becoming integral to their team, and showing signs they’re developing as players and finding the consistency they need to make it.

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