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College Basketball: Sophomore Evaluations Part 2

Nate Hinton Houston

Hinton is really solid off the basketball and is very dynamic off the dribble. He does a really good job of getting separation from the dribble and makes mid-range jumpers consistently. Also, the quickness with the basketball makes him difficult for defenders to stay in front of him. Furthermore, he is a very good rebounder which makes him an even more valuable player for Houston. Next, the 3-point shooting is solid but has the potential to take the next step. Additionally, he is very solid in transition with getting to the rim and for spot-up threes. An area where he could improve is the ability to get to the rim consistently in the half-court to be a complete scorer. As for the defensive end, he is really long and active which fits into the perimeter defense of Houston very well. He is really active away from the basketball and really pressures the ball well. Hinton is the most complete guard for Houston and should he return they will be a top 10 team in the country next season.
2019-20 Averages 10.6 points 8.7 rebounds 2.0 assists 41.0 FG% 38.7 3pt%

Kihei Clark's pass, a play Virginia won't forget, was one no one ...Kihei Clark Virginia

Clark contributes in every aspect to the success of Virginia and is the ultimate table setting point guard on both ends. He does an exceptional job of running the offense setting up his teammates for great shot opportunities and has a very good feel always being in control. Next, he does a very solid job of getting to the basket with finishing away from bigger defenders. Also, he does a very good job of playing off the ball moving well and making set shots from deep. Further, he has great ball control and quickness to make plays in the lane and get out in transition when called upon. He is very good at ball screen action creating opportunities for himself and others. The biggest adjustment Clark needs to improve his ability to score around bigger defenders and improve his ability to finish with short jumpers. Clark makes the Virginia Offense go and is the key to their success. Now defensively, he does a good job of applying ball pressure and contributing on the boards. Also, he needs to improve his ability to get around screens more effectively and his size doesn’t help absorb drives by guards. Clark will look to improve his overall shot-making to take the next step and help lead Virginia towards an ACC title and a National Championship.
2019-20 Averages 10.8 points 4.2 rebounds 5.9 assists 37.5 FG% 37.5 3pt%

Antoine Davis Detroit

Davis is a high-level guard and is a three-level scorer with the ability to play on and off the basketball. Next, he is very dynamic with the basketball and can get to the mid-range level really well-creating separation for his shot. Also, he is a really good shooter from the perimeter on the dribble and off the catch. Furthermore, he is very dynamic in transition with the ball. Now, he doesn’t have much help and will take very difficult shots at times. He is a really good talent and has the ability to take over any game that he is in. The area he can improve is getting to the rim more often and settling less. The bucket getting mentality for Davis is accurate and he will have the opportunity to lead the country in scoring. As for defensively, he has the athleticism and length to get turnovers for offensive transition but he needs to be way more active on and off the basketball. Detroit has a star guard in Davis and could very well lead the country in scoring next season.
2019-20 Averages 24.3 points 3.1 rebounds 4.5 assists 38.0 FG% 32.4 3pt%

Jayden Gardner East Carolina

Gardner plays with really good toughness and physicality. He has the ability to post up very strong and his ability to face up is really well. Also, his versatility is really good with the ability to bring the ball up in transition if he needs to. He is a great rebounder and contributes greatly to second-chance opportunities. Next, he moves well with flashing and cutting to get open opportunities inside the paint and high post area. The area in which he could get better is making more jump shots to be even harder to guard. He is a very good interior prescience for East Carolina with his size, energy and toughness. Now defensively, he needs to be more active on the perimeter and do a better job of being in a stance consistently. As for his post defense, he is a bit undersized and can give up easier opportunities at times but contributes greatly to the boards. Gardner should continue to produce major numbers for East Carolina and be the reason they start to have more success with Joe Dooley at the helm.
2019-20 Averages 19.7 points 9.2 rebounds 2.2 assists 52.1 FG% 20.0 3pt%

Michael DeVoe Georgia Tech

DeVoe has a good feel for his game and good poise throughout the ability to consistently contribute to Georgia Tech’s success. Also, his ball control is really good and he’s solid in transition along with setting up his teammates. Next, he has the ability to create off the dribble for his shot and he can get to the basket effectively. Furthermore, he is very effective in isolated situations with the ability to create for himself. His shot-making off the dribble and catch from three is really good. He does need to improve his overall strength and ability to take fewer chances with the basketball at times. Now defensively, he does a very solid job of defending the basketball and is active off the ball. He moves well laterally and brings really active hands his defense is a major plus to his game. DeVoe will be a major part of getting Georgia Tech back into the NCAA tournament picture.
2019-20 Averages 16.0 points 3.9 rebounds 3.4 assists 47.6 FG% 42.7 3pt%

Joe Weiskamp Iowa

Weiskamp has really good size and has the capabilities to be a very good scorer and shooter. He can be really dangerous in transition spotting up as a shooter making threes at a high rate. Also, he is really effective off the basketball being shot ready and he is solid creating off the dribble as well. His shooting numbers got worse from his Freshman season and need to improve to have Weiskcamp be one of the best wings in college basketball. Furthermore, he can be really effective as a cutter and coming off of screens with his size and shooting ability. Also, he can post up smaller defenders with the ability to shoot over the top. The area he needs to improve is the ability to get to the rim and finish strong and be effective. The offensive potential for Wieskamp is very high and could be the key to make Iowa a true National Championship threat. He is long and moves well with the ability to guard multiple positions. Also, in zone, he is very versatile and a key component to their success. Weiskamp has the potential to be the game-changer for Iowa if his shooting percentages go up they will challenge for the National Championship.
2019-20 Averages 14.0 points 6.1 rebounds 1.6 assists 42.7 FG% 34.7 3pt%

Darius Days LSU

Days brings really good versatility and athleticism to LSU on both ends of the floor. He brings really good physicality and can be a mismatch in the post with the ability to face up and attack slower defenders. Next, his energy on the offensive boards is very good and contributes heavily to second-chance opportunities. Also, an area for improvement to make shots from the perimeter and be a more consistent scorer. As well as, his finishing at the rim is really well going downhill extremely strong and tough. Furthermore, the overall skill level of Days will be the key for him to take the next level in his game. As for defensively, he brings good versatility and toughness for LSU. He provides solid rim protection and the ability to rebound the basketball very well. Days’ growth as a player needs to take place on the offensive end.
2019-20 Averages 11.1 points 6.8 rebounds 0.8 assists 48.6 FG% 29.5 3pt%

Nate Laszewski Notre Dame

Laszewski brings the ability to play inside and out with spacing the floor as a catch and shoot threat from three. Furthermore, his mobility is very good and is effective in ball screen situations either as a roller or opening up to the perimeter. He has the capabilities to attack on the dribble. Next, he opens up extremely well on off-ball screens and then becomes an immediate threat to shoot or attack off the bounce. Additionally, he needs to improve his strength to become more of a factor inside for Notre Dame. His ability to stretch the defense is his best trait. Now defensively, he has good length to disrupt shots at the rim. Also, he does a solid job of guarding drives and on the perimeter, he just needs to improve his strength. Laszewski has the potential to be a major offensive threat for Notre Dame in his Junior season.
2019-20 Averages 7.4 points 4.6 rebounds 0.5 assists 41.0 FG% 31.0 3pt%

Keyontae Johnson's Hot Start Leading The Way For Gators ...Keyontae Johnson Florida

Johnson had an exceptional season being very efficient on the offensive end. Next, he has the ability to be very good in transition getting to the basket or spotting up as a shooter. Also, he has great size and does a good job of getting to the basket. Additionally, his strength and size make him a very tough cover and he’s very solid making shots off the dribble. Further, he plays well off the ball as a cutter and spotting up for shots. His overall versatility and ability to attack mismatches are really good. He rebounds the basketball very well on both ends of the floor. Johnson is as complete of any scorer in the SEC and country with the ability to be an All American type player this season. Now defensively, he’s really physical and does a good job of getting out the perimeter to contest shots. Also, he brings the versatility to guard multiple positions. Johnson is going to be one of the best players in college basketball next season.
2019-20 Averages 14.0 points 7.1 rebounds 1.6 assists 54.4 FG% 38.0 3pt%

Brandon Johns Jr. Michigan

Johns Jr. has the ability to be a very solid stretch four for Michigan with his shooting ability from three. He’s consistently in shot ready positioning and moves well on the perimeter creating space. Next, he can be effective on second-chance opportunities off of rebounds. He’s got the ability to be effective on-ball screen situations opening up for threes and diving to the rim. Also, he has the ability to attack off the dribble against slower bigs and has good athleticism to finish strong at the rim. Additionally, his post-up game can be stronger than the high percentage of shots. Now defensively, he does a solid job of protecting the rim and he moves well. Johns has good athleticism and the potential to be a solid contributor for Michigan next season.
2019-20 Averages 6.0 points 3.9 rebounds 0.4 assists 49.2 FG% 34.2 3pt%

Filip Petrusev Gonzaga

Petrusev is one of the best players in all of college basketball and he brings very good skill sets. With his back to the basket, he has a really good feel with great footwork and touches around the basket. Also, he has a very effective jump hook going to his right. Furthermore, his ability to face up as well is really effective attacking the slower bigs. Additionally, the area he needs to improve the ability to make mid-range and extending his range to be very dominant. He’s really good at ball screen action with the ball screen continuity offense that Gonzaga runs. His mobility diving to the basket on cuts is very solid. If Petrusev extends his range he will contend to be the best big in the country next season. Now defensively, he needs to be able to improve his ball screen defense with recovering back to the big. Also, his hands must be up on shooters when caught out on the perimeter. Petrusev will be in contention for the National Player of the Year and help Gonzaga compete as one of the favorites for the National Championship.
2019-20 Averages 17.5 points 7.9 rebounds 1.5 assists 56.2 FG% 18.2 3pt%

Eric Ayala Maryland

Ayala is a tough player who contributes well on both ends of the floor for Maryland. Furthermore, he does a very solid job of getting downhill great separation with his dribble to pull for a mid-range jumper. As well as, getting to the basket where he can finish but could improve upon it through contact. Next, he does a solid job of creating off the dribble for his own shot but needs to shoot better percentages from the field and three. Additionally, he’s effective on and off the basketball and is capable of running the offense and will need to without Anthony Cowan. Defensively, he brings really good toughness and does a solid job on the basketball.
2019-20 Averages 8.5 points 2.9 rebounds 2.5 assists 35.8 FG% 27.4 3pt%

Noah Locke Florida

Locke is a knockdown shooter and is always consistently ready to shoot the basketball and moves well without it. Also, he is really solid getting his shot off the dribble with maintaining really good control. Next, he can be a major threat in transition spotting up as a shooter. Further, he has a quick release that can make it difficult for defenders to contest well. The area he must get better in is increasing his strength to be able to get in the lane more often. Now defensively, he’s solid on the basketball bringing good activity with active hands. He has decent size and does a solid job of containing drives. Locke is a big factor for Florida and he must take the next step in being the knockdown shooting ability.
2019-20 Averages 10.6 points 2.5 rebounds 0.7 assists 42.9 FG% 43.2 3pt%

A.J. Green Northern Iowa

Green is a three-level scorer and has the ability to break down players off of the bounce. Next, he’s really effective off the dribble to pull up for perimeter jumpers and is really good coming off of screens being shot ready. Furthermore, he is a very good overall shooter and is extremely dangerous pulling up for deep threes in transition. Also, he can be very effective in ball screen action creating for his shot. An area of improvement for Green could be to get others involved on an even higher level. The size and shooting of Green make him a dynamic player and will make him the favorite for Missouri Valley Player of the Year. Defensively, he does a decent job on the ball and off but he needs to improve his overall strength. Green will be one of the best scorers in college basketball.
2019-20 Averages 19.7 points 3.0 rebounds 3.0 assists 41.6 FG% 39.1 3pt%

Derek Culver West Virginia

Derek Culver and Oscar Tshiebwe combine for an extremely tough frontcourt for West Virginia. Now, is really good on the glass on both ends of the floor. He needs to improve his skill around the basket to become a more consistent threat. Next, he has really good athleticism with the ability to go by defenders who are slower. When he gets two feet in the paint he will finish very aggressively and be a dominant force. His size and toughness are great but he also needs to improve the ability to make mid-range jumpers. Now defensively, he has the ability to get out on the perimeter and contain drives and shots. He is also a major factor at the rim altering shots and rebounding very well. Culver will be a part of one of the most effective frontcourts in the country with the help of Tshiebwe.
2019-20 Averages 10.4 points 8.6 rebounds 1.7 assists 45.7 FG%

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