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College Basketball Sophomore Evaluations: Part 2

Jahvon Quinerly Alabama

Quinerly had a very good sophomore season for Alabama fitting in perfectly with the style of play. Now, the biggest change for Quinerly was his shooting ability from three at 43.3% off the dribble and catch effectively. Next, he is very good off the dribble creating space for his shot and ability to get to the basket with ease. Furthermore, he has a really good feel in ball screens with the ability to use them to get downhill to the basket. Continued, his finishing around the basket is really good with his use of hands being able to make difficult drives.

Additionally, the hand use of either hand is impressive from Quinerly and makes him very efficient around the basket. Continued, the area he could have greater growth would be a playmaker for others being their primary point guard. Also, he has the capabilities to be dynamic in transition with the basketball with the pace he plays with. As for defensively, he brings good effort on the basket and has solid positioning. He could become even more active in basketball and force turnovers to offense more often.

Allen Flanigan Auburn

Flanigan has very good size and can really score the basketball for Auburn effectively. First off, he can make a major impact in transition as a shooter and with his ability to use his size towards the basket. Next, he needs to improve his shot selection to be even more efficient as a scorer and show the ability to finish through contact. Additionally, he can put the ball down for drives, and getting in the lane the evolvement of that will be key for Flanigan. Also, Flanigan is capable of making a major impact on the boards and adds 2nd chance opportunities.

Continued, he is very solid in 1v1 opportunities being able to drive the basketball and create separation for his shot on the perimeter. Now defensively, he has very good size and provides the length on the basketball to disrupt scorers. His activity on the basketball is good and he moves really well with the ability to contest shots. Allen Flanigan will be one of the best players in the SEC next season.

Devan Cambridge Auburn

Cambridge has really good size and is capable of providing major offense to the Auburn offense. Continued, he could become a more efficient shooter from three with shooting 28.7%. Next, he spaces the floor well, plays off the ball effectively, and provides a quick shot release. Furthermore, he needs to improve his ability to make plays off the dribble and utilizing his size effectively.

Additionally, he can be a major threat in transition as a spot-up three-point shooter. The overall efficiency of Cambridge is the key to him taking the next step forward in his game. As well as, being an even greater factor on the boards on both ends. On the defensive end, he has the size and physicality on the basketball needed. As well as, his ability to be active off the basketball is good. Devan Cambridge will look to be even more efficient offensively next season for Auburn.

Devan Cambridge - Men's Basketball - Auburn University Athletics

Quincy Guerrier

Guerrier is one of the better front-court options on the transfer market. He brings the ability to be a major factor around the basket providing scoring and rebounding. Furthermore, he has improved his ability to space the floor shooting 31.1% from three and attacking off the dribble. Continued, he has a physicality to his game that makes him be able to draw fouls and power up to around the rim for layups. Also, in the low block, he faces up well with a good feel to attack bigs around the basket. Additionally, he can provide 2nd chance opportunities with his rebound ability, however, he must improve his ability to finish through contact consistently.

As well, the growth of his perimeter skills will go a long way in his development. As for the defensive end, he can provide physicality around the basket even though he’s undersized. The improvement needs to come with his ability to guard out on the perimeter. Quincy Guerrier could be a very good addition for a program adding to their frontcourt.

Avery Anderson Oklahoma State

Anderson had a very good sophomore season for Oklahoma State providing really good consistency next to Cade Cunningham. First off, he is very shifty with the basketball being able to get to the basket very effectively with his finishing ability as well. Furthermore, he uses ball screens really well to attack downhill and rebounds very well for a guard. Next, he shoots the ball well from the perimeter off the catch shooting 32.8% from three. Additionally, he draws a lot of contacts the aggressiveness and driving ability to be able to get to the foul line a lot.

Continued, he will have a larger scorer role next season for Oklahoma State and his transition game is very effective as well. Now defensively, he brings great activity on the basketball and contains the ball well. His improvement needs to come with positioning especially off the basketball. Avery Anderson has the ability to be one of the best guards in the Big 12 next season.

Christian Braun Kansas

Braun showed major growth and improvement in his sophomore season being a dependable scorer on the perimeter. Next, he does a very good job spacing the floor with his movement without the basketball and being a sharpshooter at 34.0% from three. Continued, he needs to improve his ability to make shots off the dribble. Further, he has the size to use dribble penetration to get in the lane to score over defenders. Additionally, he has the ability to be a major factor in transition with his shooting ability and getting to the rim.

Also, he rebounds effectively on both ends of the floor. His continued improvement with basketball will be important in his development. As for defensively, he is a good defender with his size and length on the basketball. As well as, bringing the good activity of the basketball and providing toughness on forwards in the post. Christian Braun will be one of the best shooters and scorers in the country next season being a vital part of Kansas’ success.

Zach Freemantle Xavier

Freemantle showed major growth in his game this season with the ability to score in multiple ways. Furthermore, the versatility to play out on the perimeter and in the post allows him to attack specific mismatches. Next, he shows good skill in the post with his footwork and touches around the basket. Also, he is effective in being involved in ball screen and handoffs which enhances his mobility offensively. Additionally, an area he needs to clean up is his passing which can lead to unforced turnovers too often. Continued, he has great efficiency offensively with his finishing around the basket and the ability to make mid-range jumpers consistently.

He’s also stretched out to the perimeter shooting a solid 32.1% from the perimeter with the ability to drive. The rebounding ability of Freemantle is really good on both ends averaging 8.9 a game. As for defensively, he needs to improve his consistent effort out on the perimeter and utilizing his mobility. Also, he needs to improve his ability to guard the post effectively especially against greater size. Zach Freemantle is very skilled offensively and will be looking to lead Xavier back to the NCAA tournament.

Kalib Boone Oklahoma State

Boone showed massive improvement growth over his sophomore season with the potential to develop into one of the best bigs in the Big 12. Furthermore, he gets very solid post positioning with great skill around the basket to finish. Also, he has the footwork and athleticism to finish very strong at the rim. Next, he does a really good job of getting to his left hand using drop steps effectively. Additionally, he needs to develop more a midrange game to be able to attack defenders more with his athleticism.

Continued, his ability to play above the rim is really good with the ability to finish and have lob opportunities. Also, he is a factor on the offensive boards providing 2nd chance opportunities. The growth of Boone’s offensive skill set was impressive and shows his potential. As for defensively, he needs to improve his presence with his interior defense. As well as, improving his ball screen defense and mobility. Kalib Boone will be one of the best bigs in the Big 12 next season.

Tyson Etienne Wichita State

Etienne had a terrific season for Wichita State being an offensive catalyst towards them winning the AAC regular-season title. Furthermore, he brings a physicality allowing him to get downhill effectively, and uses ball screens really well. Next, Etienne could improve his shot section to become an even more efficient scorer. Additionally, he has the ability to make shots from the perimeter at 39.2% from three.

Also, he is very good in transition with his pace pushing the basketball capable of pulling up and getting to the rim. Continued, he is capable of attacking in 1v1 situations effectively and plays well off the basketball. The toughness Etienne plays with sets the tone for Witchita State and is a major part of their identity. Now defensively, he brings really good ball pressure with his effort and physicality. Also, his overall activity is very good whether that be on or off the basketball. Tyson Etienne should have a massive junior season capable of being the AAC player of the year.

Donta Scott Maryland

Scott showed major growth in his game during his sophomore season with the ability to add offense to Maryland. First off, he brings the ability to play inside and use his physicality to his advantage in the post. Next, he moves well off the basketball being able to come off PinDowns for shooting opportunities, and his percentage from three at 43.8%. Continued, the area of improvement for Scott will be his ability to make plays and shots off the dribble.

Also, he is really good as a cutter around the basket as he finishes strong around the rim. Scott is a very dependable offensive player especially with his effort that leads to him getting 2nd chance opportunities. As for the defensive end, he brings great effort and versatility to guard out on the perimeter effectively. He moves well out on the perimeter and he can alter drives at the rim effectively. Donta Scott is a very good glue guy and will be a key piece for Maryland looking to win the Big 10.

Grant Sherfield Nevada

Sherfield had a tremendous sophomore season for Nevada leading them in scoring and has this team set up to be a potential NCAA tournament team next season. First off, Sherfield brings the ability to be really dynamic off the basketball being able to get in the lane and makes shots off the bounce. Additionally, he shot really well from the perimeter 36.7% from three whether that be in transition or the half-court. Also, he is very shifty with the basketball, and can be very difficult for defenders to keep him in front of them.

Continued, his constant dribble penetration causes problems for defenses with his finishing ability and playmaking capabilities. He’s really good in ball screen action allowing him to create mismatches and doing his best work in the lane. As for defensively, he’s solid on the basketball with his effort and positioning. As well as, being a consistent reliable defender who can guard opposing teams’ best guards. Grant Sherfield could win Mountain West player of the year and lead Nevada towards winning the league.

Kevin McCullar Texas Tech

McCullar had a tremendous sophomore season for Texas Tech being a major difference in his team’s success with the consistency he provided. Furthermore, he brings great physicality to the interior being a major factor in the lane with defense and scoring. Additionally, he is very good at attacking from the perimeter and midrange with a quick first step matched with physicality. Also, he has a really good touch around the basket and can make mid-range shots at a consistent rate. The next step in his game would be extending his range to the three-point line.

Continued, he makes a significant impact on the offensive glass providing 2nd chance opportunities. The motor McCullar plays with is tremendous impacting winning at its highest level and making plays for others. McCullar runs the floor hard in transition with the ability to finish as a rim runner. As for defensively, McCullar provides the versatility to guard multiple positions and plays hard. Also, he brings the ability to defend the post and rebounds extremely well. Kevin McCullar will be one of the best players in the Big 12 next season for Texas Tech.

Kevin McCullar - Men's Basketball - Texas Tech Red Raiders

Scotty Pippen Jr. Vanderbilt

Pippen Jr. had a breakout season at Vanderbilt averaging 20.8 points a game and doing it efficiently. Now, he has the ability to be a shot-maker from the perimeter shooting 35.8% from three whether off the bounce or catch. Next, he can be dynamic in transition with his playmaking ability and capabilities of taking it all the way to the basket. Also, he does a solid job of getting in the lane and has the ability to make runners effectively with good touch. Continued, he could limit some of his turnovers as they are not forced and could be more efficient in that area.

The scoring ability of Pippen Jr. is really good and the capabilities to do it from all three levels will make him someone that can lead a team in scoring. As for defensively, he’s decent, but could improve the intensity and positioning on the basketball to be more effective. The ability to contain drives is an area Pippen Jr. must improve upon. Scotty Pippen Jr. is testing the NBA draft waters if he returns to Vanderbilt he will be one of the best players in the SEC.

Deuce McBride West Virginia

McBride is one of the best guards in the country with his scoring ability and attacking nature. First off, McBride plays with a physicality with a great ability to get downhill with the ability to finish strong at the rim and gets there directly with the finishing very well. Continued, he showed major growth in his game with his three-point shooting at 41.4% off the catch and dribble especially well. Furthermore, he is extremely effective in transition with his speed on the open floor, along with his finishing and passing ability. Additionally, he has the ability to pull up in transition really well from the midrange being difficult to contain.

The physicality McBride plays with makes it very difficult for opposing guards to defend him effectively. Also, the playmaking for McBride has taken the next forward being a good distributor handling point guard duties. He plays the game with great confidence and has the ability to make shots in the game’s biggest moments. Now defensively, he brings very good ball pressure and the toughness is very good. As well as, having a great motor on and off the basketball disrupting opposing guards. Miles McBride is one of the best players in the country and if he returns to West Virginia they will be in Big 12 contention to win the league.

Jalen Wilson RFR Kansas

Wilson after redshirting showed major growth in his game having a breakout season for Kansas. Now, the consistency in his game will be imperative for Wilson to become one of the best players in the country to reach his potential. Next, he has the ability to attack the basket with his size and length. Additionally, he stretches the floor with his three-point shooting ability at 33.3% from three. Continued, the ability to put the ball down and use his size allows him to attack wings that don’t have the size Wilson has. Also, improving his overall strength would make him a more consistent driver being able to finish through contact.

Wilson provides rebounding on both ends and giving 2nd chance opportunities for Kansas. The shooting of Wilson from all areas could take the next step up making him a very difficult matchup for defenses. As for defensively, he has all the physical traits with his size and length on the basketball especially. He needs to have more of an edge defensively to really be an impact defender. Jalen Wilson is testing NBA draft waters if he returns, Wilson will be one of the best players in the Big 12 looking to lead Kansas to a deep NCAA tournament run.

Images Courtesy of, Alabama Crimson Tide, Auburn University Athletics, Texas Tech Athletics

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