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College Basketball: Sophomore Evaluations Part 1

Saddiq Bey Villanova

Bey is a great two-way player and will be the best wing in the country should he choose to return back to Villanova. He has great size and feels with his ability to shoot over the top of defenders. Also, he uses his body really well to get to rim and rebounds effectively. Additionally, he’s a terrific catch and shoot player from deep and can create off the dribble very well. Furthermore, he moves really well off the ball and has a great feel to create separation getting his shots off. He’s extremely effective off the dribble pulling up on defenders from the perimeter. The area of improvement for Bey would be using his size and gaining explosiveness to get to the rim way more consistently. Bey has the ability to be a three-level scorer and is a player of the year candidate if he returns to Villanova. Now defensively, he brings really good size and length on the ball and moves very effectively on drives making it difficult for players to finish. Also, he could improve his strength to become an even more of a lockdown defender on the perimeter. Bey will be an elite player for Villanova next season looking to capture a National Championship if he returns.

2019-20 Averages 16.1 points 4.7 rebounds 2.4 assists 47.7 FG% 45.1 3pt%

UH optimistic Quentin Grimes can play vs. Cincinnati - Houston ...

Quentin Grimes Houston

Grimes brings good size and ability to be a lead guard with his shot-making and bringing the ball up the floor. Next, he is very solid off the dribble to get shots off and penetrating to get to the mid-range for shots. Also, he is very solid in ball screen action with good steadiness to create separation and get his shot off effectively. He’s a solid 3-point shooter off the dribble and catch but could improve upon it. Furthermore, he’s a scoring guard who can make plays in transition spotting up or on the bounce. An area where he could improve is getting to the basket more in the half-court and in transition. He is also very good in isolated situations attacking mismatches very well. Defensively, Grimes is solid on the basketball who moves well laterally and has good size. He doesn’t take many chances defensively but is very solid and really good off the ball. Grimes will look to continue to develop into one of the best guards in the country and lead Houston as a top tier team in the country.

2019-20 Averages 12.1 points 3.7 rebounds 2.6 assists 44.3 FG% 32.6 3pt%

Joel Ayayi Gonzaga

Ayayi brings really solid play in all aspects of his game. Furthermore, he is very quick with the basketball but is always in control whether in transition or in the half-court using ball screens to get the basket effectively. Next, he brings really good athleticism and versatility to Gonzaga with his ability to play multiple positions. Continued, he could be more crafty finishing around the basket in which he could take the next step with a finish through contact at the rim. Additionally, is a very solid catch and shoot player from three and can be dependable. The poise of Ayayi throughout is very impressive and he will continue to develop a more well-rounded game offensively to be one of the best perimeter players in the country. Now defensively, Ayayi brings really good length with solid size who is very good on the ball but also is really active off the ball looking to create turnovers. Ayayi should develop into one of the best two-way guards in the country next season for Gonzaga looking to capture a National Championship.

2019-20 Averages 10.6 points 6.3 rebounds 3.2 assists 48.3 FG% 34.5 3pt%

Andrew Nembhard Florida

Nembhard is a very productive player on both ends of the floor for Florida. Next, he is a very good distributor setting up his teammates very consistently and within the offensive structure. The overall steadiness and ball control of Nembhard with his size and toughness make him a very dependable point guard. He operates really well in ball screen actions looking to score in the mid-range with runners or short jumpers and being able to pass the basketball. Also, his physicality allows him to get to the basketball well and he finished with good control. The area in which he must continuously improve is his perimeter jumper to be more well rounded and dependable as a scorer. As for defensively, he brings good activity and active hands-on basketball and is engaged away from the ball. Also, his toughness is good and he contains the ball well, but he could be quicker. Nembhard will be the lead guard for Florida and one of the best in the SEC with a more experienced team to lead.

2019-20 Averages 11.2 points 3.0 rebounds 5.6 assists 44.1 FG% 30.8 3pt%

Emmitt Williams LSU

Williams is very athletic and brings really good energy. Next, he is really good in ball screen situations diving to the rim hard and finishing very strong. Furthermore, he shot the ball very effectively around the basket and is great in the second chance opportunities. He shot the ball very well from deep in pick and pop situations and could be dependable from deep. Williams could improve his overall skill with the basketball and his face-up game to be even more effective, as well as, his overall post-up game with his back to the basket too. Now defensively, Williams brings good effort and athleticism with the ability to protect the rim. He will struggle to guard on the perimeter and staying in front of guards and wings. Williams will bring great effort for LSU and be a dynamic 5-man for LSU next season looking to improve on both ends.

2019-20 Averages 13.3 points 6.6 rebounds 1.2 assists 56.0 FG% 42.1 3pt%

Ayo Dosunmu Illinois

Dosunmu will be the best point guard in college basketball if he returns he has elite ball skills in the open floor. Furthermore, he is dynamic with the basketball with a great first step and is really effective in ball screen actions. He purely gets downhill attacking the basket and has guards stay in front of him. He’s an effective mid-range shooter off the dribble but can be hit or miss from three that is the biggest area of his game that must improve. Along with his overall strength and continuing to build his body. Also, with his size and athleticism, he does a very good job of rebounding the basketball and is a good distributor. His pure ability to get to the basket is as good as anyone and what makes him such a great player. Now defensively, he is really active on and off the ball and has really good length. He brings good energy and can turn defense into offense very quickly. Dosunmu will be one of the best players in all of the college basketball if he returns and has Illinois in the Top 25.

2019-20 Averages 16.6 points 4.3 rebounds 3.3 assists 48.4 FG% 29.6 3pt%

Davion Mitchell Baylor

Mitchell is a very productive player on both ends of the floor and is a major key to Baylor’s success. Further, he moves really well off the basketball with the ability to make the catch and shoot threes as well as drives off dribble handoffs. Additionally, in transition with his athleticism and ability to get to the rim very effectively. Next, he’s quick with the ball and has good size but he can improve his ability to finish through contact. Also, he’s really good in ball screen situations allowing him to attack and pull back for threes. His ability to improve his shot off the dribble and his overall strength will allow Mitchell to get to the next level offensively. Now defensively, he is one of the best defenders in the country his ability to harass the ball handler and his lateral movement to stay in front at all times is very impressive. His length is really good as well and denies very effectively with forcing turnovers for transition opportunities. His overall effort and technique defensively are exceptional on and off the ball. Mitchell will be apart of one of the best teams in the country next season and look to be even more of a threat offensively.

2019-20 Averages 9.9 points 2.7 rebounds 3.8 assists 40.9 FG% 32.4 3pt%

Ja’Vonte Smart LSU

Smart is really good in transition getting to the basket with his size and physicality. Also, he is really good in isolated situations getting to the basket and has improved his overall ball control skills and plays with good poise. Next, he is a good set shooter but needs to improve his ability to make shots off the dribble. Furthermore, his ability to get other good shots is effective, as well as, his overall feel taking over the point guard duties from Tremont Waters. His dribble penetration ability is what stands out in his game finishing at the rim. As for defensively, he’s solid and does a good job containing drive but could improve his activity off the ball and getting himself in better positioning. Smart will be the lead guard for LSU looking to become even more skilled offensively.

2019-20 Averages 12.5 points 3.5 rebounds 4.2 assists 41.5 FG% 32.6 3pt%

David McCormack Kansas

McCormack has really good size and moves pretty well sealing off his defenders consistently. As well as, he utilizes jump hooks effectively and has decent touch around the basket he must get better. Furthermore, he’s got good hands and is in good control of the ball. Also, he needs to improve on his overall ability to be a focus and improve his skill around the basket. He rebounds the ball well but could take the next level to be a really good rebounder on both ends. McCormacks mobility and size give him the ability to improve but he needs to really take the next step offensively to be a force for Kansas. Now defensively, his athleticism and mobility are key with his capabilities of guarding out on perimeter that situations call for it. Also, he has the ability to show on screens and recover around the basket very well and he’s active off the ball as well. McCormack’s offensive development will be key for his success in his Junior season.

2019-20 Averages 6.9 points 4.1 rebounds 0.6 assists 52.9 FG%

Taeshon Cherry Arizona State

Cherry has the ability to be a major factor for Arizona State with his size and athleticism however he must improve his consistency. Next, he has the ability to be a very good catch and shoot player from the perimeter in the half-court and transition. Furthermore, his mobility is really good in transition and in pick and pop situations. Also, he has the ability to be a major factor on the offensive boards as well. He can be a major factor if he improve his shooting ability to make it more consistent and then he’ll be a very impactful player for Arizona State. As for the defensive end, he needs to improve his overall activity off the ball and needs to be in a better position on the ball containing the ball more effectively. He has the size to be disruptive but positioning and focus need to improve. Cherry has a lot of potentials but his consistency will determine if he reaches his ultimate potential.

2019-20 Averages 4.6 points 3.4 rebounds 0.5 assists 35.2 FG% 22.7 3pt%

Staying aggressive has made freshman Aaron Wiggins a road warrior ...Aaron Wiggins Maryland

Wiggins has the potential to be a knockdown shooter and a very well rounded scorer with consistency. Furthermore, he has really good size and ability to play in ball screen action getting to the lane and making effective plays. Also, he moves really well off the ball and can be great in catch and shoot opportunities with handoffs as well as having good athleticism getting the basket well. He’s very solid with the basketball as well getting his shot or getting to the rim. All the offensive ability is there but he just needs to be consistent. Wiggins will get to showcase all of his potential offensively without Anthony Cowan in the backcourt. Now defensively, he has good size and length and does a solid job on the ball with active hands, as well as, being active off the basketball and being engaged throughout. Wiggins should have a great Junior season and unleash his potential for Maryland next season.

2019-20 Averages 10.4 points 4.9 rebounds 1.4 assists 37.7 FG% 31.7 3pt%

Courtney Ramey Texas

Ramey is really solid with good size and does a good job of making plays off the dribble. Next, he has the ability to space the floor with his shooting ability from the perimeter. Also, he does a good job of getting in the lane to make plays but he needs to improve his finish ability. Additionally, he is very solid in transition making plays with his defense for offensive opportunities. Furthermore, he needs to improve his explosiveness to get to spots quicker and be a better finisher. The lack of athleticism is an issue but he does bring solid control within his game with the ball. As for defensively, he does a very solid job on the ball and brings active hands, as well as, bringing good toughness fighting off of the screen and when caught up in the post. Ramey needs to improve his finishing ability on offense to take the next step in his game.

2019-20 Averages 10.9 points 3.9 rebounds 2.9 assists 40.1 FG% 31.3 3pt%

Cole Swider Villanova

Swider is a stretch four player who can shoot the ball extremely well in catch and shoot opportunities from three. He moves well off the ball spotting up in the corners and wings always in shot ready position. He also is in really good control at all times being poised. Furthermore, he needs to improve his ability to make plays off the dribble and being a player who can get to the rim at times. Additionally, he could rebound the basketball better and become stronger. His primary role is a knockdown shooter in the half court so he must get his 3-point percentage closer to 40 percent for Villanova. His size is good and he moves well who could be very effective in ball screens and dribble handoff situations. Now, defensively his overall strength needs to improve so he can guard on the interior and his rebounding ability. Also, his lateral movement on the perimeter must improve to prevent uncontested shots. Swider has the ability to grow into a very solid frontcourt player for Villanova if his defense improves and shot-making becomes very good.

2019-20 Averages 6.1 points 2.9 rebounds 0.6 assists 44.2 FG% 35.2 3pt%

Will Richardson Oregon

Richardson is a very well rounded player and contributes heavily to the success of Oregon. Further, he plays with a really good feel with the ability to finish at the basket and get into the lane for short jumpers. He’s really effective going downhill in dribble penetration, breaking down his defender and using ball screens as well. Next, the ability for him to finish around people and with contact is very effective. He does a good job of passing to others and rebounding as well. He’s got a very good handle and can draw fouls consistently when attacking. Also, is really great with threes in catch and shoot opportunities as well as off the bounce. Now defensively, Richardson applies great pressure with his active hands and be a constant threat on the ball creating turnovers for transition opportunities. He has good size and brings good toughness to Oregon’s defense. Richardson will be the lead guard for Oregon and should be an all-league player.

2019-20 Averages 11.0 points 3.7 rebounds 2.3 assists 47.9 FG% 46.9 3pt%

David Duke Providence

Duke had a very good season playing more off the basketball than the previous season. Furthermore, he contributes to all aspects of the game for Providence. He can be dynamic in transition with his ability to get to the basket with his athleticism. Also, he does a good job of contributing on the boards on both ends. Additionally, he shot the ball very well from three of catch and shoot opportunities. His ability to finish at the rim is really solid and his improved strength has been a key. Duke could improve his ability to make shots off the dribble and finish through contact more often. Duke’s overall confidence on the offensive end has improved very well is becoming a consistent scorer for Providence. As for the defensive end, he has a really good size and moves really well on the ball. He does a very solid job of taking charges and has solid length contributing to turnovers. Duke will be apart of a very strong backcourt with A.J. Reeves and Jared Bynum for Providence next season.

2019-20 Averages 12.0 points 4.2 rebounds 3.1 assists 40.9 FG% 42.0 3pt%

A.J. Reeves Providence

Reeves has really solid size and is a catch and shoot type of scorer for Providence. Next, he does a good job of cutting to the basket and has the size to finish at the rim. Also, he moves effectively off the basketball spotting up for perimeter threes. Additionally, he is capable of being one of the best shooters in the conference. He can be a very good player in transition as a shooter from deep and getting to the basket effectively. Continued, he has the ability to be a really good rebounder as well with his length. Now defensively, he’s not great he doesn’t move well defensively and can give shots up over the top of him. Reeves will be apart of a very solid backcourt with David Duke and Jared Bynum next season for Providence.

2019-20 Averages 7.4 points 3.1 rebounds 1.2 assists 37.4 FG% 34.2 3pt%

Images Courtesy of, Baltimore Sun, Bleacher Report, Houston Chronicle

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