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Collin Gillespie Villanova

Gillespie had a great Senior season until his season was cut short due to a Torn MCL and now will look to return Villanova to a Final Four. Furthermore, he brings the Villanova identity with being great with the basketball-playing under great control. As well as, being able to get into the lane on jump stops to make shots and distribute to others. Additionally, he does a great job of posting up guards for scoring opportunities or passing out of the post. Next, he’s a really good shot-maker from the perimeter off the catch at 37.6% from three. Continued, he’s a good distributor to others, however, he could continue to elevate in that area to be more dynamic with the basketball. His movement on the perimeter is really good with spacing the floor and being shot ready at all times. Also, he is solid in transition with being able to make plays on the perimeter and getting others involved. Now defensively, he could be more effective on the basketball with his lateral movement. As well as, being more active in basketball. Collin Gillespie will be one of the best players in college basketball attempting to lead Villanova to a National Championship.

Remy Martin Kansas

Martin had a very good career at Arizona State being one of the best scoring guards in the country and now will head to Kansas. Furthermore, Martin will look to be their lead guard in a backcourt next to Ochai Agbaji and Christian Braun. Next, Martin brings the ability to make shots from the perimeter consistently especially off the bounce at 34.6% from three. Continued, he is capable of playing off the basketball with his movement to space the floor as a perimeter shooter. Additionally, he can take defenders off the dribble penetrating to the midrange for pull-up jumpers. Also, an area that he will need to develop further is becoming a better distributor with having a multitude of scoring options for Kansas. The ability for Martin to get hot at any moment within a game and taking over will be a great benefit for Kansas next season. As for the defensive end, he’s a decent defender with bringing good activity on the basketball. Martin lacks the size and consistency of the basketball to be a well-rounded defender. Remy Martin will be one of the best guards in the country looking to help lead Kansas towards a National Championship.
Kansas lands star Arizona State transfer guard Remy Martin -

Jermaine Samuels Villanova

Samuels is a very good player for Villanova and is a major part of their success with his consistency. Next, he brings the versatility to play inside and out on the perimeter with his skill, size, and athleticism. Continued, his activity in the low post opening up around the basket and contributing on the offensive glass is very good. Additionally, he is a really good driver from the slot area on the perimeter with the size he finishes consistently at the rim. Furthermore, he’s a very good cutter towards the basket with the activity he plays with. Also, he is really good on the perimeter using shot fakes to get easy dribble penetration. His shot on the perimeter is really good with shooting 37.1% from three. The overall consistency on the offensive end for Samuels is impactful towards the success of Villanova. As for defensively, he has good size and his activity is solid. Samuels could develop into being a more disruptive player on the perimeter with the size and length he brings. Jermaine Samuels will be a major part of Villanova’s quest towards a National Championship.

Brad Davison Wisconsin

Davison is an ultimate competitor and coming off a strong season for Wisconsin looking to have one final successful season. First off, the consistency of Davison’s game is vital for him to be one of the best guards in the country. Now, his shot-making ability from the perimeter has improved shooting 38.9% from three. Additionally, he will be needed to be a better distributor for the Wisconsin offense with the departure of D’Mitrik Trice. Continued, he is active off the basketball spacing out well on the perimeter and cutting to the rim. Also, he has good footwork on the perimeter getting set on shots, and can create separation as well. The growth in Davison’s game being able to get to the basket more consistently will be key. As for defensively, is one of the best perimeter defenders in the country with his activity and ability to contain the basketball. He could improve his ability off the basketball to be a more complete defender. Brad Davison will be the guy for Wisconsin entering next season being one of the best players in the Big Ten.

Jordan Bohannon Iowa

Bohannon had a very inconsistent season for Iowa and will look to get back to being one of the best guards in the Big Ten is more consistent. First off, he does a very good job of the basketball with his movement getting into his shot effectively and quickly. Next, he is one of the best shooters when he is on from three shooting 39.0% on the season. Continued, his ability to create space off the dribble is an area he can improve to be more effective against more athletic guards. Additionally, he has the ability to use basketball screens well to get his separation and to make shots deep from the perimeter. Furthermore, the overall pace Bohannon plays with is great and the game-changing shooting is massive for Iowa. Along with, his ability to be an impact player in transition forcing defenses to get out on the perimeter. As for the defensive end, he doesn’t have great lateral movement or athleticism to contain the basketball. Bohannon needs to improve his defensive ability to handle top-end guards in college basketball. Jordan Bohannon will be one of the best guards in the Big Ten with his ability to be a knockdown shooter.

Fabian White Jr. Houston

White Jr. came off a Torn ACL and made it back in the middle of the season for Houston with a full offseason he should be the best big in the AAC next year. First off, he has really good mobility on the offensive end with being active in the dunker area and high post. As well as, being able to be an effective shooter from the high post and baseline areas with facing up against defense. Next, he contributes on the boards well on both ends and is key to the 2nd chance opportunity success of Houston. Continued, he has the ability to face up and attack defenders off the bounce with his improved skill with the basketball. His growth in his game will continue with White Jr. being able to make consistent jump shots and attacking defenders often. Now defensively, he has really good mobility for a big being able to defend out on the perimeter. As well as, being a factor in the lane with being able to contest drives and rebound effectively. Fabian White Jr. being fully healthy next season will be a major contributor for Houston.

Kyle Young Ohio State

Young is everything you would want from a player bringing consistent effort and toughness on each possession being a winning player. To start Young has improved with his skill with the basketball being able to attack off the dribble against bigs and using his physicality well. Also, he brings great mobility in screening effectively and as a cutter. Additionally, he has improved his shooting ability being able to make shots from the midrange and the perimeter at 43.3% from three. Continued, his activity is great and contributes heavily towards 2nd chance opportunities with his effort. The versatility of Young brings the capability of making plays on the perimeter and in the post. The intangibles of Young are terrific, however, the improved skill has allowed him to elevate his game. As for the defensive end, he brings great effort on this end and makes an impact in the paint. Also, he could continue to improve his positioning at times to be an improved defender. Kyle Young is the heartbeat of Ohio State and will be looking to help them win a National Championship.

Eli Brooks Michigan

Brooks had a very good season for Michigan being very productive on the offensive and defensive end. Furthermore, Brooks elevated his game as a scorer being able to get to the mid-range and basket effectively off the bounce with head fakes and footwork. Next, he has very good finishing ability around the rim his soft touch on drives. Also, Brooks is really good from the perimeter especially off the catch shooting 39.6% from three. Additionally, he plays with great feel and body control being able to make plays in the lane effectively, and has the ability to be a good distributor for others. Continued, he plays with good physicality being able to attack opposing guards effectively. The overall efficiency and productivity of Brooks are really good being a major key for Michigan’s success. As for defensively, he is one of the best perimeter defenders in the country against the opposing team’s best guards. Further, he plays with really good activity and physicality on the basketball. Eli Brooks will be one of the best players in the Big Ten looking to lead Michigan towards a deep NCAA tournament run.
Return of The Muffin: Eli Brooks' Fifth Year Huge For Michigan Wolverines Basketball

John Fulkerson Tennessee

Fulkerson is one of the best forwards in the SEC and will be looking to lead Tennessee back to the top of the SEC. Next, he brings really good efficiency from the field being able to attack very well off of the bounce. Additionally, his mobility is really good especially in ball screens as a roller with his skill around the basket is good. Also, he runs the floor hard in transition being available as a rim runner for easy scoring opportunities. Furthermore, he faces up well in the post with his ability to attack bigs effectively and efficiently. Now, he needs to continue his pure post-scoring against physicality and being able to finish around the basket with consistency. The mobility and activity is the best trait of Fulkerson and gives Tennessee an ability to play with space offensively. As for the defensive end, he plays with good activity and can be guard out on the perimeter when necessary. Also, he can guard in ball screens at a high level and defend in the post as well. John Fulkerson will be one of the best players in the SEC entering next season.

Lucas Williamson Loyola Chicago

Williamson had a very good season for Loyola Chicago and his ability to shut down the perimeters best player is valuable. First off, he plays with great physicality being able to get to the basket well and draw contact. Also, he is effective from the perimeter shooting 35.9% whether in the half-court or transition. Next, he is effective off the dribble is well with being able to get midrange effectively. Also, his ability to drive the basketball at will is really difficult for opposing guards to stop the basketball. Continued, he makes an impact on the boards on both ends by contributing towards 2nd chance opportunities. Now defensively, he is one of the best perimeter defenders in the country with his size and physicality. Also, he contains basketball very well with his activity and versatility to guard multiple positions. Lucas Williamson will look to lead Loyola Chicago back to the NCAA tournament yet again.

Javonte Perkins Saint Louis

Perkins is one of the best guards in the country with his size and ability to score the basketball with efficiency. Next, he has really good size being able to score over defenders with ease shooting 37.6% from three. Continued, he can make a major impact in transition as a shooter and with the basketball pushing it towards the rim with the finishing ability. Also, he is very good off the dribble getting to the mid-range, and using ball screens very well. As for an area, he could improve would be to get others invoked at a higher rate. The driving ability of Perkins is very good with his ball-handling and skill around the basket to finish. Perkins is one of the most effective guards in the country from all three levels. Now defensively, he has the length and size to be effective on the basketball as well as off. He could continue to improve with a consistent motor and positioning at times to improve. Javonte Perkins will be one of the best guards in the country returning for Saint Louis.

Jose Alvarado Georgia Tech

Alvarado led Georgia Tech to one of the best seasons in program history winning the ACC tournament title. Next, he is very efficient from the field at 50.4% being able to get to the basket at a high rate with great skill and footwork. Also, he does a really good job of operating 1v1 getting to the midrange well, and makes jumpers consistently. Furthermore, he plays with a really good pace on and off the basketball whether coming off of hands-off or cutting to the basket. Continued, he is a very solid shooter from the perimeter at 39.0% either off the catch or dribble. His overall effectiveness in the Princeton offense for Georgia Tech is very good with the energy he plays with. As for the defensive end, he is a solid defender in the multitude of defenses Georgia Tech will go to. The activity and energy are there which makes him pretty good on the basketball. Jose Alvarado will be one of the best guards in the ACC next season.

Trent Frazier Illinois

Frazier had a very solid season for Illinois and will have an increased role on the offensive end with the departure of Ayo Dosunmu. Next, he brings a scorer’s mentality from the performer being very good off the catch in transition and the half court at 36.2% from three. Also, he is very quick with the basketball being able to effectively create his own shot off the dribble. Furthermore, of the basketball, he is really solid as a cutter with the energy he plays with. Continued, he has the ability to get downhill with the ability to finish, however, he could be more consistent around the basket. Frazier will need to be the go-to guy offensively for Illinois and should have a massive season offensively. Now defensively, he is solid being active on the basketball and containing drives. As well as, being an active defender of the basketball and having a good length. Trent Frazier will be one of the best guards in the Big Ten next season for Illinois.

Paul Scruggs Xavier

Scruggs will be one of the best guards entering next season with his ability to contribute in many ways looking to get Xavier back to the NCAA tournament. Next, he is a very consistent scorer starting with the ability to make perimeter jumpers at 32.5% from three. Furthermore, he has the ability to score off the dribble getting to the basket or the mid-range well. Continued, is effective off the basketball being an active cutter towards the basket. Also, he is a good rebounder for a guard contributing towards extra possessions and gets others involved. Additionally, he brings good toughness offensively with being able to get into the lane with great consistency. Now defensively, he is very good on the perimeter with his size and overall activity. Also, the athleticism containing drives and the positioning are excellent on the defensive end. Paul Scruggs will be one of the best guards in the country and look to lead Xavier to the NCAA tournament.

Malik Williams Louisville

Williams’s season did not live up to the expectations due to a broken foot to start the season and will look to show the growth in his game this season. First off, Williams brings good activity around the basket being effective on 2nd chance opportunities and being able to dive off of ball screens. Next, he is an active cutter around the basket in the dunker area to finish above the rim. The athleticism Williams has is really good allowing him to be a versatile forward on the offensive end. Continued, he has the ability to face up in the post with the quickness he can play with. The area he could improve is being more efficient around the basket and make more mid-range jumpers. As for defensively, he brings good activity and has the length matched with the athleticism to be effective. He could improve his consistency in the post with better strength and positioning. Malik Williams will be one of the best bigs in the ACC entering next season.

Nate Watson Providence

Watson had a very productive season and will be one of the best bigs in college basketball with him returning to Providence. First off, he brings the ability to get great post positioning with having that physicality. Next, he took a major jump to be very efficient at 60.2% and improve his touch around the basket. Continued, he plays with a really good motor around the basket with contributing to 2nd chance opportunities. Also, he is an active cutter around the basket opening up for easy looks at the rim. The overall growth in his game with Watson has allowed him to be one of the better bigs in the country and is a huge threat offensively. As for defensively, he brings good physicality in the post and playing with consistent energy. Watson’s motor on the defensive end is key for Providence being able to control the paint. Nate Watson will be one of the best bigs in the country next season.

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