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College Basketball: Junior Evaluations Part 4

McKinley Wright IV Colorado

Wright had a very good season leading Colorado well. Also, his ability to facilitate and get others involved making them better is one of his best traits. Next, he’s very good at ball screen action with his handle and ability to separation for mid-range pull up jumpers. Furthermore, he’s really quick off the bounce and gets in the lane really effectively. The area in which Wright can improve is his perimeter shot and looking for it more consistently. He does a good job in transition pushing the pace looking to score while maintaining good control. Wright plays with a really good feel to score and pass the basketball. He will be one of the best point guards in the country next season. As for defensively, he does a solid job of giving effort on the basketball. Next, he’s not a great athlete but has improved his ability to lateral move and contain the ball better. Wright will have a tremendous season for Colorado next season.
2019-20 Averages 14.4 points 5.7 rebounds 5.0 assists 44.8 FG% 33.6 3pt%

Herbert Jones - Men's Basketball - University of Alabama Athletics

Herbert Jones Alabama

Jones brings really good size and athleticism to the perimeter for Alabama. He’s got the ability to be really dynamic off the ball as a cutter and in transition but the strength needs to improve to finish more consistently. Also, he rebounds the ball really well. Furthermore, he has the capabilities to play above the rim but his strength limits his ability to really make an impact. Additionally, he needs to become more skilled to be a larger threat and improve his shooting. Now, defensively he has really good length and versatility to guard multiple positions. He lacks the ability to get out on a defender quickly and recover well. The size and athleticism are there for Jones on both ends he just needs to figure out a way to put it all together.
2019-20 Averages 7.9 points 6.4 rebounds 2.3 assists 48.4 FG%

Hasahn French Saint Louis

French brings really good size and toughness inside for Saint Louis. Furthermore, he is a very good rebounder on both ends and really helps with second-chance opportunities. Next, his physicality at around the basket is really good and he has the ability to finish through contact consistently. Additionally, he’s capable of bringing up the ball if need be and is really solid in ball screens diving in the middle of the paint. Also, he can be isolated in the high post to use his physicality to get a good look at the rim. His effort is very solid and can be really counted on each possession. His touch around the basket is good as well the area he could improve is being able to make mid-range jumpers consistently. As for defensively, he does a good job of moving his feet on the perimeter and containing the ball. With his size and physicality, he can take away drives at the rim. French will be the best big in the A-10 and a part of a very good Saint Louis team next season.
2019-20 Averages 12.4 points 10.4 rebounds 2.3 assists 52.1 FG%

Jhivvan Jackson UTSA

Jackson is a shot hunter and one of the best scoring guards in the country. Further, he’s undersized but he moves without the ball really well and utilizes fakes well to create separation. He’s got the ability to get in the lane and make runners and short jumpers. Also, he’s a good 3-point shooter off the catch or bounce. Additionally, he does a very solid job of getting others involved effectively. There are times where he takes questionable shots so he could be more efficient at times, but also has the ability to make difficult shots. His knack to find space and get off shots at difficult angles and spots of the floor is really good. Additionally, he’s really quick with the basketball and can make it very different for defenders to stay in front. Jackson is a dynamic scorer from all over the floor and will have a chance to be the nation’s leading scorer next season. On the defensive end, he’s undersized and doesn’t do a great job of containing the ball. Also, he just lacks the athleticism and consistent effort to be a factor defensively. Jackson is going to be one of the more exciting players to watch in college basketball next season.
2019-20 Averages 26.8 points 5.6 rebounds 2.4 assists 41.8 FG% 35.4 3pt%

Tyler Polley UConn

Polley brings really good versatility for UConn and scoring ability inside and out. Next, he is an active player and can do well on secondary cuts to the basket for easy looks. Also, he spaces the floor really well with his ability to make shots at a high level. Furthermore, he’s really dangerous in transition spotting up for threes with his quick release and size. Continued, he’s consistently in a position to score either as a shooter from the perimeter or as a cutter finishing at the basket. His size gives him great advantages to shoot the ball really well and the ability to make plays at the rim. The ability for Polley to come back off his ACL tear will be the key because when healthy he’s a very solid player. Now, defensively he brings the versatility to guard multiple positions. In addition, his size is really good and moves very effectively. Polley will be a major part of UConn’s success in the Big East if he returns healthy.
2019-20 Averages 9.5 points 3.2 rebounds 0.6 assists 41.7 FG% 40.5 3pt%

Jose Alvarado Georgia Tech

Alvarado brings good toughness at the point guard position for Georgia Tech. He does a very solid job getting downhill with his quickness in ball screen situations. Furthermore, he does a solid job of making the catch and shoots threes. Next, he needs to improve his strength so he can be more effective in the lane with finishing and improve his ball security. Also, he just getting better with making plays happen in the lane with either setting up teammates better or using runners with pull jumpers to not get too deep into the paint. Alvarado does a solid job of making plays for himself and others but could be more efficient at times. As for the defensive end, he brings good quickness and activity. Further, he can overplay at times though, and give up easy dribble penetration on closeouts. Alvarado will be apart of a very solid backcourt with Michael Devoe next season for Georgia Tech.
2019-20 Averages 14.4 points 3.4 rebounds 4.0 assists 44.4 FG% 33.6 3pt%

Sandro Mamukelashvili Seton Hall

Mamukelashvili had a very good season despite being injured in the middle of the season due to a broken wrist. Next, he brings very good versatility and size with the ability to make perimeter shots at a high level with his 3-point shooting being exceptional. Furthermore, he’s got really good mobility and cuts strong with the ability to post up well with good touch around the basket. Additionally, he can attack off the dribble really effectively with his size and athleticism. Continued, his ability to play at the rim is very effective with the athleticism and size he brings. Further, he will be the go-to option for Seton Hall now with the departure of Myles Powell. He’s a difficult player to the defender with all he brings to the table and will be one of the best Big East players next season. Now, defensively his quickness and mobility on the defensive end need to improve. There are too many times when he is off-balanced and gives up easy shots. Mamukelashvili should have a very good season for Seton Hall next season as the go-to option.
2019-20 Averages 11.9 points 6.0 rebounds 1.4 assists 54.0 FG% 43.4 3pt%

Eli Brooks Michigan

Brooks does a solid job of making plays off the dribble and catch for Michigan on the perimeter. Additionally, he moves very well off the ball and will make the catch and shoot threes and mid-range jumpers effectively. Next, he does a solid job of making plays off the dribble getting to the basket smoothly. He’s very effective in transition spotting up as a shooter and getting to the basket as well. For next season he could very well take over point guard duties with the departure of Zavier Simpson and David DeJulius. His movement without the ball and being ready to shoot is his best trait. As for defensively, he does a very solid job of containing the basketball and moving his feet. The active hands of Brooks are really good and cause really good defensive ball pressure. Brooks will be a very key component for Michigan’s success next season.
2019-20 Averages 10.6 points 3.7 rebounds 2.0 assists 41.0 FG% 36.4 3pt%

Matt Mitchell San Diego State

Mitchell brings very solid toughness and the ability to play inside and out for San Diego State. He has the ability to make shots off the dribble and he can get to the basket with his size off the bounce. Furthermore, he really prefers to take one-dribble pull-ups from the mid-range and can get isolated in the high post for drives. Additionally, his ability to be a catch and shoot threat from deep is really solid and with his size, the ability to play inside and out can cause matchup issues. Mitchell is a really solid player with an offensive skill set that makes a major impact on San Diego State. As for defensively, he’s a solid defender with good physicality, he lacks good positioning at times and will take poor chances. He doesn’t move great so he can’t contain the ball that well. Mitchell will be a go-to option for San Diego State next season without Yanni Wetzel, KJ Feagin and Malachi Flynn.
2019-20 Averages 12.2 points 4.8 rebounds 1.7 assists 46.8 FG% 39.3 3pt%

Jordan Schakel San Diego State

Schakel has a very good size with the ability to make threes at a very high level. Furthermore, he brings really good movement off the ball and can be dynamic in flare screens getting easy 3-point looks. Additionally, he has the size to make plays off the dribble and can get to the basket on an occasion. He’s a lethal shot maker and has a quick release who draws a lot of attention on the perimeter. Schakel will need to be more of a complete scorer next season with the losses of KJ Feagin and Malachi Flynn on the perimeter. Now, defensively he moves well and brings active hands. Next, he’s always in a stance defensively and in a really good position on and off the basketball. Shackle will be a very important player for San Diego State to have another successful season.
2019-20 Averages 10.0 points 3.4 rebounds 0.6 assists 45.3 FG% 43.6 3pt%

Remy Martin's basketball passion helped him get better each year ...Remy Martin Arizona State

Martin brings really good steadiness and leadership for Arizona State with a chip on his shoulder mentality. Next, while Martin is on the ball a lot he does a really good job of getting open without the basketball creating scoring opportunities. Furthermore, he brings good toughness and can get into the lane at times and finish at the rim when he’s in control. Additionally, control and consistency are really key for Martin to take the next step if he can show consistency he will be one of the best point guards in the country next season and have Arizona State as a top 10 team in the country. His ability to create off the dribble and pull up with major confidence is a really good aspect to his game. His playmaking and shot hunting ability is what makes Martin the player he is. Now, defensively, he’s undersized but brings really good effort and tenacity on the defensive end. He can get up in guys and cause some havoc at times. Arizona State will be the PAC-12 favorites with Remy Martin leading the way next season.
2019-20 Averages 19.1 points 3.1 rebounds 4.1 assists 43.2 FG% 33.5 3pt%

Alonzo Verge Jr. Arizona State

Verge Jr. has the ability to take over any game with his ability to score the basketball. He’s really quick and dynamic with the basketball, but his strength really needs to improve so he can finish at the rim consistently. Next, when he’s in transition with the basketball he’s very dangerous and makes major impact getting easy looks at the rim. The open court speed of Verge Jr. is a big aspect of his game. Also, his control can be an issue at times and that’s an area he can improve in. Further, the ability to create shots off the dribble is really effective and makes him hard to guard. The mid-range game for Verge Jr. is very solid he can improve his perimeter jump shot. Now, defensively he lacks good energy on that end and the positioning will show at times. His engagement needs to improve with his length and athleticism he has. Verge Jr. will be a major part of the dynamic perimeter of Remy Martin and Josh Christopher.
2019-20 Averages 14.6 points 3.5 rebounds 2.3 assists 43.8 FG% 28.9 3pt%

Jalen Crutcher Dayton

Crutcher brings really good stability for Dayton and scores the ball really effectively. Next, he’s a very good catch and shoot player. Furthermore, he has good size and can get to the basket to finish well. Additionally, he plays with really good control and effectiveness at the point. He also gets his shot easily off the bounce. Also, he drives hard in one on one situations and finishes strong at the rim. Crutcher has the ability to be a three-level scorer and will be the go-to play next season for Dayton. Defensively, he brings good size and effort on the basketball. Further, he’s really solid with his overall length and mobility defensively. Crutcher will be in contention to be the A-10 Player of the Year next season.

2019-20 Averages 15.1 points 3.2 rebounds 4.9 assists 46.8 FG% 42.4 3pt%

Jacob Gilyard Richmond

Gilyard is a bit undersized but does a very good operating as the point guard as a scorer and distributor. Further, he can be really solid in transition with the ability to pull up from deep effectively. Next, he plays with really good energy on and off the basketball. He is good in handoffs getting separation to attack the basket. Additionally, he’s really good in the open court with his speed and ability to get others involved. His ability to create off the bounce is really good. Gilyard is solid in the ball screen as well with the ability to make plays happen. As for defensively, he is really good at getting steals and making plays in the open court. Also, he stays in a stance consistently and applies great ball pressure. Gilyard will be apart of a dynamic backcourt with Blake Francis next season.
2019-20 Averages 12.7 points 3.1 rebounds 5.7 assists 46.6 FG% 36.7 3pt%

Fats Russell Rhode Island

Russell is a scoring guard who consistently is hunting his shot with the ability to be a three-level scorer. His ability to create off the dribble is really good. Next, he can improve his shot selection at times to be a way more efficient, scorer. Also, he’s quick and gets to the basket who can finish but needs to be more consistent around the basket. He’s very solid in the open court pushing all the way to the basket or coming off-ball screens. When Russell gets hot he can be very dynamic and a strong scorer but needs to find that consistency. Additionally, his ability to create off the dribble and get space from defenders is his best trait. Now, defensively he can be a scrappy defender who gives good effort, as well as get under guards and apply good ball pressure. Russell will be one of the best guards in the country next season if he returns.
2019-20 Averages 18.8 points 3.4 rebounds 4.6 assists 38.8 FG% 35.7 3pt%

Images Courtesy of, Alabama Athletics, Arizona Sports, The Atheltic

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