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College Basketball Junior Evaluations: Part 4

Ron Harper Jr. Rutgers

Harper Jr. had a very solid junior season for Rutgers showing development in his offensive game. Now, he brings the physicality to get to the basket well and finishes strong. Furthermore, he is a solid catch and shoot player from three, shooting 31.0%. Continued, he rebounds effectively on both ends, taking off with the basketball in transition. Next, he could improve his ability to make more jumpers off the dribble and creating separation. Additionally, he does a solid job of using ball screens to attack downhill and utilizing his size around the rim. Also, he can be very good in transition as a trail position for three-point shooting opportunities and driving immediately from the slot areas. As for defensively, he brings the versatility to guard in the post and out on the perimeter. He brings good activity on the defensive end, however, he could improve his lateral movement on guards. Harper Jr. will have a very good senior season if he returns to Rutgers next season.

Jared Rhoden Seton Hall

Rhoden had a solid junior season for Seton Hall and will look to be one of the best players in the Big East next season. First off, Rhoden is a really good cutter off the basketball and uses his size well to finish around the basket. Furthermore, he does a really good job of getting to the midrange for jumpers being under great control. Next, his overall ability to penetrate to the basket is really well and finishes with great control at the rim. Also, he is a solid shooter from the perimeter at 30.3% from three matched with his movement to get good looks. Additionally, he rebounds the basketball really well on both ends at 6.7 a game. The overall activity and energy Rhoden plays with are really beneficial to his success as a player. Continued, he makes an impact in transition spacing out on the perimeter with his shooting and ability to get to the rim. Now defensively, he brings good activity and has solid length on the basketball. He could improve his consistency in containing the basketball on the perimeter. Jared Rhoden will be one of the best players in the Big East next season.

Tyrese Martin UConn

Martin had a pretty good first season at UConn, however will look to really take his game to the next level this coming season. Now, he brings the ability to drive the basketball and consistently being a factor around the rim. As well as, rebounding the basketball at a high rate contributing towards 2nd chance opportunities. Next, he could improve his finishing around the basket to be even more consistent. Additionally, Martin must develop more of being a perimeter threat improving his jump shooting consistency. Also, improving his ability with the basketball would allow him to take the next step in his game. As for the defensive end, he is really active on the perimeter with the length and athleticism he brings. Martin is a really good perimeter defender and he contains the basketball well. Tyrese Martin will look to take the jump being one of the best players in the Big East next season.

Nick Honor Clemson

Honor had a massive impact on the success of Clemson this season after transferring from Fordham. Furthermore, the energy and impactful scoring off the bench really gave sparks for Clemson throughout the season. Next, he is a solid shooter from the perimeter off the catch and dribble at 36.7% from three. Additionally, he is really good at getting to the midrange with pull-up jumpers with ease. He could continue to improve on his overall efficiency from the field and be more of a playmaker for others. The toughness and tone Honor plays with are imperative towards Clemson’s success. As for defensively, he brings good effort on the ball, however could improve his lateral movement. His positioning of the basketball is solid being able to force turnovers at times. Nick Honor will look to continue to be the main contributor towards winning for Clemson next season.
Late first-half run propels Tigers to victory | The Clemson Insider

Flo Thamba Baylor

Thamba played his role very well as a part of the National Championship team for Baylor on both ends. First off, Thamba brings really good toughness around the basket offensively with his ability to have putbacks and rebounding. Continued, is a very solid screener is ball screens helping to open the space for the guards. His ability to improve his ability to score in the post would further elevate his game. The consistency of motor and effort from Thamba is very good and impactful. As for the defensive end, he brings great effort and physicality in the post. As well as, bringing mobility on the perimeter especially switching on ball screens well. Flo Thamba is a very solid contributor to the overall success of Baylor and will be again next season.

Justin Ahrens Ohio State

Ahrens had a very good season for Ohio State being a go-to option off the bench with his 3pt shooting ability. Now, he shoots from the perimeter at 42.5% from three and is lethal off the catch. Furthermore, he has the ability to change any game with his shooting ability being a momentum changer. Next, he does a really good off the basketball spacing the floor and being constantly shot ready. As well as, his overall movement to get in position to score and can cut to the basket well. Additionally, he is very good in transition with his ability to shoot the basketball getting high percentage looks. The footwork of Ahrens is very good being in control and form consistently on his shot. As for defensively, he has good size and length with the ability to contain the basketball well. Also, he does a solid job of consistently being in a good help position. Justin Ahrens is an X factor for Ohio State and will be key in their success next season.

Vince Williams VCU

Williams is a very solid player for VCU and will be extremely important to their success next season. Furthermore, his overall size and athleticism are very solid in getting to the basket. Also, he is good in transition with the ability to push the basketball and runs the floor on the wing consistently. Additionally, he is very good from the three-point line shooting 41.3% especially off of the catch. Next, his athleticism and length make him a difficult matchup for opposing wings to defend him. Continued, he moves well off the basketball on the perimeter and is an active cutter. As well as, being a very solid rebounder contributing on both ends of the floor. As for the defensive end, he brings good activity and has the length to be disruptive on the perimeter. Also, he is good off the basketball with his length to take away space. Vince Williams will be one of the best players in the A-10 next season.

Nathan Mensah San Diego State

Mensah is a very solid player for San Diego State being their go-to interior option. First off, he is really efficient around the basket having good touch with his left hand. Next, he gets very solid post positioning and can handle the physicality of opposing bigs. Furthermore, he has good athleticism being able to finish above the rim and be active in ball screen action. Additionally, he is effective on short rolls being able to very solid with the basketball to make a decision. He rebounds well on both ends contributing to 2nd chance opportunities. Also, the footwork he has in the post is solid and allows him to operate well. As for the defensive end, he is really solid with his mobility. Along with, being able to be a rim protector and be the foundational piece to the San Diego State defense. Nathan Mensah is a very solid player and is one of the best bigs in the Mountain West.

Drew Peterson USC

Peterson had a good season making an impact for USC with his three-point shooting ability. Furthermore, he’s good off the basketball with his movement and ability to space the floor shooting 38.5% from the three-point line. Next, he has good size allowing him to make shots over contested defenses and rebounds the basketball well. Additionally, he has a very quick shot release being able to take advantage of open opportunities. As well as, being very good in transition spotting up on the perimeter. Also, he is capable at times to drive the basketball to finish at the rim and make short jumpers. The growth in his game would be to continue to make plays off the dribble. Now defensively, he is solid plays with good activity overall. Peterson could become better lateral and contain the basketball at a high level. Drew Peterson will be one of the best shooters in the country from the perimeter for USC next season.

Caleb Daniels Villanova

Daniels had a solid season being a steady reliable player for Villanova on both ends of the floor. Next, he does a very good job off the basketball spacing the floor with positioning and shooting 38.6% from three. Additionally, he gets in the lane well with control, however, continues to develop his ability to finish at the rim. Furthermore, he needs to improve his ability to make mid-range pull-up jumpers. Also, the ability to handle ball pressure and being able to make plays with the basketball is key for Daniels. Now defensively, he is solid with the size and length he can bring on the basketball. As well as, being an active defender on and off the basketball with consistency. Caleb Daniels will be a key contributor to Villanova’s success next season.
Caleb Daniels - Men's Basketball - Villanova University

Devante Jones Michigan

Jones was a very productive player at Coastal Carolina being named Sun Belt Player of the Year looking to be an impact addition for Michigan this season. Furthermore, Jones has good size and physicality doing a good job of getting into the lane to score the basketball. Next, he has good skill around the basket being able to finish in multiple ways. Continued, he is effective from the three-point line at 36.8% being able to do so on the catch or dribble. Additionally, he rebounds really effectively for a guard at 7.2 rebounds a game on both ends of the floor. Also, he can be a factor in transition with his ability to push the basketball ahead. The ability of Jones’ to score the basketball and being tough to the Michigan backcourt will pair well with Eli Brooks. Now defensively, he brings solid activity, however, he could improve his ability to contain the basketball better. As well as, being more engaged in basketball to be an improved defender. Devante’ Jones will be an impact player for Michigan looking to win the Big Ten title.

Victor Bailey Jr. Tennessee

Bailey Jr. had a good season impacting the Tennessee offense who desperately needed shooting on their perimeter. Now, he has the ability to space the floor as a shooter shooting 33.8% from the three-point line. Furthermore, he is a factor in transition spotting up on the perimeter or bringing the ball up being able to make shots in rhythm. Next, he can score off the dribble well getting into the midrange area effectively. Also, he has really good footwork being consistently ready to score and shoot the basketball. Additionally, the overall play of Bailey Jr. off the basketball is really good and contributes well to Tennessee’s offense. As for the defensive end, he is solid defensively with bringing good effort and having good size. He could be better on ball defender eliminating dribble penetration more often. Victor Bailey Jr. will be a big part of the Tennessee success entering next season with his shooting ability.

Eric Williams Oregon

Williams had a very solid season for Oregon in his Junior being a consistent player on the perimeter with his shooting ability. Furthermore, Williams is a good cutter towards the basket finishing well with the size he brings as well. Next, he shoots effectively off the catch from three at 34.8%. Additionally, he rebounds really well at 6.0 a game and being a factor for 2nd chance opportunities. Continued, he does a good job of utilizing shot fakes to penetrate to the mid-range area for jumpers and has the ability to drive. Also, he effectively transitions to spot up on the perimeter and be shot-ready. Now defensively, he is really good on the perimeter with his size and length on the ball. As well as, his ability to be in great positioning consistently. Eric Williams will be a solid contributor to the success of Oregon next season.

Dexter Dennis Wichita State

Dennis was a major part of Wichita State’s successful season bringing great toughness to this team from the perimeter. Furthermore, he brings the ability to get downhill very well and finishes strong around the basket. Next, he is a solid catch and shoots a three-point shooter with shooting at 33.6% from three. Continued, he brings the ability to rebound effectively on both ends of the floor. Additionally, he could continue to elevate his game as a playmaking guard and being more dependable as a primary ball-handler. The overall toughness and size Denis brings are very valuable to Wichita State. As for defensively, he brings really good physicality on the basketball applying strong ball pressure. Also, he brings a consistent motor whether that is on or off the basketball matched with good athleticism. Dexter Dennis is a culture player whose impact is immense on the Wichita State program.

Paul Atkinson Notre Dame

Atkinson was a coveted transfer from Yale and will look to have a significant impact on Notre Dame this season coming up. Furthermore, he will bring tremendous interior scoring for Notre Dame giving them the go-to guy offensively. Additionally, he has really good mobility to be effective in ball screen action and has movement in the post area to have a greater post positioning. Next, he has good footwork in the post and has the physicality to finish through contact. As well as, having good touch around the basketball being really efficient. The ability for Atkinson to establish an interior presence offensively for Notre Dame will be key to their success. As for the defensive end, he could improve the mobility to guard on the perimeter when necessary. Additionally, he could be a better post defender with positioning and physicality. Paul Atkinson will be an impact scorer for Notre Dame and be one of the best bigs in the ACC next season.

Images Courtesy of, Rutgers University, The Clemson Insider, Villanova Athletics

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