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College Basketball Junior Evaluations: Part 3

Will Richardson Oregon

Richardson had a very solid junior season despite missing a good portion of it with a broken wrist. Furthermore, his shot-making ability is really good from the perimeter at 40.3%. Next, he has the ability to attack in transition and can get all the way to the basket effectively. Additionally, he has a really good feel with the basketball allowing him to attack effectively and get into the lane with great control. Also, he is really solid in ball screen action looking to score the basketball and being a very solid distributor. Continued, he is good on the boards for a guard and sets the pace well in transition. Furthermore, he plays well off the basketball being a constant threat as a shooter and driving the basketball. Now defensively, he is solid on the basketball with good activity and has solid size. He could improve his activity off the basketball by being more engaged and forcing turnovers. Richardson will be one of the best guards in college basketball entering next season.

Issac Likekele Oklahoma State

Likekele is such a valuable part of the success of Oklahoma State with his positional versatility and leadership. Further, he has the ability to play out on the perimeter and inside posting up guards with his physicality. Next, he is a consistent factor on the boards on both ends with his activity. Continued, he brings the ability to drive the basketball very well with the ability to finish at the rim. Continued, he attacks really well in transition with the ability to score or distribute the basketball. Also, he has improved his ability to make the catch and shoot threes with a percentage of 44.4% from behind the line. Additionally, his ability to face-up from the mid-post is a matchup defender trying to stay in front of Likekele. The ability to handle the basketball and play the four for Oklahoma State makes him extremely valuable for their offensive success. Now defensively, he is great on this end with the ability to guard multiple positions and his physicality. Also, his overall activity on the basketball is great matched with his size can force turnovers towards opposing guards. Issac Likekele will be the lead guy for Oklahoma State looking to return to the NCAA tournament.
Isaac Likekele - 2020-21 - Men's Basketball - Oklahoma State University Athletics

Grayson Murphy Belmont

Murphy is an excellent mid-major guard who excels in many aspects from a scoring, rebounding, and distribution standpoint. Furthermore, he’s a very solid spot-up jump shooter from the perimeter at 35.7% from three. Next, he is a very good driver to the rim with his quickness with the basketball with the capabilities to finish. Continued, he is solid off the basketball being a really good cutter for opportunities around the rim. Additionally, he is extremely active on the boards being one of the rebounding guards in the county at 8.0 rebounds a game. Also, he is capable of making plays in transition with his ability to push the basketball and make plays for others. Murphy’s feel for the game and ability to make others around him better is massive towards the success of Belmont. As for the defensive end, he brings solid activity and has active hands. His mobility could improve to be able to contain the basketball at a high level. Grayson Murphy will be looking to lead Belmont to the NCAA tournament and win the Ohio Valley.

Nick Muszynski Belmont

Muszynski had a really good Junior season for Belmont being their go-to offensive threat with his inside scoring ability. Next, he establishes really good post positioning being able to attack with good footwork and balance. Also, he is really efficient around the basket at 58.6% from the field along his touch around the rim is good. Furthermore, he is capable of getting deep post positioning with the ability to finish on the opposite block he is posting upon. Continued, he is solid in ball screens being able to facilitate a potential switch and attack that matchup in the post. Additionally, his ability to go to either hand is really solid, and has good mobility to face up when need be. Muszynski becomes a matchup problem for teams needing to dictate whether they will guard him 1v1 or double the post. As for the defensive end, he does a solid job of defending the post with his size. Also, he could be more of a factor disrupting shots around the rim and improved mobility. Nick Muszynski will look to lead Belmont towards an NCAA tournament bid next season.

Kendle Moore Colorado State

Moore is a very solid guard for Colorado State and will look to elevate this team towards an NCAA tournament bid. Now, Moore plays really well without the basketball playing with great pace off the ball. Next, he shoots the ball well on the perimeter spacing the floor with his movement and ability to come off of screens at 35.8% from three. Furthermore, he has the ability to get into the lane well and needs to continue to improve his ability to finish. Additionally, he shoots very well from the foul line, therefore his ability to draw more contact would be key to his offensive success. Also, he is really solid in transition with his ability to get out to the rim and being able to shoot in transition. As for defensively, he plays with good effort on and off the basketball being good length as well. Moore could improve his positioning off the basketball to stick with perimeter shoots better. Kendle Moore will be the main contributor to Colorado State making an NCAA tournament appearance next season.

Michael Devoe Georgia Tech

Devoe was had a great season for Georgia Tech leading them to an ACC tournament title. Furthermore, the consistency of Devoe is really dependable and has a large impact on Georgia’s Tech offensive flow. Also, he contributes in multiple ways being a good distributor and rebounding on the boards. Next, he is really good from the three-point line at 40.0% either off the catch or bounce. Additionally, he has the ability to break down individual defense by getting to the basket really well. Continued, he is impactful in transition from his defense being turned into offense. Devoe’s ability to get into the lane to make plays is very good and finishes well with great touch. The size of Devoe allows him to operate really well against pressure defense with his ability to create his own shot. As for the defensive end, he has good size and length to disrupt the basketball. He could improve his positioning off the ball to consistently get out on shooters. Michael Devoe will be one of the best players in the ACC entering next season.

Jules Bernard UCLA

Bernard had a really solid season being a key contributor towards UCLA’s run to the Final Four. Further, his shot-making ability from the mid-range and perimeter shooting 39.6% from three is really good. Next, Bernard is really solid off the bounce using ball screens and dribble penetration to make shots. Continued, Bernard has really good size allowing him to make shots over the defense and he rebounds at a high rate. Additionally, he could improve his ability to finish at the basket, especially with the size Bernard has. Also, Bernard brings toughness to UCLA on the perimeter that is a major contributor towards winning. Now defensively, he needs to improve his ability to contain the basketball more effectively. As well as, utilizing his size and length especially on the basketball. Jules Bernard will look to have the same impact on UCLA entering next season looking to win a National Championship.

Joe Wieskamp Iowa

Wieskamp had a terrific Junior season for Iowa being one of the best wings in the country. First off, his efficiency as a shooter is excellent 46.2% from the three-point line being elite off the catch. Next, he moves really well off the basketball getting in a great position to score. Additionally, he is great in transition spotting up on the perimeter and getting to the basket. Continued, he moves really well off the ball as a cutter as well consistently getting easy opportunities at the rim. Also, he is great on the boards being a consistent contributor on both ends of the floor. Additionally, he brings really good footwork on the perimeter and can post up as well being really smooth there for scoring opportunities. The overall efficiency and ease of Weiskcamp on the offensive end are impressive. As for defensively, he is really good on the perimeter with his activity and positioning. As well as, having the size and lateral movement to contain the basketball and be a factor off the ball too. Joe Weiskamp will be one of the best players in college basketball if he returns to Iowa.
Iowa's Joe Wieskamp has reached higher basketball level | The Gazette

Keyontae Johnson Florida

Johnson had a very difficult season with it getting cut short with his medical incident against Florida State. Johnson is one of the best players in basketball with his size scoring and overall efficiency. Next, he is really good in transition with the ability to finish at the basket with ease and his athleticism. Also, his ability to make perimeter jumpers has continued to improve at 42.9% from three, and is a true three-level scorer. Continued, his physicality allows him to be a factor on the glass contributing to 2nd chance opportunities. Additionally, he moves well off the ball as a cutter and with his finishing ability, he’s very effective. The ability to use his size matched with the skill of Johnson makes him difficult for the defense to contain his production. Now defensively, he brings the size and versatility to guard multiple positions. As well as, being really active on and off the basketball. The health of Keyontae Johnson is the main priority, however, if he gets back on the floor to his capability he will be one of the best players in college basketball.

Colin Castleton Florida

Castleton had a breakout season for Florida being extremely productive around the basket and his overall consistency. First off, the overall efficiency of Castleton’s game is really good at 59.7% matched with his good touch. Next, he brings good effort on the boards providing 2nd chance opportunities. Additionally, he gets solid post positioning for easy looks around the basket and his mobility is really good. Furthermore, he plays with good emotion and energy, leading to positive momentum for Florida and impacting their offensive aggression. The area to improve would be able to operate from the mid-post more often with a shot or driving opportunity. Continued, when he goes into the post he can go with either a drop step or jump hook effectively. Now defensively, he is a very solid shot-blocker and alters shots at the rim consistently. As well as, being able to have good mobility defensively helps his overall defense. Collin Castleton will be one of the better bigs in the country next season if he returns to Florida.

Eric Hunter Jr. Purdue

Hunter Jr. is a solid guard for Purdue being able to be a factor on both ends of the floor. First off, he has the ability to get to the basket consistently with his size and physicality. Next, he needs to improve his overall efficiency as a shooter getting better looks in the mid-range. As well as, being able to make three-point jumpers more consistently than 27.2% of the time. Furthermore, he could be even a greater threat on the boards with his size and the activity he plays with. Continued, he can push the ball in transition to make plays happen with the basketball. The efficiency and shooting will be the biggest thing for Hunter Jr. to improve on going into next season. Now defensively, he’s really good on the basketball with his activity and size. Also, he applies consistent ball pressure fighting through screens to consistently stick with his man. Hunter Jr. will play a key role in the success of Purdue going into next season.

Sasha Stefanovic Purdue

Stefanovic is one of the best pure shooters in college basketball and has a big impact on Purdue’s success. Next, he is very good off the basketball with his movement spacing the floor, and coming off-screen with great footwork. Also, he is constantly shot ready being able to get off quick shots from the perimeter. Additionally, his ability to be a threat in transition is really good forcing defenses to get out on the perimeter. Continued, the ability to get his shot off the dribble is the next area he can take a step forward. Further, he is an effective cutter off the basketball with his ability defenses will overplay the three-point shot. Stefanovic has the ability to have a big impact on their offense with his ability to get hot from three. As for the defensive end, he brings good activity but lacks the athleticism to really be a factor defensively. Sasha Stefanovic will play a vital role in Purdue’s attempt to win the Big Ten title.

Cody Riley UCLA

Riley stepped up in a major way for UCLA this season during their Final Four running being the primary big throughout. Further, he brings consistent post positioning with having solid touch around the basket. Next, his overall skill in the post could continue to improve to be more of an offensive threat. Additionally, he is capable of facing up and making midrange jumpers when given to him. Additionally, he has good activity on the offensive boards contributing to 2nd chance opportunities. The overall energy he plays with is very good and his cuts around the basket are good. As for defensively, he gets solid post-defense positioning, however could disrupt bigs scoring looks more often. The activity on the defensive end is there, however his ability to protect the lane could improve. Cody Riley will be an important player towards UCLA’s goal of winning a National Championship next season.

Images Courtesy of, Oklahoma State University Athletics, Oregon Live, The Gazette

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