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College Basketball: Junior Evaluations Part 2

M.J. Walker Florida State

Walker is a solid scorer with the ability to make threes in transition and off the dribble in the half-court. Also, he has the ability to attack the basket well with his size. Next, he moves well without the ball and can space the floor effectively with his shot-making ability. Furthermore, he will be the go-to scorer for Florida State next season with the departure of Devin Vassell and will need to hunt his shot more aggressively as he can take over games. He’s a very solid all-around scorer with the ability to be an all-league player in the ACC next season. Defensively, he’s not great he can be vulnerable to giving up drives and doesn’t bring great intensity on the defensive end. Walker will be the lead guard for Leonard Hamilton and Florida State to repeat their success this past season.
2019-20 Averages 10.6 points 1.7 rebounds 1.5 assists 37.1 FG% 36.1 3pt%

Alabama basketball's John Petty Jr. balances basketball, parenthood

John Petty Alabama

Petty brings really good size and athleticism with the ability to be a really good shot-maker from the perimeter. Next, he can be dynamic on the open floor but he can also be loose with the basketball so he must improve his ball security skills. Furthermore, he can create off the dribble for shots from the perimeter and getting to the rim with his size and athleticism effectively. Petty has a ton of talent with the potential to be really dynamic with improved skill work. He rebounds the ball very well and is a major threat in transition. The shot-making is a great fit into the pace and style of Nate Oats’ offense. Now, defensively he has really good length and brings good effort on and off the basketball. He’s a very solid perimeter defender who will get through screens and contest well at the rim. Petty will be part of a very dynamic backcourt for Alabama if he returns next season.
2019-20 Averages 14.5 points 6.6 rebounds 2.5 assists 46.2 FG% 44.0 3pt%

Paul Scruggs Xavier

Scruggs has the size and has consistently improved his shooting from the perimeter. He’s a solid catch and shoot player from deep and has the ability to get in the lane well. He needs to improve his ability to make shots off the dribble, as well as, being able to get in the lane to score at the rim more often. Additionally, he can be very good in transition with his speed and size getting to the basket. Furthermore, Scruggs ability to get to the rim more and finish will be important for him to elevate his game. Defensively, he has solid length and is decent on the basketball. He needs to improve his play off the ball as he’s less active and can lose his man. Scruggs will be the dependable guy for Xavier in the backcourt next season.
2019-20 Averages 12.7 points 4.5 rebounds 2.9 assists 46.3 FG% 37.3 3pt%

Ethan Thompson Oregon State

Thompson provides solid stability for Oregon State as their point guard and with the ability to score the basketball. He has good size and sneaky athleticism with the ability to get to the basket effectively. Also, he is a solid 3-point shooter off the catch and dribble but could improve. Further, Thompson is a solid passer setting up others and rebounds the ball well. He uses his size well to make plays in the lane he could use his size to get more shots off effectively around the mid-range. Thompson brings a good scoring mentality for Oregon State and aggressiveness. Now, defensively he can struggle with the ability to move well and lacks great activity and quickness. Thompson will be Oregon State’s best player and one of the best in the PAC-12 next season.
2019-20 Averages 14.8 points 4.2 rebounds 4.5 assists 45.8 FG% 33.3 3pt%

Jermaine Samuels Villanova

Samuels has good size and brings good versatility on the wing for Villanova next to Saddiq Bey. He’s a very solid cutter which opens up easy opportunities for plays at the rim and threes for others. Furthermore, he’s a solid catch and shoot 3-point shooter but has had inconsistencies that must improve upon for next season. Additionally, he plays very well within his role and contributes effectively to the boards. He has good athleticism not great but always finds himself in a good position to score and moves well off the ball. Also, he could look to attack more when he has the size or quickness advantage on the wings. Samuels is a very solid offensive player who will play a crucial part in Villanova’s success. As for the defensive end, he must improve his strength because he can be matched up with bigger players with Villanova’s roster construction. Also, he needs to improve his positioning at certain times guarding the ball to closely. Samuels and Bey could create one of the best wing tandems in the country looking to help Villanova win the National Championship.

2019-20 Averages 10.7 points 5.5 rebounds 2.0 assists 46.2 FG% 27.6 3pt%

Daejon Davis Stanford

Davis has good athleticism and is a solid contributor to Stanford. Furthermore, he needs to finish around the basket stronger and be more balanced attacking the rim. Next, he really uses ball screen actions to get downhill being aggressive with solid quickness. Additionally, his overall strength needs to improve so he can be a way more effective driver. Also, he is a capable shooter from the perimeter when open he can improve his shot as well. If Davis becomes a more efficient player he will take the next step. As for defensively, he brings good length and activity off the basketball. He could be stronger to guard bigger plays more effectively, but he’s a solid defender on and off the ball.

2019-20 Averages 8.8 points 3.2 rebounds 3.7 assists 41.1 FG% 32.2 3pt%

Longhorns notebook: Matt Coleman struggles in loss to TCU ...Matt Coleman Texas

Coleman is the lead guard for Texas and plays very well on both ends of the floor setting the tone for Texas. Further, he has a really good feel with the basketball and does a good job of getting highly efficient shots. Next, he’s a really good scorer from the mid-range and elevates really well off the dribble. Additionally, he’s a very solid 3-point shooter off the dribble and catches, as well as being in complete control of the Texas offense getting others involved effectively. Continued, he brings good toughness and does a very good job of getting to the rim basket in control with the ability to finish. Coleman will be one of the best floor generals in the country next season shaping up for Texas to have a really good season. As for the defensive end, he’s solid with bringing good active and solid hands. He’s not that quick or strong but brings good consistency. Texas will have one of the best point guards in the country with Coleman.
2019-20 Averages 12.7 points 3.0 rebounds 3.4 assists 44.1 FG% 39.5 3pt%

Jalen Harris Nevada

Harris brings a scoring mentality with the ability to score the basketball at all three levels. Next, his attacking ability allows him to draw contact a lot and will draw fouls going to the basket. Furthermore, he’s really dynamic with the basketball in ball screen action and is very solid in the mid-range area. His ability to create separation to get offs his shots and his handling ability is very good. Additionally, his ability to create off the dribble is really good and he contributes very well on the boards. Harris leads the way offensively for Nevada and very well could be the Mountain West Player of the Year. Now, defensively he’s a good defender with his size and contains the basketball well. He doesn’t take chances but is very solid defending without fouling. Harris will be one of the best guards in college basketball next season for Nevada.
2019-20 Averages 21.7 points 6.5 rebounds 3.9 assists 44.6 FG% 36.2 3pt%

Jordan Goodwin St. Louis

Goodwin is one of the best players in the A-10 and is an extraordinarily tough player and underrated nationally. He’s a very good rebounder on both ends of the floor and he gives Saint Louis so many second-chance opportunities. Furthermore, his size and physicality allow him to get to the basket very well in the half-court and transition finishing effectively. Also, he brings the ability to cut well and post up smaller guards to be effective around the basket. He needs to improve his jumper he can make open shots and perimeter jumpers but he can really take the next step. Goodwin’s toughness on the perimeter is really key for Saint Louis’ success. Defensively, he’s a really good defender on the ball with his physicality and length. The toughness he brings on the defensive end is really good. Goodwin will be a candidate for A-10 Player of the Year and having Saint Louis as favorites in the conference.
2019-20 Averages 15.5 points 10.4 rebounds 3.1 assists 47.3 FG% 28.2 3pt%

Chris Lykes Miami

Lykes is a really good scorer for Miami and brings really good toughness. His quickness and ability to be dynamic with the basketball is really good. Also, he does a very solid job of creating separation off the dribble as well as coming in transition with ball screens. Furthermore, he’s very solid in isolated situations from the deep and mid-range. His ability to pull up from deep threes is good and he’s effective. Additionally, he has the ability to get in the lane area with his quickness he needs to finish more effectively with runners and timing against the bigs in the paint. He might be undersized but he is a scoring machine off the dribble and one of the best guards in the ACC. Now defensively, he brings good activity on the defense and gets under opposing guards. His size can make it difficult for him to contain drives and shots over the top. Lykes will be the best player on a Miami team that should make it back to the NCAA tournament.
2019-20 Averages 15.4 points 2.1 rebounds 2.4 assists 43.2 FG% 38.1 3pt%

Nojel Eastern Purdue

Eastern has really good size and brings a lot to Purdue with the skill set he has. He has the ability to bring up the ball and establish the offense and brings really good size. Next, he does a really solid job of pushing the ball in transition and can finish in transition. Now, the real issue with Eastern is the inability to make shots, and defenses do not have to guard him. Furthermore, he can be a major factor on the boards on both ends. His shot will determine how big of a factor he is for Purdue next season. Defensively, he is great with his size and ability to guard multiple positions, as well as having the athleticism to really guard the basketball. Eastern’s shot is the only thing holding him back from being a major contributor for Purdue next season.
2019-20 Averages 4.9 points 4.0 rebounds 2.7 assists 42.0 FG%

Alex O’Connell Creighton

O’Connell is primarily a knockdown shooter with good athleticism and will fit in very well with the Creighton offense. He moves really well off the basketball and can be very effective for Creighton coming off screens and spacing the floor on the perimeter. Additionally, he’ll have the ability to make plays at the rim with his athleticism as a cutter and in transition. Also, if he can add the ability to create off the dribble for drives and shots he will be a very good player for Creighton. He needs to shoot a high percentage from deep and he will be a dynamic shooter with Mitch Ballock. The ability to space the floor with his athleticism will give him the great potential to have a very solid senior season. As for the defensive end, he has the size and athleticism but lacks great size and toughness to stop drives. O’Connell will be a key addition to Greg McDermott and Creighton’s offense.
2019-20 Averages 5.2 points 2.2 rebounds 0.8 assists 40.5 FG% 27.3 3pt%

D’Shawn Schwartz Colorado

Schwartz has really good size and can be a very good scorer for Colorado. Next, he can be really good at transition hunting his shot from deep or with his ability to get to the basket. Also, he’s solid making shots off the dribble getting to the mid-range and in the lane with pull up jumpers. Furthermore, he needs to improve his strength to be a more dynamic player attacking the rim with the size he does have. Additionally, he’s capable of being the go-to scorer for Colorado on the perimeter along with McKinley Wright IV he has all the potential to be a really good scorer next season for Colorado. Now, defensively he has solid size but needs to increase his strength to apply more pressure defensively. He does bring active hands and good engagement is a solid defender but could take the next step. Schwartz will be one of the best players in the PAC 12 next season.
2019-20 Averages 9.8 points 3.6 rebounds 1.4 assists 40.5 FG% 36.7 3pt%

Darryl Morsell Maryland

Morsell is one of the best versatile players in the country and brings very good play on both ends of the floor. Furthermore, he has the ability to make open threes and does a really good job with rebounding on both ends. Also, he does a really good job of getting downhill to the rim and finishing strong with his physicality. Next, he can cut very effectively to the rim and he doesn’t require the ball to make an impact for Maryland, as well as, he contributes on and off the ball at times with being a good threat in transition. He could improve his ability to make shots off the dribble. Morsell is a really good glue guy in impacting Maryland’s success in so many areas. Now, defensively he has good athleticism but he can overplay at times and get off balance. He needs to improve his positioning and being a more effective defender he can be. Morsell will be apart of a very good perimeter for Maryland with Eric Ayala and Aaron Wiggins.
2019-20 Averages 8.5 points 4.7 rebounds 2.1 assists 43.1 FG% 33.3 3pt%

Austin Reaves Oklahoma

Reaves is a really good scorer and has major confidence with the basketball. He can really score from all three levels and has very solid size. Also, he can really move off the ball and spot up as a shooter really effectively. Next, he gets to the basket very well and has good ball control and skill level. Furthermore, he uses ball screen action to get downhill and creates separation for his shots. He also rebounds the basketball very well and can pass the ball effectively. Additionally, he needs to improve his shot selection to be a more efficient shooter and increase his 3-point shooting percentage. He will be one of the best scorers in the Big 12 next season. Reaves is capable of playing on and off the basketball and gives really good offensive for Oklahoma. As for defensively, he’s solid he has good size and brings good toughness. Also, he is active off the ball but lacks great quickness to contain the ball at times. Reaves will be one of the best players in the Big 12 next season.
2019-20 Averages 14.7 points 5.3 rebounds 3.0 assists 38.1 FG% 25.9 3pt

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