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College Basketball Junior Evaluations: Part 1

David McCormack Kansas

McCormack had a very solid Junior season for Kansas being one of the best bigs in the country. Now, McCormack gets very solid post positioning being able to get high percentage shots, and uses his physicality very well against defenders. Furthermore, Kansas sets up McCormack very well with post pins giving him the automatic position to take advantage of defensive rotations. Continued, McCormack is solid in ball screen situations diving to the rim as a viable option. Next, he is really good in transition with duck in opportunities getting him in great scoring areas. Additionally, his touch around the basket could improve as there is inconsistency with him shooting 51.5% from the field. Also, he does a good job of reposting giving multiple efforts for positioning. As well as, being a factor on the offensive glass with his rebounding ability. As for defensively, he is very solid around the basket with protecting the rim and his post-defense. He could improve his mobility out the perimeter in ball screen situations. David McCormack will be one of the best bigs in the country next season for Kansas looking to win the Big 12.

Ochai Agbaji Kansas

Agbaji had a very good Junior season showing major growth in his game being the go-to option offensively. Next, he showed the ability to be a great catch and shoot three-point shooter in the half-court as well as a transition at 37.3% from three. Also, he does a good job of moving without the basketball getting into scoring areas effectively. Additionally, he is really good off the dribble with getting penetration for mid-range jumpers and finishes strong around the basket. The ability for Agbaji to be a three-level scorer with his size and shooting makes him a very difficult matchup for defenders. Continued, Agbaji’s ability to play on the open floor is great with the attacking and shooting ability. The area Agbaji could become a greater factor would be on the boards on both ends of the floor. Now defensively, he’s very good on the perimeter with his on-ball pressure and size. The effort for Agbaji defensively is consistently there and his activity matched with physical traits makes him a lockdown perimeter defender. Ochai Agbaji will have a tremendous Senior season for Kansas next season.

Matthew Mayer Baylor

Mayer played a significant role on the bench for Baylor winning the National Championship and will have an elevated role next season. Furthermore, Mayer brings a scorer mentality with the ability to be a bucket getter for Baylor. Continued, his size allows him to get shots over defenders very well from the perimeter and the mid-range. Also, he is really good off the catch from three shooting 39.5% whether in the half-court or in transition. Next, he has the ability to attack off the bounce and gets to the mid-range really well. Additionally, he has unnoticed athleticism allowing him to make plays around the basket and a factor rebounding-wise. Further, Mayer’s movement without the basketball includes basket cuts where he is really effective in getting behind the defense. As for the defensive end, he has good size and brings effort on that end. He could continue to develop his ability to really contain the basketball. Matthew Mayer is going to a massive season for Baylor in his more prominent role.
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Adam Flagler Baylor

Flagler had a great season for Baylor coming off the bench adding the best perimeter in college basketball toward their National Championship. Furthermore, Flagler is very good in transition spotting up as a shooter in the perimeter shooting 43.4% from three. Next, his movement without the basketball is really good utilizing PinDowns effectively and cutting off the ball as well. Continued, Flagler’s role will increase which will feature him more with the basketball. Therefore, his potential being able to get to the basket and create separation for his shot will be tested. Additionally, his ability to be a knockdown shooter should open up driving lanes for Flagler to attack the lane. Flagler has the potential to be one of the best offensive guards in the country. As for defensively, he will need to further develop to the Baylor defense standard up with improved ball pressure. As well as, being a threat in help while bringing intensity getting back out on his individual matchup. Adam Flagler should have a breakout season for Baylor next season especially offensively.

Desmond Cambridge Nevada

Cambridge had a great season for Nevada being a part of a dynamic backcourt with Grant Sherfield. Now, Cambridge has really good size allowing them to drive with really good effectiveness along with his ability to post up. Next, he pushes the ball in transition really well either getting to the rim or using a drag ball screen to get shots from the perimeter. Continued, his ability to knock down perimeter jumpers shooting 34.9% from three, and be reliable at the foul line is crucial shooting 89.9%. Additionally, he has the ability to make runners around the basket really well with his length and athleticism. Also, he moves well off the basketball being able to use screens to get open for his shot or driving opportunities. He has the ability to be a matchup problem for defenses with his size, athleticism, and scoring ability. Now defensively, he has the size and length to be really productive on the perimeter. His lateral movement could improve to be able to contain the basketball more consistently. Desmond Cambridge will be looking to lead Nevada to the Mountain West Championship and the NCAA tournament.

Andrew Nembhard Gonzaga

Nembhard was a big part of the success for Gonzaga with his consistency and playmaking ability. Furthermore, Nembhard will slide back over to the traditional point guard position next season for Gonzaga to be able to fully distribute and having more of a scoring role. Next, he does a really good job of getting into the lane as a finisher and can be even posted up effectively. Continued, Nembhard is a solid spot-up three-point shooter at 32.3% from three being dependable in that area. Additionally, he will be a major factor in their transition game with his ability to push the ball ahead and make key decisions. Also, his overall feel for the game is really good and he will bring great pace to Gonzaga and keep them as an elite offense. As for the defensive end, he’s a solid defender and does a good job on the basketball. The improvement of the basketball with better positioning would help Nembhard create more turnovers. Andrew Nembhard will look to lead Gonzaga from the point guard position to a National Championship.

Duane Washington Jr. Ohio State

Washington Jr. had a very good Junior season showing his ability to score the basketball at a high level. First off, he plays with good physicality and drives the basketball hard to the rim with good finishing. Next, he’s good at creating off the dribble to get separation from his defenders to make shots from the midrange and the three-point line. Furthermore, he does a really good job of moving without the basketball to get open off of screens and handoffs to score effectively. Continued, his shot-making ability from three is impressive at 37.4% especially with the amount of volume for Washington Jr. Additionally, he’s effective in transition with being a threat with the basketball as a shot-maker and spotting up on the perimeter as well. Washington Jr. uses ball screens very well being able to attack mismatches off the dribble with ease. Now defensively, he brings good effort and does a very solid job on the basketball. His overall size and athleticism limit the potential Washington Jr. impact defensively. Duane Washington Jr. will be one of the best guards in the country if he returns to Ohio State.

Justice Sueing Ohio State

Sueing had a really good impact on Ohio State’s success in his first year playing in the program. Now, the versatility of Sueing being able to contribute in the aspects of scoring, rebounding, and playmaking with his positional size. Next, he does a really good job of getting into the lane utilizing his body and finishes well around the basket. Further, he plays well off the basketball staying active as a cutter and rebounder allowing him to make plays around the basket. Also, he is an effective shooter from the perimeter shooting 36.1% from three being reliable when needing to make key shots. Continued, he draws a lot of contact in the lane allowing him to get to the foul line pretty consistently. The ability of Sueing to contribute in various aspects without being ball dependent is massive towards the success of Ohio State. As for the defensive end, he needs to be more consistent with his positioning and utilize his length on the basketball. As well as, being a more productive help-side defender on penetration. Justice Sueing will be imperative towards Ohio State’s pursuit of a National Championship.

Trevion Williams Purdue

Williams had a very good Junior season for Purdue and is one of the best bigs in the country. First off, Williams has the ability to establish really good post positioning with having good hands for post entries. Furthermore, he has good touch around the basket going with jump hooks and drops steps with having good footwork. Next, he must improve his ability to pass out of the post when double teams come to take advantage of defensive positioning. Continued, he has really good strength and when he establishes two feet in the paint his efficiency around the basket is very good. Also, he is a dominant force on the boards being a major factor in contributing toward easy 2nd chance opportunities. Additionally, the motor Williams plays with is consistent and the ability to continue to get in better shape has gone with his improvement. Now defensively, he needs to improve his post-defense with disrupting post-up opportunities. Along with, continuing to improve his overall mobility defensively in the paint and in ball screens. Trevion Williams will be one of the best bigs in the country and looking to lead Purdue towards a Big Ten Title and a Final Four.
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James Akinjo Baylor

Akinjo showcased his ability to score the basketball at Arizona and will look to be an immediate impact transfer for Baylor. First off, Akinjo plays with really good pace and shiftiness with the basketball using ball screens really well. As well as, being able to get downhill towards the basket effectively and making mid-range jumpers. Further, the improvement on his three-shot was evident shooting 40.8% whether off of the catch or dribble. Next, the control Akinjo plays with never being sped up is really impressive getting to his spots. Continued, he has the ability to be a playmaking guard for others effectively in the half-court and in transition. Akinjo will have a massive impact on the Baylor offense with his pace and aggressive nature offensively. Now defensively, he brings the effort and can get after with opposing guards which fits Baylor. As well as, his ability to contain the basketball is effective and will be solid off the basketball. James Akinjo if he gets the immediate waiver he will have an immense impact on Baylor next season.

Aaron Wiggins Maryland

Wiggins had a very solid Junior season for Maryland becoming a more consistent player with his scoring ability. Next, Wiggins has really good size to get his shot over defenders and moves very well off the basketball. Furthermore, his ability to read coming off the screens is really good in terms of creating space to get his shot off. Additionally, his ability to make perimeter jumpers off the catch is really solid at 35.6% from three. The area he continues to improve in would be his ability to make shots off the dribble. Also, his size allows him to use his physicality to get to the basket effectively and can continue to improve his finish ability. He’s a factor as well on the boards with his rebounding ability and can be a playmaker at times. As for defensively, he’s solid with his size being able to guard well on the perimeter. He could be a greater factor on this end with containing the ball basketball more effectively. Aaron Wiggins will be one of the best guards in the Big Ten and looking to win a Big Ten title.

Eric Ayala Maryland

Ayala had a really good Junior season developing into a go-to score for Maryland. First off, Ayala plays with a physicality with the ability to get to the basket effectively and finishes strong. Next, Ayala is a good three-point shooter especially off the catch being ready to shoot the basketball at 33.7% from three. Continued, Ayala plays with a good feel moving at a good pace, and the ability to get in the lane to make plays under great control. Further, Ayala makes an impact on the boards for a guard and has a really efficient way about his game. Additionally, nothing jumps out with Ayala on athleticism or size, but he does a very solid job of making plays on and off the basketball that make the Maryland offense operate. Now defensively, he is a solid defender but could improve his ability to guard the ball at a higher level. The athleticism and lateral movement is lacking for Ayala on the defensive end and that plays a role. The perimeter of Eric Ayala paired with Aaron Wiggins will look to capture a Big Ten title for Maryland.

Brandon Johns Jr. Michigan

Johns Jr. plays the game with great energy and athleticism which has a massive impact on the winning for Michigan. Furthermore, he’s very solid in transition with his ability to run the floor and make plays around the basket. Next, he is a good cutter around the basket and makes plays above the rim with his athletic ability. Continued, he has the ability to put the ball down from the perimeter and can drive the basketball against bigs who are slower than him. Additionally, he could continue to develop his skill in the post to be able to operate theirs more effectively. Also, with the consistent motor of Johns Jr., he contributes well on the offensive glass giving Michigan 2nd chance opportunities. As for the defensive end, he brings the motor and the versatility to be able to guard the interior and on the perimeter. Also, the mobility on the defensive end he plays with is really good and impactful on the glass as well. Johns Jr. is a great glue guy and could see an increased role for Michigan this coming season.

Anthony Polite Florida State

Polite had a very solid Junior season for Florida State with the ability to be one of the go-to guys next season. Next, he is a knockdown shooter from the perimeter and is a major factor in transition shooting 43.6% from three. Furthermore, he has the ability to drive the basketball with a good feel and can finish in multiple ways around the basket. Also, his ability to space the floor makes it difficult on defenses because he must always be located with shooting and quick release. The area in which Polite could improve is his in-between game being able to make plays off the dribble and in the midrange. He makes an impact on the boards on both ends with his size and activity. Now defensively, he plays with good activity and does a solid job on the basketball. The athleticism is not necessarily there for Polite, however, he is consistently in good defensive positioning. Anthony Polite should have a very good season for Florida State on both ends.

Malik Osborne Florida State

Osborne was a solid contributor for Florida State off the bench and could have a bigger role next season. Furthermore, he has good size with the ability to drive the basketball and pull up for mid-range jumpers. Additionally, he is a good spot-up shooter on the perimeter shooting 36.5% from three. Next, he is really solid in ball screen action with his ability to pop out to the perimeter for wide-open jumpers. Continued, his consistency is really valued especially coming off the bench always being ready to have an impact when he steps on the floor. Also, Osborne makes an impact in transition running the floor spotting up as a knockdown three-point shooter. As for defensively, he brings really good size and length out on the perimeter to disrupt offensive players. He needs to improve his ability to be a more active help-side defender. Malik Osborne will continue to be a key contributor towards a winning environment for Florida State.

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