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College Basketball Impact Transfers: Part 4

Kyler Edwards Houston

Edwards will bring shot-making ability from the perimeter and veteran leadership to Houston. Furthermore, he brings the ability to play on and off the basketball effectively. Next, he’s best off the ball spotting up out on the perimeter in the half-court and in transition as a catch and shoot player. Additionally, he has good size that allows him to get to the basket well and his rebounding contributions. The area in which Edwards could improve is his ability to finish at the rim in the half-court. Also, Edwards is a good cutter without the basketball creating space and having opportunities at the basket. As for defensively, he’s very good bringing great communication and toughness. Along with, defending the ball really well with his size, length, and activity. Capable of taking charges on the help side as well. Kyler Edwards will be a winning player for Houston and contributor immediately.

Jay Heath Arizona State

Heath will bring toughness to the backcourt of Arizona State with the ability to get to the basket. Additionally, he plays with good ball control and feels like getting quality shots. Next, he’s effective in ball screen action with reading the defense well and plays with good physicality. Furthermore, the area where Heath could improve is with his perimeter jumper and having that be a more reliable part of his game. Also, he has the capability to post up smaller guards in the post attacking mismatches. His ability to improve as a set shooter would help his overall efficiency. As for defensively, his improvement needs to take place off the basketball being are the more effective help-side defender. As well as utilizing his size more often on the basketball. Jay Heath will be a good addition to the Arizona State perimeter with good toughness.

Jamison Battle

Battle brings the ability to add scoring from the perimeter and the capability of playing very well off the basketball. Next, he has very solid size allowing him to get shots over defenders and post up when necessary. Furthermore, his utilization to comes off handoffs and off-ball screens is extremely effective in setting up his scoring opportunities. Now, an area where he could improve is the ability to score with the basketball and creating separation. Battle plays with pretty good poise and needs to attack efficiently in order to be effective. The ability for Bishop to attack mismatches at his position will be key, but also how he handles the athleticism and length will be a challenge. His perimeter shooting and consistency will be a major addition to his next team’s offense. As for the defensive end, his athleticism and mobility will be the biggest challenge with him guarding the perimeter. Therefore, the ability to contain the basketball will be vital for Battle. Battle will have a great impact on the offensive end at his next destination.

Walker Kessler Auburn

Kessler was a highly touted freshman and could very well be considered the best transfer this year. He has very good size, mobility and ability to play out on the perimeter. Furthermore, he has really good hands with the ability to finish around the basket with good touch consistently. His strength will be an area of improvement for him to be able to post stronger, rebound more effectively, and defend the post. Continued, his mobility will make him really good in transition opportunities as a rim runner and a trailer. Additionally, his use in ball screens will grow to be a hard big to contain in rolls and eventually pick and pops when his shot develops. Kessler has the ability and feels to take control in the paint as displayed against very good teams such as Florida State. Now defensively, his mobility and versatility defensively will be valued massively. The ability to be effective in ball screen defense will be a major asset. Walker Kessler’s evolvement offensively will make him one of the best bigs in the country at Auburn in time.
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Micah Peavy TCU

Peavy is a player who will bring great versatility and toughness to TCU. Now, the evolution of his offensive game will need to develop for him to have a greater impact. Additionally, his size and athleticism will definitely allow him to be a major threat to the offensive glass and ability in transition. Furthermore, his overall skill set as a scorer, ball handler, and passer needs to develop for his game to take a jump. Continued, the finishing ability will be the closest with his athleticism and size to get to the rim. Peavy can be really effective as a cutter to the basket, especially against slower defenders. Now defensively, he brings the size and toughness you would want from a defender. As well as, the versatility to guard multiple positions with the length and activity he adds. Micah Peavy will develop into an immediate impact transfer at TCU.

Darryl Morsell

Morsell is one of the best perimeter defenders in the country and will have a huge impact on his next program. Furthermore, he brings the ability to drive the basketball with control and finishing around the rim. Additionally, his activity off the ball is good and makes him a quality cutter. Next, the area of improvement for Morsell is improving his ability to be a more consistent jump shooter from the perimeter. Continued, his rebounding is a key aspect of his game on both ends of the floor. As for the defensive end, Morsell brings great consistency and versatility to guard multiple perimeter positions. Also, his length and positioning on the basketball are really good creating mistakes and turnovers. Darryl Morsell will be a very good get for a program looking for a defensive stopper.

Devin Askew Texas

Askew is coming off a very disappointing freshman season at Kentucky and will look to have greater success at Texas. Now, Askew brings the ability to push the ball in transition with the explosive ability to get to the basket effectively. Next, he will be a very good driver with improved finishing and drawing contact getting to the free-throw line. Also, improved shooting is the key for Askew to have greater success and take advantage of his driving ability. Continued, he also will need to develop more true point guard skills being able to run an offense whiling not turning over the basketball. As for defensively, his size and lateral movement make him a good defender on the ball. Further, he plays with a good effort off the ball doing a really good job of closing out space for his man to operate easily. Devin Askew has a lot of potentials and will be intriguing in his play at Texas.

Storm Murphy Virginia Tech

Murphy will be a massive addition for Virginia Tech having experience playing for Mike Young at Wofford. Next, he will provide Virginia Tech with a true point guard who is really good at getting others involved and capable of scoring efficiently. Furthermore, he plays with great pace and control in the half-court and in transition. Additionally, he moves really well off the basketball getting in a great position for scoring opportunities. Also, he brings the ability to make pull-up jumpers consistently from the mid-range and three. Murphy does a great job in ball screen action creating for others and getting in the lane for easy opportunities around the rim. The overall efficiency Murphy plays with offensively taking very good shots and makes an offense flow consistently. His ability to make threes off the catch and move is extremely effective and difficult to guard. As for defensively, the biggest concern will be his lateral movement and size against higher-level guards. The activity of Murphy does make up for some of his athletic limitations defensively. Storm Murphy will be one of the best guards in the ACC next season.

Mac McClung

McClung had a tremendous season at Texas Tech showing major growth in his game being that go-to option. First off, McClung plays with a great competitive spirit and showed the ability to lead in crucial moments. Next, his ability to get downhill and to the basket is really good with his finishing ability. Therefore, his use of ball screens is really effective in getting downhill, mid-range pull-up jumpers, and shooting threes. Also, his improvement from the three-point line really allowed McClung to be that three-level scorer with efficiency. Additionally, he has improved his ability to play without the ball getting in position to score and shoot the basketball. McClung does a really good job of drawing contact and getting to the free-throw line. Now defensively, he improved his ability to guard the basketball and really committed to that end. Mac McClung will have a massive impact being one of the best guards in the country and if he goes to Texas that would be a great start for Chris Beard.
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Jamir Harris Seton Hall

Harris will add to Seton Hall’s perimeter looking to be an immediate scoring threat First off, Harris is very quick without the basket being able to get open very easily. Next, his efficiency from the three-point line is really good shooting at 43.8% either off the bounce or catch. Furthermore, he will be very good in transition with his speed with the basketball on the open floor. Continued, he’s capable of finishing at the rim, but will be a greater challenge against bigger frontcourts. His first step quickness will be really valuable getting off mid-range jumpers and getting into the lane. Harris will bring the ability to get buckets for Seton Hall immediately and being dynamic with the basketball. Now defensively, he brings very good effort on and off the basketball with elite speed. Next, his energy and effort will be valued especially by applying consistent on-ball pressure. Jamir Harris will be a very good addition to Seton Hall.

Jordan Goldwire

Goldwire’s impact on his next school will be defined by his leadership and ability as one of the best perimeter defenders in the country. Additionally, Goldwire has steadily improved on the offensive end becoming a more capable shooter from the perimeter. Also, Goldwire does a very good job of setting up others to be in a great position to score in the half-court and in transition. Next, Goldwire is built physically strong with giving him the ability to get in the lane and have very good ball control handling defenders. As for defensively, Goldwire will be a major contributor with his activity on the basketball and ability to force turnovers. Also, he does a great job with communication and setting the tone defensively with staying active on and off the ball. Jordan Goldwire will be a great addition for a team looking for a winner and great defender.

Toumani Camara Dayton

Camara will have a lot of potential heading to Dayton with his athleticism and mobility. Next, he will be very effective in transition as a rim runner and his ability to finish strong around the basket. Additionally, he’s a very solid cutter being in a strong position off the baseline and in the dunker position. Furthermore, he is really efficient around the basket, but his ability to stretch the defense will be the next step. His perimeter jumper has improved from his freshman year but must take the next step to be a really dangerous offensive player. As well as, his skill with basketball to take advantage of his athleticism and size. The activity on the offensive boards is really good and impactful. Now defensively, he must improve his mobility on the perimeter to be able to get out on shooters and in ball screen coverage. Overall, his energy and commitment defensively must take the next step to match his potential defensively. Toumani Camara has a lot of potentials to be a major success at Dayton under Anthony Grant.

Noah Gurley Alabama

Gurley has the capabilities to be a massive impact immediately on the Alabama frontcourt. Now, he has really good size and athleticism to attack less athletic bigs and is a major factor on the boards. Furthermore, he will be dynamic in transition with being able to run the floor as a rim runner and spotting up as a trailer. Next, he has a really good feel in the post being able to go with drop steps and jump hook opportunities. Also, he could be very well suited for ball screens with dives and pops out to the perimeter with his versatility. Gurley can attack from the perimeter 1v1 against bigs with his ball-handling ability and control he plays with. Further, his versatility offensively will be a major asset to the potent Alabama offensive scheme. As for defensively, his size and length can pose problems for offensive players. However, his growth guarding out on the perimeter needs to take place with his positioning and mobility. Noah Gurley will be a part of an Alabama team looking to make a deep NCAA tournament run.

Bryce Hamilton

Hamilton will be looking to make a significant impact a scoring guard with really good size. Next, Hamilton rebounds really effectively on both ends of the floor and moves without the basketball effectively. Continued, he brings toughness on drives to the basket with the ability to finish through contact. Additionally, he utilizes ball screens well getting downhill quickly with his speed and size. Furthermore, he can break down individual defenses in 1v1 situations well. Now, the growth of his shot from the perimeter is key for Hamilton to take the next step in his game. Also, he can be dynamic in transition with the ability to get all the way to the rim. As for the defensive end, he needs to improve his engagement on the basketball and with his size, he could apply physical ball pressure. The lateral movement of Hamilton needs to improve to be a more effective perimeter defender. Bryce Hamilton will be an impact recruit for his next program.

Phlandarous Fleming Jr. Florida

Fleming Jr. is the next transfer to come to Florida this off-season looking to make a major impact. Furthermore, Fleming Jr. will make a significant difference on the boards and with his physicality on both ends. Next, he will make a big impact in transition playing off the ball getting in position for threes, and drives to the basket. Continued, his ability to play off the ball more often at Florida should lead him to be a more efficient player. Additionally, his perimeter shooting could be improved as he shot 32.0% from the three. Also, with his size, he has the ability to post up smaller guards and attack mismatches. The physicality of Fleming Jr. will match very well with Brandon McKissic making the Florida backcourt tough as could be. As for defensively, he has really good size and length with a matching activity. The ability for him to improve his positioning on the basketball will be key at Florida. Phlandarous Fleming Jr. will be a part of the transfer influx for Florida looking to make a significant contribution.

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