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College Basketball: Sophomores who can Take the Next Step Part 1

College Basketball: Sophomore Who Can Take The Next Step Part 1
These sophomores are looking to take the next step in their games. They will go from being good players to top-level players. The following is a breakdown on each player’s skill set and the areas they need to make improvements on to take their game to that next level. Here are some sophomores looking to take that next step:

Kenny Wooten, Forward, Oregon

Wooten is very athletic around the basket can catch alley-oops at a high level. He must become more skilled with his ability to post up and attack. Wooten gives a very good effort on both ends and operates best in pick and roll action. He moves very well as a cutter. Wooten is a high-level shot blocker his ability as a rim protector is sensational. His overall skill development needs work, but his motor is there for improvement in his game.

2018-19 Averages 6.3 points 4.8 rebounds 0.6 assists 58.9 FG%

Brad Davison, Guard, Wisconsin

Davison plays with great effort and passion that feeds off to his team. He has a really good feel for drawing charges. His ability to communicate and stay in front is pretty good. He lacks great quickness to help and recover. He must become a more efficient shooter with recognizing the best shot selection. Furthermore, his distribution skills must improve well by attacking the gaps. He lacks great explosion to get by guards. Davison is a great leader should be in a position to lead Wisconsin back to the NCAA tournament.


2018-19 Averages 10.5 points 3.3 rebounds 1.8 assists 38.5 FG% 34.9 3pt%

Naji Marshall, Forward, Xavier

Image result for naji marshallMarshall can get to the basket very well with his very physical body and is extremely long. He will post up smaller players and can score effectively in the post. His ability to pull up in transition is good with a nice step back move. For a bigger wing, he handles the ball very well and flashes in the high post effectively. The ceiling for Marshall next season is extremely high. His length as a defender causes major issues for perimeter players. He lacks great technique and positioning, however, if he can fix the little details he can be an elite player.

2018-19 Averages 14.7 points 7.2 rebounds 3.4 assists 39.4 FG% 27.7 3pt%

Jermaine Samuels, Forward, Villanova

His ability to be an all-around scorer gives Samuel’s great versatility. His ability to get to the basket is really good with his first step. He is a three level scorer. He should only improve even more with the skill development at Villanova. He’s developed into a really effective shooter as well with a very smooth release. He is a tad slow defensively and gets caught out of position at times. Samuels brings good energy and is very solid on the boards. Samuels should have a big year next to star freshman in Bryan Antoine and Jeremiah Robinson-Earl.


2018-19 Averages 6.4 points 5.4 rebounds 1.0 assists 44.8 FG% 34.7 3pt%

Marcus Garrett, Guard, Kansas

Garrett a very good overall defender he’s extremely active with great hands. His lateral quickness is very good and his help and recover skills are very sound. He brings good on-ball pressure and length on ball handlers. Offensively he is limited with his lack of great skill and shooting ability. He needs to be a more dependable shooter to keep the defense honest. His ability to cut and move without the ball is good and helps him get high percentages shots. Also, he is a solid driver when he gets the opportunity.


2018-19 Averages 7.3 points 4.2 rebounds 1.9 assists 42.2 FG% 24.5 3pt%

Nojel Eastern, Guard, Purdue

The versatility of Eastern is great as he can do a little bit of everything except shoot. He is a good rebounder with high energy and can distribute the ball nicely. He’s a point forward who could take over point guard duties with the departure of Carsen Edwards. He’s very solid around the basket with a good first step and his length. His second effort ability along with his athleticism gives Eastern the tools to continue to improve. His shot needs massive improvement as it is a major hole in his game. The length and size he brings on defense are very good. He is able to get good position and is pretty consistent on defense overall as he’s pretty sound defensively.
2018-19 Averages 7.5 points 5.5 rebounds 2.5 assists 49.5 FG%

Darryl Morsell, Guard, Maryland

Morsell has the athleticism along with effort and length to be a very good perimeter defender, especially on the ball. He’s active off the ball as well as he’s always jumping to the ball in the right position. The willingness to attack the basket is there as he pushes it well in transition. He’s a pretty good rebounder also but must become a more reliable shooter his mid-range game could take the next step. Morsel is a very solid contributor for a rising Maryland team.


2018-19 Averages 8.5 points 3.1 rebounds 1.8 assists 45.9 FG% 29.0 3pt%

Kaleb Wesson, Center, Ohio State

Wesson is very productive around the basket with his soft touch and physical body. He does have the ability to step away from the basket and hit mid-range and three-point shots. The area in which he needs to improve is to become stronger with the ball and make better decisions. His stamina to be effective for long periods of times also needs to improve. He’s an average post defender who is vulnerable to give up easy points. His ability to help and recover in ball screen action is pretty good as he moves well. Wesson needs to improve his overall body to be even more productive than a year ago.


2018-19 Averages 14.6 points 6.9 rebounds 1.8 assists 50.0 FG% 34.7 3pt%

Myles Cale, Guard, Seton Hall

Cale has the ability to pull up from the perimeter and shoot the three effectively. He’s pretty athletic with an ability to get to the basket. He needs to have more composure offensively and have the control necessary to make the right play. If he becomes better with the ball he can be very good wing with an ability to get downhill and hit perimeter jumpers. He gets stuck defensively being out of position and he must become more engaged. His length and athleticism should help him improve defensively. The technique and lateral movement need the next step to be capable defensively.


2018-19 Averages 10.2 points 4.1 rebounds 1.2 assists 41.1 FG% 37.8 3pt%

Davide Morretti, Guard, Texas Tech

Morretti is a very good shooter from the three and mid-range, as his efficiency is very good. He has a really good feel for the game. Morretti is always shot ready and has the ability to shot fake and reset very well. He has good touch around the rim, but he could become a better distributor creating for others. His footwork offensively is great, as he’s always balanced. He’s always in a good position, dictating where the offense will go. He lacks the athleticism of other guards, but his technique and IQ are so good he makes up for it most of the time. He will look to become the primary scoring option for Texas Tech next season.


2018-19 Averages 11.5 points 2.1 rebounds 2.4 assists 49.8 FG% 45.9 3pt%

Nate Watson, Center, Providence

Watson gives pretty good energy on defense, but he still needs to build his body to be a better post defender. He has good length and has the capability to alter shots. He’s an active rebounder and does well on the boards. His feet don’t move well defensively, therefore he can be faced up and attacked. He has a solid jump hook to his right shoulder and is active on offense in pick and roll action.


2018-19 Averages 11.7 points 5.2 rebounds 0.4 assists 59.0 FG%

Tristan Clark, Forward, Baylor

Image result for tristan clarkClark is a dynamic athlete who possesses great skill he dives to the basket very hard. His activity on offense is really good looking for post ups with active hands. He is very smooth around the basket being able to operate attacking both sides. He’s an all-around post player with good feel, footwork, and ability to explode to the basket. His ability to get in good post defense position allows him to be in a great position to be in help. His feet move very well giving him the ability to move laterally. As long as his health is good he will be a Big 12 performer.


2018-19 Averages 14.6 points 6.3 rebounds 1.6 assists 73.7 FG%

Trent Frazier, Guard, Illinois

Frazier is a bucket getter who is very shifty and athletic with a great first step. He’s a ball dominant guard with the offense running through him. He’s a good spot up three point shooter and moves well without the ball. He can get to the basket with runners, but he must convert at a higher level. His ability to get others involved needs to improve for him to open up driving lanes. He’s active but lacks great size so can get physically overwhelmed. Frazier lacks the length to be really good off the ball and can get caught out of position at times.


2018-19 Averages 13.7 2.3 rebounds 2.6 assists 41.1 FG% 40.6 3pt%

Xavier Tillman, Forward, Michigan State

Tillman is a tough player who operates around the basket very well with good feet. He’s very active on defense in helping towards the basket and perimeter. Tillman is a great rebounder as he consistently is giving max effort on the boards. His hands are very active and do a good job of closing out on shooters. He’s active in the post on offense, but struggles to finish when a secondary defender digs down to help. While he is one on one with a good matchup he can score at a high level. To take the next step he must be able to operate with others around and be stronger with the ball.


2018-19 Averages 10.0 points 7.3 rebounds 1.6 assists 60.5 FG%

Luka Garza, Forward, Iowa

Garza has very good touch around the basket and can step out to the perimeter and hit an occasional three. He’s a solid rebounder and has the ability to face up in the post and shoot over the top. He gives great effort on both ends working to be in the best position. His foot speed is not the best, therefore, he needs deception and skill to get by defenders. His inability to move great defensively either. He must improve on taking better angles to be a more effective defender.


2018-19 Averages 13.1 points 4.5 rebounds 0.9 assists 53.1 FG% 29.2 3pt%

Images Courtesy of Banners On The Parkway, OregonLive, Our Daily Bears


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