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College Basketball: Freshman Evaluations Part 4

Zach Freemantle Xavier

Freemantle moves well offensively, has good athleticism and runs the floor effectively. Next, he operates well in the high post area with the ability to face up and make shots. His activity around the basket is good, while his touch around the basket is very solid. Furthermore, his ability to open up after screens is very effective with diving to the rim or opening up on the perimeter. Freemantle has the ability to stretch the defense with his shot-making from three. His overall mobility offensively is his best trait getting open consistently on cuts to the basket. The area of improvement for Freemantle would be his ability to attack off the dribble and being more physical around the basket. Defensively, he does a solid job of contesting shots in the post and on the perimeter. His strength could improve to be able to guard post-ups more effectively. Freemantle should continue to grow with his athleticism and versatility and be one of the better forwards in the Big East next season.
2019-20 Averages 7.5 points 4.3 rebounds 0.6 assists 46.0 FG% 35.3 3pt%

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Balsa Koprivica Florida State

Koprivica is very big and has really good athleticism with the ability to grow into one of the best bigs in the country over time. He does a great job of running the floor and getting post positioning sealing off his defender for easy opportunities. Furthermore, he has a very good ability to finish through contact and has solid strength already to his game. He has the ability to finish second chance opportunities on a consistent basis. Additionally, he is always looking for the basketball and his activity is very good. The area in which he could improve is his skill work in the post and to be able to face up his defenders. The overall potential for Koprivica is extremely high and Florida State could have one of the best bigs in the country at some point. At the defensive end, he can struggle to get out the perimeter initially but does a solid job once he is there. Around the basket, he can be a force with his size and exceptional length. With further development, Koprivica will become a very impactful force for Florida State inside and be one of the best bigs in the country.
2019-20 Averages 4.7 points 2.4 rebounds 0.3 assists 69.9 FG%

Donta Scott Maryland

Scott brings great toughness and energy on each possession. Next, he must improve his skill level to be a greater offensive threat and shoot the ball more effectively. His size and versatility is definitely a good trait that Scott brings for Maryland. Additionally, he goes after the basketball very hard and can take advantage of smaller players in the post. Also, his ability to catch and shoot is decent, but when he’s open there is room for improvement there. Scott’s activity makes him an effective player but his skill level must improve with the basketball. Now defensively, his size and toughness really come out on the defensive end with his ability to contain the basketball. He can guard multiple positions and rebound the ball very effectively. He will bring pressure and physicality on the defensive end consistently. Scott is a great glue guy for Maryland who needs to develop more offense to take get to the next level.
2019-20 Averages 5.9 points 3.6 rebounds 0.5 assists 43.9 FG% 31.6 3pt%

Paul Mulcahy Rutgers

Mulcahy brings solid versatility and toughness to Rutgers and has the size and skill level to grow into an offensive threat. He does a solid job handling the basketball and playing off it he can make perimeter shots when open but needs to be more consistent. Also, with his size, he has the ability to get to the basket effectively. The strength for Mulcahy must improve so he can improve his finishing ability with defenders around. The offensive versatility that Mulcahy brings is very solid with his ability to play multiple positions and pass the basketball well. On the defensive end, he brings really good energy and activity on the basketball. Also, his strength needs to improve to be able to absorb drives to the rim. Mulcahy should develop into a more dependable player for Rutgers in his Sophomore season.
2019-20 Averages 3.7 points 2.5 rebounds 2.0 assists 54.0 FG% 33.3 3pt%

Tyrese Samuel Seton Hall

Samuel has really good size and athleticism who moves well, bringing versatility for Seton Hall. Next, he needs to improve his overall skill level to be a more effective player. Additionally, he must improve his ability to attack off the dribble with the size and athleticism he has. Also, he needs to improve his ability to shoot the basketball with his ability to space the floor. Continued, he has the ability to rebound the basketball effectively as well. Samuel needs to really develop an offensive skill set to be a factor in the Seton Hall rotation. As for his defensive ability, he has really good size and versatility. He moves pretty well on the perimeter and does a good job of staying in front of the ball. Samuel’s sophomore season will depend on his offensive development.
2019-20 Averages 3.2 points 2.7 rebounds 0.4 assists 37.5 FG% 32.7 3pt%

Tyger Campbell UCLA

Campbell is one of the toughest point guards in the country and does a great job of facilitating offensively. He does an effective job in ball screen situations allowing him to get downhill and create for others. His shot needs to improve so he can be a consistent offensive threat. Next, he’s good at getting into the lane with the ability to make short jumpers and runners. Also, the ability to improve his 3-point shooting will be important for his growth as a scorer. Along with, improving his strength to be able to get to the rim more consistently. Now defensively, he plays with really good effort and solid a solid job with his activity on the basketball. His overall strength could improve to contain bigger guards more effectively. Campbell is a valuable part of the success of UCLA and will be paired up with a high-level guard in Daishen Nix.
2019-20 Averages 8.3 points 2.4 rebounds 5.0 assists 35.8 FG% 26.7 3pt%

Caleb Mills Houston

Mills has solid size and brings great shot-making ability. Next, he has really good ball quickness with the ability to get to the basket and to the mid-range very effectively. His ability to get into the lane and create separation for shots is very good. Also, he has the ability to push the ball in transition and get to the rim consistently. Additionally, he could improve on his overall shot selection and become more efficient shooting around the basket. Becoming a more consistent three-point shooter and extending his range would help. He’s very dynamic with the basketball and has a very good feel and ability to be one of the best guards in the country. As for the defensive end, he must improve his ability to guard the basketball and improve his strength. Also, he could improve his mobility on the defensive end. Mills will be apart of a deep perimeter for Houston as they are the clear favorites in AAC for next season.
2019-20 Averages 13.2 points 2.6 rebounds 1.1 assists 38.5 FG% 36.5 3pt%

Addison Patterson Oregon

Patterson brings good size and athleticism with the ability to get to the basket effectively. He brings good versatility on the offensive end, as he can make the catch and shoot threes pretty consistently. Next, Patterson brings really good efficiency with his awareness of shot selection and he moves well off the basketball. Additionally, he will be a consistent rebounder with his athleticism and effort. An area in which he could improve his skill work and overall ball control to be more fluent. Patterson’s slashing ability could be very good for Oregon next year with more opportunities on their wing. Defensively, he needs to improve his positioning and lateral movement to be a solid defender. He’s got the ability to improve his length, athleticism and effort. Patterson should develop into a very solid wing next season for Oregon.
2019-20 Averages 4.6 points 1.3 rebounds 0.5 assists 56.3 FG% 35.7 3pt%

Joseph Girard Syracuse

Girard is a scoring guard with the ability to carry Syracuse offensively at times. Next, he’s got the ability to make shots off the dribble and catch from three. Additionally, he can get into the lane for short jumpers and mid-range jumpers. Also, the shot selection of Girard needs to improve to become a way more efficient scorer and playmaker. The ability to take defenders off the bounce is a good aspect to his game and makes him a tough guard. Further, he needs to be more effective as a passer getting others involved. Defensively, he does an average job of being active on top of the zone. Next, he needs to be more consistent effort-wise on top of the zone to pressure the perimeter more. Girard is a bucket getter for Syracuse and should become more consistent in his sophomore season.
2019-20 Averages 12.4 points 3.0 rebounds 3.5 assists 34.8 FG% 32.4 3pt%

Isaiah Thompson Purdue

Thompson plays with really good control with the basketball and does a good job of playing off the ball as well. Next, he does a solid job of getting into the lane for runners and short jumpers effectively. He is capable of making the catch and shoot threes effectively. He could become improve his shot quickness to be more consistent and fluent. If he can improve his strength he will be able to get into the lane more consistently to be more effective. Additionally, with more minutes he could definitely develop into getting others involved throughout the offense. Now defensively, Thompson does a very good job of being active on the basketball and moves really well. He is undersized but does a very solid job of getting under the ball handler. Thompson has a lot of growth to do but has the potential to be an effective guard for Purdue.
2019-20 Averages 5.6 points 1.1 rebounds 0.7 assists 35.4 FG% 36.0 3pt%

Devan Cambridge - Men's Basketball - Auburn University AthleticsDevan Cambridge Auburn

Cambridge has really good athleticism and size to grow into a very solid player for Auburn. He’s got the ability to make perimeter jumpers effectively but could improve upon that to make it a very good strength. Next, he is going to be a dynamic rebounder for Auburn on both ends. Also, his athleticism could make him into a very good player in transition with his shooting and getting to the basket. Additionally, if he could improve his ability to make plays off the dribble he could take the next step as a scorer. On the defensive end, he has really good size and athleticism being very effective on the ball and in help on drives. He needs to be more active in basketball to be a very good defender.
2019-20 Averages 4.2 points 2.3 rebounds 0.1 assists 42.6 FG% 34.2 3pt%

Seth Lundy Penn State

Lundy is very strong and brings a really good size for Penn State. Next, he does a really good job of spotting up on the perimeter for threes and makes them on a consistent basis. Also, he has the ability to run the floor effectively in transition with his shot-making and physicality to the rim. The area of improvement for Lundy is his ball skills and ability to get to the basket more effectively and finishing better. His physicality could make him a very difficult matchup guarding him going to the basket and with his shot-making ability from 3. Now defensively, he needs to increase his mobility defensively to guard on the perimeter. Next, he has really good size and physicality but the movement laterally is a major factor in his defensive capabilities. Lundy has the potential to be a very good versatile piece for Penn State with more development.
2019-20 Averages 5.3 points 2.7 rebounds 0.5 assists 39.4 FG% 39.1 3pt%

Anthony Walker Miami

Walker has really good size and athleticism. He moves really well around the basket. Next, his length will help him be a very good rebounder and ability to get shots over defenders. He needs to improve his perimeter shot-making to be a more complete scorer, as well as the ability to attack off the dribble and use his athleticism. He does operate well in the high post and shoots an effective mid-range jumper. His athleticism speaks for itself and that is why Walker has really good potential offensively. Defensively, he needs to improve on his ability to move to stay in front of the ball on the perimeter and being able to get around screens. He has the length and athleticism to grow into a more effective defender. Walker has a lot of room to grow into more of a factor for Miami but the potential is there.
2019-20 Averages 3.3 points 2.1 rebounds 0.2 assists 40.5 FG% 15.8 3pt%

Marcus Sasser Houston

Sasser is very effective with catch and shoot jumpers and has the ability to be effective in transition. He plays with good control and has a good steadiness in his game. Furthermore, he could improve on being more explosive creating separation for his shot and getting to the basket. Additionally, he has decent athleticism and also has the ability to play on and off the basketball. Sasser needs to be more dynamic and a consistent threat to make plays happen consistently. He brings good toughness on the offensive end and provides good ball handling against pressure. Defensively, he fits right in with Houston’s culture and perimeter with great pressure defense. Also, he’s very active with his hands and brings good physicality on the basketball with awareness in help. Sasser has growth to do on the offensive end but his defensive ability is great and should be a factor on a very tough Houston team next season.
2019-20 Averages 8.1 points 2.4 rebounds 1.7 assists 36.3 FG% 35.2 3pt%

Justin Champagnie Pittsburgh

Champagnie provides great energy on both ends of the floor and is an exceptional rebounder for a guard. He brings really good size and toughness with the ability to get opportunities on drives and cuts to the rim. Furthermore, he is capable of making open perimeter jumpers but needs to improve to be more consistent. Next, he looks to drive and then will take short runners off one or two feet just outside the paint. His overall skill level could improve to finish at the rim at a higher rate and continue to improve his shooting ability across the board. The athleticism and size with energy is a great part of his game. Defensively, he gives good size and ability to guard the basketball he could improve off the ball to be more active. Champagnie will need to further develop and be the lead guard for Pittsburgh with the departure of Trey McGowens.
2019-20 Averages 12.7 points 7.0 rebounds 0.7 assists 42.1 FG% 26.2 3pt%

Images Courtesy of, Auburn University Athletics,, The Athletic

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