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College Basketball: Freshman Evaluations Part 3

James Bouknight UConn

Bouknight has a very good feel and ball control with the ability to attack very effectively. He posses a very solid size with the ability to use it to shoot over the top and get to the rim. Also, he rebounds the basketball well for a guard and can push the ball in transition effectively. Next, he is a very solid mid-range shooter with the ability to pull with ease. The next step for Bouknight is to become a most consistent perimeter shooter from three to be a guy who then can score at all three levels. He could improve his ability to pass the basketball to initiate more of the offense. He moves well without the basketball spotting up on the perimeter and cutting through the lanes. Additionally, his best trait is the control and finishing ability around the basket that is very good. As for the defensive end, he could improve his ability to contain the basketball and utilizing his length even more. Bouknight will continue to be the lead guard for UConn and one of the best guards in the Big East.
2019-20 Averages 13.0 points 4.1 rebounds 1.3 assists 46.2 FG% 34.7 3pt%

P.J. Fuller TCU

Fuller has good size and athleticism with the ability to get to the basket effectively with his quick first step. Also, he must improve on his offensive skill set with being able to shoot from the perimeter as a shooter. He could improve his strength to be a more consistent finisher around the basket. Furthermore, he’s very solid in transition with his athleticism and ability to push the ball to get to the rim and can spot up as a shooter. The overall quickness with the basketball in space for Fuller is a good trait of his. His athleticism gives him the potential to grow into a more complete offensive threat. Now defensively, he has really good activity on the basketball and effort. Also, he needs to improve his strength to be able to handle drives and get through screens. Fuller had a solid Freshman season but has the potential to be a bigger factor next season for TCU.
2019-20 Averages 5.7 points 1.8 rebounds 1.5 assists 37.1 FG% 25.4 3pt%

Nah’Shon Hyland VCU

Hyland has extremely good athleticism and size as well being a well-rounded scorer. He’s got the ability to be very dangerous in transition with the ability to pull up from three or get to the basket. Furthermore, he’s a knockdown shooter from the perimeter and the defense must be locked in on him at all times. Next, he can be dynamic in ball screen actions with the ability to pull up for jumpers or get to the basket. Also, his length and ball-handling skills are very solid and his overall control is solid as well. Hyland is a high-level guard who will continue to excel on the offensive end for VCU. On the defensive end, he applies well on-ball pressure and has a very good length. Additionally, he brings good toughness off the ball and the length can contribute towards turnovers and run-outs in transition. Hyland is one of the best two-way guards in the country and will lead VCU back to their standard of success in the A-10.
2019-20 Averages 9.0 points 2.2 rebounds 1.8 assists 43.3 FG% 43.3 3pt%

David Johnson Louisville

Johnson has very good size and does a good job with ball control. Furthermore, an area where he could improve is his quickness with the basketball to be more explosive. Also, his shooting from the perimeter must improve to become a more efficient scorer. Also, his size allows him to be a very effective driver and he can finish at the rim effectively. He is also capable of being a very good rebounder for a guard on both ends. Additionally, he can be very effective in transition with his finishing ability at the rim. Next, he can be very effective off the basketball as a cutter. The overall shot-making of Johnson must take the next step to be a more dynamic player. Now defensively, he’s got good size and will develop into a good defender when he improves his lateral movement. His overall length and size do disrupt the ability for guards to get downhill on Johnson. Johnson’s shot-making will be crucial in his development and ability for him and Carlik Jones to be the best backcourt in the ACC.
2019-20 Averages 6.3 points 2.8 rebounds 2.8 assists 49.3 FG% 21.7 3pt%

Jaime Jacquez Jr. UCLA

Jacquez Jr. is a shooter by nature but also has good size and contributes effectively to the boards. He’s got the ability to space the floor very effectively and has a quick release. His knockdown shooting ability is a very important aspect to the success of UCLA’s offense. Next, where Jacquez Jr. can improve is to make plays off the bounce and also getting to the rim with his size. The lack of athleticism is obvious with Jacquez Jr. but his shooting ability will continue to make him a factor in the UCLA rotation. His overall size will be a major factor in his success to being a more complete offensive threat. On the defensive end, he is limited with his ability to move effectively and does not have great quickness. Jacquez Jr. will continue to grow into a very solid offensive threat for UCLA.
2019-20 Averages 8.9 points 4.8 rebounds 1.4 assists 45.4 FG% 31.3 3pt%

Terrance Shannon Jr. Texas Tech

Shannon Jr. has really good size and length with the ability to be good in transition and attacking the basket in the half-court. Next, he is very effective in mid-range attacking situations with good feel and control. Also, an area where Shannon Jr. needs to be better is as a perimeter shooter. Furthermore, he rebounds the ball well on both ends of the floor. His overall athleticism gives him really good potential to grow as a more complete player. Now defensively, he’s very good with his length and versatility he brings. Also, he moves his feet very well and has very good athleticism as a well-rounded defender. Shannon Jr. should take the next step forward for Texas Tech as one of the best wins in the country.
2019-20 Averages 9.8 points 4.1 rebounds 1.0 assists 47.0 FG% 25.7 3pt%

Miles McBride West Virginia

McBride has really good size and plays with good toughness. Additionally, he is effective with making plays off the dribble especially getting to the mid-range. Next, he’s efficient in ISO situations with the ability to break down his defender. He can get to the basket with a solid first step and his physicality. Also, he could become a better shooter from the perimeter to take the next step in his game. He can be very effective in transition with the ability to finish at the rim. The offensive continued development will be very key in McBride’s growth. The defensive end, he brings exceptional toughness and activity on the basketball. His lateral movement is very good and does a very good job of containing the basketball he’s the anchor of West Virginia’s perimeter defense. McBride will continue to develop into one of the best two-way guards in the Big 12.
2019-20 Averages 9.5 points 2.4 rebounds 1.8 assists 40.2 FG% 30.4 3pt%

Akok Akok UConn

Akok brings really good length and athleticism with the ability to go downhill with his size shows his overall potential. His ability to rebound the basketball and have second chance opportunities is solid. Also, an area of improvement for Akok is his 3-point shot if he can improve that he will be extremely versatile on the offensive end. Next, Akok needs to improve his ability to be an offensive threat as he doesn’t get any consistent good looks besides offensive boards. Therefore, his overall skill set must improve to grow into an offensive threat. As for the defensive end, his ability to guard the basketball must be better and he needs to improve his overall strength. Health is going to be the biggest concern for Akok as he is coming off a ruptured Achilles. As for his potential, he is capable of growing into a versatile offensive player for UConn.
2019-20 Averages 5.8 points 5.5 rebounds 0.4 assists 41.3 FG% 26.1 3pt%

Jaden Shackleford Alabama

Shackleford is a scoring guard who is dynamic and has a very good shot-making ability. He’s got the ability to drive to the basket effectively. His ability to catch and shoot the three is very good and he has a very quick release. Next, he has a very good feel and ability to break down his defender to get in the middle of the lane to make shots. His overall size allows him to get to the basket consistently and get to his spots as a scorer. The area where he could become better is being more efficient as a shooter and scorer getting better shot selection. Shackleford will continue to improve in the Nate Oats’ system that allows guards to flourish. Defensively, he has decent size but doesn’t contain the basketball very well. He could improve his overall ability to defend the ball. Shackleford will be apart of a dynamic Alabama perimeter looking to reach the NCAA tournament next season.
2019-20 Averages 15.0 points 4.5 rebounds 1.4 assists 41.3 FG% 35.7 3pt%

Tyrell Terry Stanford

Terry is a lead guard and contributes heavily to winning and initiating the offense. Next, he can draw contact and get fouled to go to the foul line consistently. Also, he is very good at ball screen action with a really good feeling. An area of improvement for Terry is dealing with physicality and finishing through contact. Furthermore, he plays well off the ball moving very well to get in scoring positions. His ability to pass open his players is very good and he is very good at distributing the offense. Also, his ability to make threes off the ball and the bounce is very effective. The overall feel of Terry is very good and his impact on Stanford’s success is crucial. On the defensive end, he’s decent but the lateral quickness is not great and gets beat to the rim by quicker guards and more physical guards.
2019-20 Averages 14.6 points 4.5 rebounds 3.2 assists 44.1 FG% 40.8 3pt%

Franz Wagner - Men's Basketball - University of Michigan Athletics

Franz Wagner Michigan

Wagner has great size and versatility on the offensive end for Michigan. His mobility and ability to space the floor with his shot-making on catch and shoot opportunities is very solid. Additionally, his cutting ability around the basket is good and he can great in ball screen action attacking the rim well. The ability for him to have great ball skills and the ability to go in transition taking it to coast to coast. Wagner is very good with basketball the ability to attack mismatches stretching the defense to the perimeter or by attacking the basket. If Wagner’s offensive game continues to develop he will be one of the best players in the Big Ten. As for the defensive end, his ability to defend the perimeter must improve. Also, he lacks great quickness to contain the basketball. Wagner will be one of the best players in the Big Ten next season.
2019-20 Averages 11.6 points 5.6 rebounds 1.0 assists 45.2 FG% 31.3 3pt%

Rylan Jones Utah

Jones is undersized but has very good ball control and feel to his game. Next, he utilizes ball screens well to get others involved and for him to get shots from three and mid-range. His overall shot-making from the perimeter is very solid. Also, his ball distributing skills are very solid getting his teammates in scoring situations. Additionally, he could be more effective off the dribble as a shooter and improve his strength. Defensively, he does a solid job of staying in front of the ball, his quickness isn’t great and the strength must improve. Jones will continue to bring steadiness to Utah’s offense flow and will grow into one of the better point guards in the PAC-12.
2019-20 Averages 9.6 points 2.9 rebounds 4.5 assists 40.0 FG% 38.6 3pt%

Jaelen House Arizona State

House first off must improve his ability to shoot the basketball and become a way more efficient, scorer. Next, he is very quick the basketball and can be a major threat going coast to coast in transition. Also, he can be very good at ball screen action allowing him to get downhill. Additionally, he needs to improve his shot selection to be a more effective shooter he can get caught settling for tough threes. His strength must improve to utilize his quickness more to get to the rim consistently. Defensively, he brings good energy and activity, however, he will take chances that leave him vulnerable to easy opportunities. His activity contributes to turnovers and transition opportunities. House to be more of a factor for Arizona State needs to improve on his shot-making and shot selection.
2019-20 Averages 3.9 points 1.9 rebounds 1.2 assists 27.6 FG% 26.7 3pt%

CJ Frederick Iowa

Frederick has a very good shot-making ability from the mid-range and three consistently. He does a very good moving without the basketball setting himself up for a drive or perimeter jumper. He’s great with coming off of screens being in attack position and can make shots off the catch and dribble. Continued, he brings a really solid toughness to Iowa by having very good feel with and without the basketball. Frederick does a solid job of getting to the mid-range for good shot opportunities. An area of improvement for Frederick could be his ability to get to the rim more consistently and finish stronger. Otherwise, he is terrific on or off the basketball and will be a great backcourt duo with Jordan Bohannon. On the defensive end, he has solid size and is constantly communicating on everything as well containing the ball very well. His toughness and energy defensively are very solid. Frederick will be apart of a Final Four type team for Iowa if Luka Garza returns next season.
2019-20 Averages 10.2 points 1.9 rebounds 2.8 assists 48.3 FG% 46.1 3pt%

Christian Braun Kansas

Braun has very solid size and can shoot the ball extremely well from the perimeter. He uses head fakes well and get to the basket and finish effectively. Also, his handle is underrated and can get by people with his frame and athleticism. Next, his shot-making ability off the catch and dribble is very solid. The ability to move and space the floor effectively is key to his success. He can break people down a bit and make plays off the dribble smoothly. His knockdown shooting ability from three is his best trait, however, he could show off his athleticism by attacking the basket more often next season. Now defensively, he has very solid size and does a good job of staying front and containing dribble penetration. Also, he’s got good effort and is a plus defender with his length added in. Braun will have a way bigger role for Kansas and should excel as a scorer and shooter next season.
2019-20 Averages 5.3 points 2.9 rebounds 0.5 assists 43.1 FG% 44.4 3pt%

Images Courtesy of, Michigan Athletics, The Cardinal Connect, UConn Athletics

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