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College Basketball: Freshman Evaluations Part 1

Scottie Lewis Florida

Lewis is very active off the basketball and cuts to the basket very effectively. Also, he has really good athleticism to finish around the rim on drives and rebounding the basketball. Also, he can make open threes, but he must improve his overall shooting to become a more consistent offensive player. The driving ability is a big strength of his especially in motion off the ball. Now defensively, he has very good length and athleticism which makes him very good on the ball and he can guard multiple positions. Next, his overall strength must increase to become an even better defender. Lewis will have a dynamic sophomore season, will develop his offensive game and should be one of the best two-way players in the country.
2019-20 Averages 8.5 points 3.6 rebounds 0.8 assists 44.1 FG% 36.1 3pt%

X-Factor: Duke men's basketball's Matthew Hurt needs to show ...Matthew Hurt Duke

Hurt can stretch the defense with his great shooting ability from the perimeter. Furthermore, he is very skilled with the basketball as he can show more of a complete scoring game offensively next season at Duke. Next, will need to continue to develop his driving ability and mid-post game to be the overall scorer he can be. Also, he must get stronger to be a more effective rebounder and post-up player. Defensively, he must improve his ability to contain the basketball on the perimeter and improve his overall strength to be able to guard in the interior. He must become a capable defender and not be a liability at times defensively. Hurt can be a very good offensive player for Duke next season if he improves his overall scoring and strength.
2019-20 Averages 9.7 points 3.8 rebounds 0.9 assists 48.7 FG% 39.3 3pt%

Jeremiah Robinson-Earl Villanova

Robinson-Earl had a very good freshman campaign for Villanova. He’s active offensively and can stretch the defense on the perimeter with his shot, but must take the next step to be a more consistent shooter. He’s very efficient around the basket with really good touch and being in the right spot with his activity on the glass. Also, he can make turnaround jumpers and the ability to face up and make mid-range jumpers. Next, defensively he brings good energy and activity with the ability to defend multiple positions. He is more effective on the ball in perimeter situations and needs to increase his strength to guard bigs more effectively in the post. Robinson-Earl will be an even more well-rounded player for Villanova and could an All-Big East First team player next season.
2019-20 Averages 10.5 points 9.4 rebounds 1.9 assists 45.4 FG% 32.8 3pt%

Trendon Watford LSU

Watford brings solid athleticism and versatility from the forward position for LSU. Next, he can be a threat from three and be effective getting to the basket against forwards who can’t stay with him. Also, he can push the ball himself in transition with the capabilities to get to the basket and distribute it. Furthermore, he can be activated off the basketball and sets up cuts for good looks around the basket and in the high post area. The overall versatility offensively he brings for LSU is the main reason he can continue to develop into a more complete offensive threat. Now defensively, he must improve his ability to defend off the basketball and be balanced while in help to be in a position to contain the basketball. Therefore, he must get better in defending the ball especially with the length he has. Watford should be a more primary option for LSU offensively next season and take a major step forward in his development. Watford declared for the NBA draft with the option to return.
2019-20 Averages 13.6 points 7.2 rebounds 1.7 assists 48.9 FG% 26.9 3pt%

Samuell Williamson Louisville

Williamson did not get a full load of minutes for Louisville with a veteran roster this year, but that will change for next season. He has very good size and athleticism that makes him a physical driver who can finish around the basket effectively. Next, he is a decent shooter from the perimeter, who must improve to become a more dynamic offensive player. He’s got a quick first step which allows him to get to the lane and can pull up for short runners. The driving ability of Williamson will be his biggest strength for Louisville. Defensively he brings good size, but his lateral quickness and movement could improve to contain the basketball more often.
2019-20 Averages 4.4 points 2.5 rebounds 0.6 assists 47.0 FG% 33.3 3pt%

Isaiah Mobley USC

Mobley brings good physicality in the post and is actively fighting for position. He brings good mobility off the ball in ball screens diving to the rim. Further, he can cut off the ball to get open around the basket pretty well. He’s got solid hands with good touch around the basket and he is a good rebounder with his energy and size. Next, he could improve his face-up game to be a more effective offensive player and he can make an occasional three stretching the defense. Mobley has the potential to be very effective for USC next season.
2019-20 Averages 6.2 points 5.3 rebounds 1.0 assists 47.4 FG% 28.6 3pt%

Tre Mann Florida

Mann is a volume scorer with the ability to get to the basket with his quickness and he can finish effectively. Also, he has the potential to be a very good perimeter shooter but did not shoot the ball as well as his reputation coming into the season. Next, he must be able to distribute the basketball more at times instead of forcing the action on his own. He’s effective in ball screen action getting in the lane for runners. Also, he needs to improve his overall decision making and shot selection to become a more efficient player offensively. As for the defensive end, he brings good activity with solid length on the basketball. He moves his feet very well does contain the ball very well with timely active hands. Mann must continue to bring his defensive capabilities next season but must improve his offensive shooting and decision making to take the next step.
2019-20 Averages 5.3 points 1.9 rebounds 0.7 assists 35.6 FG% 27.5 3pt%

Josiah Jordan-James Tennessee

Jordan-James has very good size and can get to the basket at times, but he must improve his ball security to limit his turnovers. He can make open shots from the perimeter, but must improve his overall shooting to become a more consistent shooter. Furthermore, he should become a very good driver in isolated situations as well as in ball screens to get downhill consistently. The potential is all there for Jordan-James offensively, he just needs to improve his skill set to be a dynamic threat for Tennessee on the perimeter. Now defensively, he has really good size and does a good job when he is engaged. If he can consistently bring it he will be very good defensively. Also, the size will allow him to defend drivers effectively. Jordan-James has a ton of potential to be the lead guard for Tennessee next season.
2019-20 Averages 7.4 points 5.5 rebounds 2.9 assists 37.0 FG% 36.7 3pt%

Keion Brooks Kentucky

Brooks brings good athleticism and versatility offensively for Kentucky. Further, he is capable of making open threes but must improve his overall shooting to be a consistent threat from the perimeter. Next, he can make plays off the dribble with penetration finishing well around the basket with good control. Also, he’s active on the boards contributing to second-chance opportunities and can post when he has the size advantage. Now defensively, he has good size and brings good energy especially on the boards, but he can be a bit slow and must improve his mobility guarding the perimeter. Brooks can move into a bigger role with Kentucky as he becomes a more skilled offensive player.
2019-20 Averages 4.5 points 3.2 rebounds 0.2 assists 47.2 FG% 26.3 3pt%

UNC Basketball: Can Armando Bacot provide some consistency? - Tar ...

Armando Bacot North Carolina

Bacot is a very good rebounder and is extremely active around the basket in high low opportunities with Garrison Brooks. He’s got good hands and around the basket has a pretty good touch with good activity cutting open for looks around the rim. Next, he must be stronger with the basketball at times so he can finish through contact more often. Also, he must improve his shot to extend his range to the mid-range and finish with a bit more skill around the basket. Bacot has major potential around the basket and athleticism but needs to be more consistent and improve his skill. Now defensively, he brings good activity with mobility to get out on the perimeter. He gives very good rim protection with his ability to alter shots. The combination of Armando Bacot and Garrison Brooks should be one of the best interiors in the country next season.
2019-20 Averages 9.6 points 8.3 assists 1.2 assists 46.9 FG%

Wendell Moore Duke

Moore brings good athleticism and the ability to be versatile on the offensive and defensive end. Also, he is very good in transition whether he is pushing the ball to the basket or running for a layup or dunk to the basket. He brings really good activity on the offensive boards contributing to second-chance opportunities. Furthermore, he must become more efficient offensively with not forcing drivers and becoming a more consistent shooter. His improvement as a shooter will allow him to take the next steps as an offensive threat. Moore brings really good toughness throughout and defensively he brings good activity on the boards. He has solid length and size doing an effective job on and off the basketball. Moore has major potential to develop into a dynamic player for Duke if he becomes a more well rounded offensively.
2019-20 Averages 7.4 points 4.2 rebounds 1.9 assists 41.6 FG% 21.1 3pt%

C.J. Walker Oregon

Walker has very good size and athleticism with the ability to run the floor effectively. Also, he has enough quickness and ball skills to get to the basket, however, he must improve his finishing ability. Further, he plays with very good energy and he has a very good ability to rebound the basketball. Also, if he becomes a better shooter and a bit more skilled around the basket Walker will be able to take the next step. Now defensively, he has very good length and athleticism but he must improve his lateral movement to guard the ball better and improve his strength to guard in the paint. Walker has the potential and athleticism to turn into a matchup problem on the wing for Oregon but he must improve his offensive skill set.
2019-20 Averages 4.0 points 2.5 rebounds 0.3 assists 38.1 FG% 29.0 3pt%

Oscar Tshiebwe West Virginia

Tshiebwe has very good size and physicality inside for West Virginia. His ability to rebound the basketball is very good, but he must improve his finishing ability around the basket to be more effective. Furthermore, he has very good athleticism and can run the floor very well in transition. Also, he is very effective in ball screen getting in position after sealing his defender. Tshiebwe’s finishing ability and skill set to finish more consistently is key to his growth as an offensive player. Next, defensively he brings very good energy around the basket as a rebounder and providing rim protection. Also, he moves very well which allows him to get out on shooters if need be and contain the ball at times. Tshiebwe should develop into one of the best bigs in the country if he improves more offensively.
2019-20 Averages 11.2 points 9.3 rebounds 0.4 assists 55.2 FG%

Jahmi’us Ramsey Texas Tech

Ramsey is one of the best scoring guards in the country. He’s got the ability to make the catch and shoot threes as well as on the dribble. Furthermore, he is dynamic in transition with and without the basketball. Also, he’s skilled with the basketball and poses good size to attack the basket effectively. He is very effective in ball screen situations allowing him to make pull up threes and get to the mid-range area for pull jumpers. Ramsey brings a very good feel with the basketball and the ability to score at all three levels. Ramsey is a dynamic scorer and will be very effective offensively next season if he chooses to come to Texas Tech. Defensively, he does a solid job on the basketball with good activity. As well as, his ability to move laterally is pretty good, he could be more active off the ball. If Ramsey comes back to Texas Tech he will be one of the best players in the Big 12 and country.
2019-20 Averages 15.0 points 4.0 rebounds 2.2 assists 44.2 FG% 42.6 3pt%

Rocket Watts Michigan State

Watts was able to improve throughout the season as a more confident scorer off the ball next to Cassius Winston. Furthermore, he is dynamic with the basketball and has solid size allowing him to get to the basket consistently, but needs to improve his finishing ability. The ability to get to the lane with his first step will be Watt’s best trait as a scorer. Also, Watts can make open threes however he needs to improve his shooting ability to become a consistent scoring guard. He can be a very dangerous player in transition with the ability to space the floor and get to the basket. Also, he will need to improve his scoring ability to fill the void of Cassius Winston graduating. Further, defensively he must improve his ability to get through ball screens and be more active on the basketball. He does move well when fully engaged in basketball and has a solid size as well. Watts will be the lead guard for Michigan State next season and will need to elevate his game.
2019-20 Averages 9.0 points 2.3 rebounds 1.7 assists 38.9 FG% 28.1 3pt%

Images Courtesy of, Duke Chronicle, Forbes, Tar Heel Blog

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