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Big East Preview: 2019-2020 Season

Big East Preview: 2019-2020 Season


Key Returners-Collin Gillespie, Saddiq Bey, Jermaine Samuels, Cole Swider, Dhamir Cosby-Roundtree, Brandon Slater
Key Additions- Jeremiah Earl-Robinson, Bryan Antonie, Justin Moore


Villanova will look to get back to the top of college basketball. The veterans are back with Collin Gillespie at the point and Jermaine Samuels and Saddiq Bey on the wings. Also, they bring in two star freshman in Bryan Antoine and Jeremiah Earl-Robinson who are both very dynamic. Further, Villanova will be one of the best offensive teams in the country and will have expectations to reach another Final 4.

2. Seton Hall

Key Returners-Myles Powell, Myles Cale, Quincy McKnight, Anthony Nelson, Jared Rhoden, Taurean Thompson, Sandro Mamukelashvili, Romaro Gill
Key Additions- Ike Obiagu


Seton Hall returns a very deep and veteran-laden team led by superstar Myles Powell. Quincy McKnight and Myles Cale complement him very well in the backcourt. The frontcourt will determine the ceiling for Seton Hall as Ike Obiagu, Taurean Thompson, Romaro Gill and Sandro Mamukelashvili need combine to make a formidable frontcourt. In addition, Jared Rhoden could be the x-factor for this team on the wing. Additionally, Seton Hall has Elite 8 potential with Myles Powell leading the way.

3. Xavier

Key Returners-Paul Scruggs, Naji Marshall, Quentin Goodin, Tyrique Jones,

Key Additions-Bryce Moore, Myles Hanson, KyKy Tandy, Dahmir Mitchell, Zach Freemantle


Xavier brings back a veteran team with Naji Marshall having breakout potential. Paul Scruggs and Quentin Goodin need to become more efficient scorers to make this backcourt dangerous. Also, Tyrique Jones will bring the toughness on both ends and be a force in the frontcourt. KyKy Vandy needs to be an immediate force to give this team more length on the perimeter. Next, Travis Steele has a great opportunity in year two to make the NCAA tournament.

4. Georgetown

Key Returners-Mac McClung, Jamarko Pickett, James Ankinjo, Josh LeBlanc,
Key Additions- Omer Yurtseven, Qudus Wahab


Image result for mac mcclungThis is the year for Georgetown to break through and make the NCAA tournament. The sophomore backcourt made of Mac McClung and James Ankinjo can be dynamic. Further, Josh LeBlanc and Jamarko Pickett on the wings should take the next step. Next, the key for Georgetown will be the development of Omer Yurtseven as he could be a dominant force around the basket. This team needs to show its development and get to the tournament.

5. Providence

Key Returners-Alpha Diallo, A.J. Reeves, Nate Watson, David Duke, Maliek White,
Key Additions- Luwane Pipkins, Greg Gantt


The young core at Providence is now older and ready to get back to the NCAA tournament. A.J. Reeves has the ability to be a dynamic scorer as long as he can stay healthy. Also, Alpha Diallo is a Swiss army knife who’s versatility is so valuable on both ends.  Next, the development of David Duke will be huge along with Nate Watson being a force down low. Further, the incoming transfer of Luwane Pipkins will be a very impactful addition. Ed Cooley should lead Providence back to the tournament.

6. Marquette

Key Returners- Markus Howard, Theo John, Sacar Anim, Brenden Bailey, Greg Elliot, Jamal Cain, Ed Morrow
Key Additions- Koby Mcewen,


Marquette had a very difficult offseason losing the Hauser brothers to transfer. However, they return one of the best scorers in college basketball in Markus Howard. Along with the transfer Koby Mcewen who will complete the backcourt with Howard. Furthermore, the toughness in the fort court will be lead by Theo John and Ed Morrow. Continued, the development of Brenden Bailey, Jamal Cain and Sacar Amin on the wings will be the key. Further, an NCAA tournament appearance is expected this season.

7. Creighton

Key Returners-Davion Mintz, Ty-Shon Alexander, Mitch Ballock, Jacob Eppersen, Denzel Mahoney
Key Additions-Antwann Jones, Shereef Mitchell


Creighton returns a dynamic backcourt in Davion Mintz who’s an elite defender along with a strong scorer in Ty-Shon Alexander. Also, Mitch Ballock is a very solid piece on the perimeter. Next, the most important part will be upfront with losing Martin Krampeli, Jacob Eppersen needs to elevate his game to the next level. Creighton will have the ability to compete in the middle of the back of the Big East.

8. St. John’s

Key Returners-L.J Figueroa, Mustapha Heron, Ian Steere, Damien Sears, Greg Williams
Key Additions-Nick Rutherford, Rasheem Dunn
Image result for mustapha heron


Mike Anderson is in year one and brings toughness and consistency to St. John’s. Mustapha Heron must be the same Heron from Auburn and elevate into a go-to player. Also, L.J. Figueroa will bring very good versatility and athleticism to the perimeter of each game. Furthermore, Ian Steere must be able to be a consistent option in the frontcourt. Also, Damien Sears needs to have an overall strong impact in the frontcourt as well. In addition, Nick Rutherford will have an opportunity to have a strong impact in the backcourt. St. John’s could surprise teams in year one under Mike Anderson.

9. Butler

Key Returners-Jordan Tucker, Aaron Thompson, Kamar Baldwin, Sean McDermott, Markeese Haskins,
Key Additions-Khalif Battle, Derrick Smits, Bryce Nze


The backcourt will do very well with Kamar Baldwin and Aaron Thompson as very solid veterans. Also, the wings will be very solid with Sean McDermott and Jordan Tucker who both can shoot the ball very well. Khalif Battle will have an opportunity to have a strong Freshman season. Also, there needs to be a player who steps up in the frontcourt whether that’s Markeese Haskins or Bryce Nze.  Next, Butler needs to have frontcourt help to elevate them into a bubble team.

10. DePaul

Key Returners- Jaylen Butz, Devin Gage, Paul Reed, Darioius Hall,
Key Additions-Romeo Weems, Charlie Moore, Markese Jacobs


Dave Leitao is going into a crucial year four in his second stint as head coach of DePaul. They have been placed on three years of probation for recruiting violations. Next, they have a solid roster with the return of Paul Reed a dominant force in the frontcourt. Also, Jaylen Butz and Devin Gage will give major minutes in the backcourt and need to develop as go-to guys. Further, the biggest question is whether Charlie Moore will be immediately eligible as he would give a major scoring to boost to the backcourt. Romeo Weems is a high-level freshman that must be able to have great impact immediately. DePaul is looking to breakthrough and has sustained success.


Images Courtesy of, Newsday,  New York Post, Yahoo! Sports

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