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Big 12 Breakout Players

Adam Flagler Baylor

Flagler had a great season for Baylor coming off the bench adding to the best perimeter in college basketball toward their National Championship. Furthermore, Flagler is very good in transition spotting up as a shooter in the perimeter shooting 43.4% from 3-point range. Next, his movement without the basketball is really good utilizing PinDowns effectively and cutting off the ball as well. Continued, Flagler’s role will increase which will feature him more with the basketball. Therefore, his potential being able to get to the basket and create separation for his shot will be tested. Additionally, his ability to be a knockdown shooter should open up driving lanes for Flagler to attack the lane. Flagler has the potential to be one of the best offensive guards in the country. As for defensively, he will need to further develop to the Baylor defense standard up with improved ball pressure. As well as, being a threat in help while bringing intensity getting back out on his individual matchup. Adam Flagler should have a breakout season for Baylor next season especially offensively.

Matthew Alexander-Montcrieffe Oklahoma State

Alexander-Moncreiffe had a really good freshman with the ability to be a factor offensively and on the boards. Additionally, he does a really good job of getting into the lane and having the ability to finish with control. Also, he runs the floor hard in transition and can take it himself and finish effectively around the basket. The growth for Alexander-Moncrieffe needs to be with his ability to make perimeter jumpers and being a threat to defenses. Next, his second effort ability on the boards is impressive and shows the motor he plays with. Continued, his overall skill set with basketball could improve to be a more efficient player and more productive. As for defensively, he needs to improve his overall positioning. He has the size and athleticism to improve his help-side defense especially. Matthew Alexander-Montcreiffe is going to be a breakout candidate in the Big 12 for Oklahoma State.

Taz Sherman West Virginia

Sherman had a very good season for West Virginia being a lead scoring threat on and off the basketball. Next, Sherman has a quick shot release from the perimeter shooting 35.9%. Also, he is effective in transition with the ability to take it all the way to rim with his size and finishing ability. Continued, he does a good job of spacing the floor remaining active off the basketball and being shot ready. Furthermore, he has the ability to attack defenders 1v1 effectively off the bounce getting mid-range jumpers and to the rim. Additionally, his ability to continually attack off the dribble and having the scoring mentality makes him one of the best scorers in the country. As for the defensive end, he brings good activity on the basketball but could contain the basketball at a higher level. Also, he has the ability to utilize his length off the basketball well. Taz Sherman will be one of the best players in the Big 12 next season leading the West Virginia perimeter.
Taz Sherman - Men's Basketball - West Virginia University Athletics

Mike Miles Jr. TCU

Miles had a very good freshman season providing scoring for TCU and being very efficient doing it. First off, Miles brings the ability to attack off basketball well with his pace and can get to the rim. Next, he does a good job of getting in the lane stopping with control to finish with jump stops and floaters. Additionally, he has a good feel to attack off the bounce getting high percentage shots. Furthermore, he shoots the ball well from the perimeter at 36.0% off the catch and dribble. Miles needs to improve his ability to not have unforced turnovers and being more efficient as a playmaker. Continued, he pushes the ball well in transition and uses his size well around the rim. Now defensively, he does a good job of bringing effort and off the basketball consistently. For Miles in switches, he needs to be more assertive and have better communication. Mike Miles will continue to develop into a really good player at TCU as long as he improves the mistakes.

Jordan Goldwire Oklahoma

Goldwire’s impact at Oklahoma will be defined by his leadership and ability as one of the best perimeter defenders in the country. Additionally, Goldwire has steadily improved on the offensive end becoming a more capable shooter from the perimeter. Also, Goldwire does a very good job of setting up others to be in a great position to score in the half-court and transition. Next, Goldwire is built physically strong with giving him the ability to get in the lane and have very good ball control handling defenders. As for defensively, Goldwire will be a major contributor with his activity on the basketball and ability to force turnovers. Also, he does a great job with communication and setting the tone defensively by staying active on and off the ball. Jordan Goldwire will be a great addition for an Oklahoma adding a winner and great defender.

Images Courtesy of, Sports Illustrated, West Virginia University Athletics

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