Why Your GREAT Fantasy Football Team Didn’t Win it ALL Last Year

Are you wondering just WHY OH WHY you didn’t take home your goofy home league virtual trophy and your nerdy little nephew did?

You did all the homework, you watched every Eisenberg miniclip online and stayed up into the wee hours in late night from the 4th of July until week 3 of the pre-season watching ESPN trying to obtain “inside” information.

How is it that you live and breathe everything FFL and still you ended up the butt of endless jabs from your friends and relatives that you play fantasy football with?

Chances are the reason lay in at least one of the following scenarios:

  • Injury issues
  • Draft muscle-memory
  • Draft ineptness
  • Draft hunches
  • Superabundant draft theory syndrome
  • Murphy’s Law
  • Lack of season interest

Let’s break those down.

Injury Issues  In 27 years of playing this wonderfully fulfilling pastime I have had my share (or what seems as more than my fair share) of early round season ending injuries from my studs. This is going to happen and cannot be avoided, and if you haven’t had that happen then email me on whom you are going to draft this year so I can avoid them as you cannot dodge Lady Badluck.

But many players have had this happen and still come out on top. How? Either with the foresight to utilize late round draft picks of round 1 and or 2 studs’ backups. You can bet that if I draft the Purple People Eater Adrian Peterson then I will later draft whomever (McKinnon/Asiata).  If you have not done this then you need to be a great in-season pick up artist.  Be quick to grab value that arises when it arises!

Draft Muscle memory–  You do all that great studying and analysis and then on draft day you unknowingly put all the information, planning and strategy in some dark corner of your brain as not to be able to retrieve it until the draft is over. When the commissioner or computer program starts that 10 second countdown until the first pick of the draft your brain goes into muscle memory mode in which it settles into that comfortable draft strategy you have used for years. Call it flying by the seat of your pants strategy or simply “I’ll just pick who I want to pick when it’s my time to pick” theory.   You just do what you always have done and the next thing you know the draft is over!   So much for all that prep work.

Draft Ineptness-  Its probably not you of course, but some people simply hit the 7-11 on the way to the draft and pick up a FFL magazine and wing it, be honest, did you do this last year?   Maybe rested on your laurels?  I’ll be honest….I’ve done it.

Draft Hunches- Deep down inside you just know that this is the year that Andrew Luck is finish as the number one QB in points, so you go ahead and pass on top WR and RB positions in the first or second round and draft Luck based upon that gut hunch.  How’d that work out last year?  I’m not picking on you as much as sympathize with you.  I too drafted Mr. Luck last year, but I picked him up after I had a stable of running backs and wide receivers.  One important aspect of drafting a stud is to be able to sit them if they are having an off season.  I still won the league in which I had drafted Luck dueto the fact that I sat him very early in the season and went a lessor “name”, but scored more consistent points.

Superabundant Draft Theory Syndrome-  Yes, that is a newly coined term I just invented for this article.  But the essence of it is something we have all dealt with in that we have done so much studying and research that all of the competing theories have come together all at once and created a gridlock in your brain.  “Draft a RB first as there are not many one running back backfields”. “Draft the best available in every round”.  “You must have an elite QB”. You get the idea, so what do you do?  In short, pick one.  But by all means you have to stay in touch and on top all season long no matter which you pick as all theories have some validity.

Murphy’s Law-  If anything can go wrong, it will.  Did you score 122 points only to lose to your brother-in-law who scored 124?   You start Dez Bryant on Monday Night Football due to his success in prime time, only to have back pains in first quarter?  Did you score second highest Total Points in your league last year only to not even make the playoffs?  Every league owner has had this happen if youhave played long enough.  It’s these bitter seasons that cause the more successful ones to taste that much sweeter.

Lack of Season Interest- Okay, you’ve lost four of your first five games and you’ve thrown in your proverbial towel.  You can’t even log in to the site as it makes you sick just seeing the trash talking andfun the others are having.  Well wipe your tears on your skirt buttercup…and put on your big boy pants. There is integrity in Fantasy Football, or at least there can be if those that are having losing seasons still try to compete and make it fun.  Don’t be one of those guys or girls.

Fantasy Playoffs Are Here!

Courtesy of, fantasyfurnace.com

                 Courtesy of, fantasyfurnace.com



Great Scott Marty!  Did we time travel or are we already at that time of year when FFL Studs leave the Duds behind and continue on for Fantasy Glory?  Seems like yesterday that we had the Thursday Night NFL opening game!  How has my Fantasy team of  QB Andrew Luck,RB  DeMarco Murray, RB J. Charles, WR Randall Cobb, WR Andre  Johnson, TE Jimmy Graham and DEF New Orleans done well?  I’ve been out of the country for 2 months….?  Wait…what?

Congratulations on making it into the playoffs! You must have read my columns!  Lol, well some of them anyway.

Here is your first rule of thumb this time of year.  Play your studs.  Even if the match-ups are great, play them.   Start/Sit advice is for when you have real choices, so if you see someone advise you to sit you stud, play them unless you  have another GOOD option (Dez this week vs. M. Evans) etc.

Start  (QB)

  1. Roethlisberger- going to be a shoot-out in Cincy.
  2. Dalton- see above
  3. Wilson- going against BAL DEF and should be solid.
  4. Cam Newton- Throwing at ATL DEF should be like fish in a barrel.
  5. Carson Palmer- Minn DEF is missing 3 main starters and Carson could have career game.
  6. Drew Brees- another big shoot-out potential against T-Bay.
  7. Winston- see above
  8. Bortles- Indy may let Blake throw 3+ easy TD’s.
  9. Eli Manning- giants playoffs are on the line versus a suspect Miami DEF

Start (RB)

  1. Stewart- I know, but they are playing the Falcons
  2. Miller-I know, but they are playing the Giants!
  3. McCoy-Shady’s back, back again….wanting to prove to the City of Brotherly Love some Brotherly Justice! Coach Ryan will most likely and literally have Shady as the only Captain out there, and going to spoon feed him the ball in various ways 25 times.
  4. Gurley-because they cant throw.
  5. Draughn-wanting to make an impact with this opportunity and its against the Browns.
  6. Williams-Bengals DB’s and linebackers will be busy covering the weapons of the Steelers and leave some meat on the bone for Mr. Williams.

Start (WR)

  1. Allen Robinson-because he’s a stud going against Indy.
  2. Baldwin-Baltimore is already making tee times.
  3. Watkins- He is hot with a QB that can get it to him with confidence now.
  4. AJ Green-He is liable to break the playoff hopes of the Steelers with huge game.

Good Luck!


Week 9 review/week 10 preview

(Raiders vs. Vikings, courtesy of vikingsdigitaldiaries.com)

(Raiders vs. Vikings, courtesy of vikingsdigitaldiaries.com)

W9 Review/W10 Predictions

Remember if you will, a division so bad last year that the division winner had only 7 WINS!  The total division wins for the NFC South were 22 at years end….well guess which division has the most wins of the NFL so far this year at 21 thru W9!

Hard to think that Eddie Lacy was picked Top 5 in most leagues, with just 10 yards this past week.

Tyrod Taylor will likely rush for 80 yards tonight and throw for 300/3.  Jets DEF plays a tight man coverage which it leaves vulnerable to the running QB.

With Dion Lewis now down for the Patriots as RB…what no-name, never-has-been, recent grocery-store clerk, mild-mannered, unknown quantity, secluded and surreptitious, masked, exotic, nameless RB will we all be fighting for to pick up next week?  Stay tuned….same bat time….same bat channel!

Drew Brees is now playing the part of Drew Brees, at least for the last two weeks,  but his stand-in (Brew Drees) is able and ready to show up if needed….

RB DeAngelo Williams is doing his best “Beast-Mode” impersonation to sold-out shows now, and it appears as though the show should continue until the final curtain call.

How does one put up 284 yards without a TD?  Asking for a friend.

STAT OF THE WEEK:  2.1%-  That is the ESPN FFL stat of how many owners have Blaine Gabbert on their roster!  (82%) is the percent of people who read this that will go check this stat out themselves!

Imagine M. Evans WR stats if he had great hands?

JPP was eager to give a “high 3.2” to the closest player he could find after his first tackle.

Unless FFL leagues change rules to “TEAM RB” stats, then the Philly situation is simply frustrating as both Murray and Mathews had good performances, but together they may a stud.  Hmmm…maybe some surgery to combine the two into one Frankenback?  We’ll call him Murrmat!

McFadden RB should now be considered a RB1 now that he is unencumbered by that pesky Rhandle.

Week 10

Vegas has the highest scoring prediction from the Patriots/Giants game, and second is the Saints/Redskins.  The latter being mostly saints points!

I kind of expect Green Bay to put on a clinic against rival Lions this week to get some respect back.  Rodgers will make up for his 77 yard outing with this game as they will be leaping in Lambo.

Carolina Def is a must start clash against the Titans.  Giggity.

Bears at Rams…snoozer alert…Jeffrey WR and Gurley RB  yes, maybe Bennett TE.

Brees should put up good numbers, value in weekly FFL.  (wink)

Dolphins and Eagles has playoff implications so expect a grind, but not much scoring.

Browns will throw everything but the sink at Pitt this week to keep relevant, and Landry QB will have hands full.  But with talent imbalance the Steelers will win.  The only 3 players from this game to play are Brown WR, Bryant WR and Williams RB.

The best game of the week might just be the Vikings/Raiders game…as the mascots might imply that there will be some plundering, thieving, groping and just plain anarchy goin on in that game!  Start ‘em if ya got ‘em!

Patriots vs Giants game will be normal 35-28 type of game with Brady winning and getting the girl in the end.  ( of the game)

Must play DEF of the week: Broncos at home vs rival Chiefs.  Sit all Chiefs.

Most curious game of the week:  Arizona at Seattle.  Should be a great game.

Bengals will look to avenge the Texans for 2 previous playoff losses by lop-sided win.  Play the usual suspects in this game.