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Meet Your 2018 Worlds Play-In Stage Teams (Part 1)

Thomas Baker
With many of the world’s League of Legends professional circuits crowning their domestic champions, the 2018 World Championship is around the corner. Like last year, this
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Academy League a success, as several NA rookies play their first LCS playoffs

Thomas Baker
When imagining which players would be crucial for Summer Split playoffs in the NA LCS, most people might point to veterans like Doublelift, Aphromoo, Bjergsen,
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NA LCS Finals: Team Liquid v Cloud9 Recap

Brandon Sturak
It’s time. The moment North American fans, and League fans all around the world have waited for: the NA LCS Finals! Taking to the stage
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Security is tight at Oracle Arena for NA LCS Finals weekend

Thomas Baker
The North American LCS headed to Oracle Arena in Oakland, California this weekend. Thousands of fans and other personnel have traveled to the area to




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