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Want to work or intern with The Game Haus?

Are you a sports or esports writer looking to make use of your skills? You’re in luck! We’re actively looking for new talent to write for our site. We’d love to have you on the team.

At The Game Haus, we cover almost any sport and esport you can think of. From the NFL to college basketball, Hearthstone to League of Legends, and anything in between. Plus, we’re always looking to add new sports and esports categories to our site. Our goal is to bring a new perspective to the world of esports and sports reporting, and with your help, we can do exactly that.


There aren’t many places outside of your local or college paper that will give the personal attention and experience that we can provide. This is an opportunity for you to show your chops. With us, you can express your passion in an outlet that thousands of people enjoy everyday.


The exposure you’ll get with The Game Haus, especially in the realm of sports and esports, is much greater than that of your local paper of college paper. We’re gaining new readers and followers every day, and they’re all eager to read your content. The Game Haus has a worldwide audience, and some of our writers have gone onto IGN, Sports Illustrated, and ESL after their time working with us!


We’ve offered plenty of internships to our writers for both non-credit classes and credit classes. We’ve been approved by many colleges for recruiting such as Stanford University, Columbia, University of California, and much more. We’re willing to talk with professors as well!

Don’t waste another moment of opportunity.

Contact us today to schedule a talk.

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