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Will Warzone Hackers Always be a Thing?

There were a lot of changes made recently when it comes to the Warzone side of things in Call of Duty. One such thing not in effect is anti-cheat software. However, one question needs to be asked, will Warzone hackers always be a thing? 

The CDL Pro Stance

Call of Duty League professionals such as Scump and Methodz, prolific Warzone players in their own right, believe that there will never be a time where there won’t be hackers in lobbies for Warzone. 

Former professionals like Apathy and Zoomma also believe the same and think that active professionals won’t even touch Warzone if there are no drastic changes made. Changes like a true anti-cheat software where it detects hackers right away and bans them. Many professionals within the league are finding other games due to the lack of change during the offseason. 

The Call of Duty Warzone Pro Stance

Warzone professionals like Aydan and Swagg all believe that Warzone might die out due to the lack of attention Warzone is given from hackers. This is compared to other battle royale games like Fortnite and even Apex Legends, with smaller budgets. 

Some believe there is hope where there will be no hackers in lobbies. However, this has yet to be seen. This being that it has been nearly three years of this game mode without a true anti-cheat software. 

The Call of Duty Competitive Players

A lot of competitive players love the aspect of having a lot of game modes in Warzone to compete at the highest level game mode. However, the anti-cheat need is a problem as there are still a lot of hackers, preventing a competitive atmosphere. 

If you know and love Call of Duty the most, you will most likely play it regardless, however, the retention of it will be decreasing more and more. This is the anti-cheat not being in place causing more hacking situations in the future. 

The Call of Duty Casual 

As stated before, if you love Call of Duty, you are going to play regardless. However, if you are just getting into COD or just looking for another game to play. Do you really want to play a game where hacking is so prevalent? This is especially the case as it deters a lot of potential Call of Duty players. Overall, who knows if there will be a time where hackers are not a thing. 

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