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Will the New CDL Team be in Boston?

There was a report late in the afternoon Monday of what is to become of the open spot in the Call of Duty League when it comes to franchises. The question still remains, will the new CDL team be in Boston. Which, in turn, might get answered sooner rather than later. 

This being after Sports Business Journal’s, Kevin Hitt, reported that the New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft’s Kraft Sports Group is set to acquire a spot in the Call of Duty League. If that is the case, they will be the twelfth and final team within the league to buyout NRG’s Chicago spot. 

Why is the Spot Open?

The only reason as to why there is an open spot is because NRG Esports is selling the spot. This being due to OpTic merging with Envy to make OpTic Dallas, practically leaving NRG Esports in the dust. 

Rumored Teams Before

The first couple of gaming organizations that were teasing to get into the league through that open spot were teams like eUnited, Complexity, and even a Rise Nation comeback. However, all of those amounted to nothing. 

The one serious implication of a gaming organization was the team known as Washington Justice, which even had a team already set up to get into the league. After talks did not go as planned and have looked to break down, this created a whole new fight to see who gets the last spot in the league. 

Why this Could be Special

There are many reasons as to why this could be special for the league. It could bring a whole new light to the league after someone so influential, with an influential fanbase, gets into the league. Another thing could be the type of crowd it could bring to the league as Boston fans are known to be very devoted. The last and final thing could be a rivalry it could create with the New York Subliners. 

The Fight to Get on the New Team

The one negative it creates is the fight between the rest of the pros who do not have contracts. There is already a lot of heated debate as to who should get those spots and who actually deserve them.

It is causing a great divide as something one of two things. One thing being that young players in Challengers should get those spots. The other being that veteran, older players should get those spots. 

This could be the thing that the Call of Duty League needs in order to grow its popularity. It might also cause an expansion if there are multiple teams and organizations interested within the league. Overall, it will be great for the league. If it happens that is. 

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