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Will Challenger Players Ever Get a Chance in the CDL?

Coming into the first Call of Duty League season last year, there was a creation of another division below the top tier. This division is the challengers division. However, recently, there have been problems with challenger players getting a chance to go into the league begging the question, will Challenger players ever get a chance in the CDL?

The Reason for the Creation of the Challengers Division

The base reason was to create a lower-tiered division where young talented players, as well as seasoned veterans across the world, can compete. This, all for a chance to be able to compete for the first time or compete again in the league. 

The Regions

North America

This is the biggest region as far as talent goes. There are a lot of challenger teams within this region full of young talented players like PaulEx and veterans like Methodz. All of which are trying to get into the league. 


This is the second biggest region with teams from all across Europe full of French, English, and German teams, etc. This has produced talented players like Hyrda and Insight. With only two CDL teams in Europe, it could be hard for European talent to get into the league. 


This is, by far, the most overlooked region out of all three. It has produced talented teams in the past like Mindfreak and Renegades. It has produced the likes of Louqa and Pred. However, there are no teams close in the region, which is not good for players trying to get into the league. 

The Problem?

Unfortunately, there are a lot of teams within the league that are on the bottom that would rather spend less money on veteran players than pay a good salary to young players coming out of challengers. 

With this, there is the issue that causes a lot of talented players to get stuck in challengers for years to where they want to stop competing since they are getting no looks from any organization within the Call of Duty League. 

What Can Be Done

Teams are Willing to Pay Challenger Players

Along with that, there are the likes of Paris and London that are just some of the teams who are unwilling to pay an extra amount of salary to better their team with talented and hungry players from the Challengers division. 

If teams start to realize the potential in these talented players in the lower division, it could mean better competition. It could also mean better opportunities for people trying to get into the top-tier division. 

More CDL Teams

In addition, there is the obvious solution to the issue of it being so hard to get into the league. If there are more teams, that means that there will be more spots in the league. 

With a new team coming into the league, could this be the change the league needs in order for challengers players to get a better chance? 

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