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Will Call of Duty Vanguard be a Flop?

Call of Duty Vanguard

With Call of Duty Vanguard coming out this week, many fans of the franchise and professional players alike are looking to play one of the most anticipated Call of Duty’s in history. This, consequently brings up the question, will Call of Duty Vanguard be a flop? 

This question is only brought up due to the hype that is coming up for this game. It is based on the hope that this Call of Duty will be a savior to all the flops before, aside from Warzone. 

Professionals on the Game

For the professional side of things, many pros within the Call of Duty League are looking forward to getting back into things. Pro players like Scump are looking to redeem themselves as he did not perform well in the last WW2-based Call of Duty game. 

Along with that, many professional and competitive players are excited about a possible ranked play in the game. This could be the push the franchise needs in order to have their fans play the game on a consistent basis. 

For the Fans

This game could be what many fans wanted. That being ranked play, good game modes, and a great campaign. The trailer to the campaign, for many, brings back memories of Call of Duty World at War. Which is a good sign because it is considered to be one of the best games in CoD’s history. 

One thing that is really anticipated is the zombies within the game. It could bring back the return of old maps like Nacht der Untoten and Der Riese. This could create a great type of nostalgia that could make for a great zombie experience. 

The Guns

The guns within the game are also highly anticipated as it brings back a lot of crazy-good guns. Guns like the PPSH and the MP40 are just two of the submachine guns that are making another appearance in the franchise.

There are also the assault rifles like the BAR and the STG-44 which also pack a nice punch. All of these guns along with the snipers like the Springfield and Kar-98k which make for great sniping within the game. Which was something that was missed in Cold War.

What if it is a Flop?

The one question of it being a flop, however, is very real. This is after the previous games that have come out. Many fans, like myself, could care less about the game, we just love Call of Duty. 

However, for the growth of the game and its community, it could be problematic if the game is a flop. Many people that want to get into COD have been waiting for something to play other than Mobile and Warzone. Regardless, this game could quite literally, save the franchise. 

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