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Who Else are the Subliners Going to Pick Up?

With Hydra, Clayster, and Neptune on the team for NYSL. One question still remains, who else are the Subliners going to pick up?

It was recently announced that the New York Subliners within the Call of Duty League stuck with two of their brighter stars in the veteran, Clayster, and their young french-phenom, Hydra. With Neptune now getting picked up by the team, one question still remains. Who else are the Subliners going to pick up? 

The Subliners’ New Three

The Subliners are looking really talented in that they just signed a talented youngster in Neptune to pair along with Hydra as bright young stars. Also, a veteran in Clayster returning could be great for the team to help mentor the two young stars as well. 

With all this going on, one thing is still uncertain. That uncertainty is based on who might the Subliners pick up as a fourth. 

The Crimsix Situation

The leading rumor is that Crimsix will be joining the team to rekindle his relationship with Clayster as he has won a World Championship with him while both were on the Dallas Empire. 

However, one thing that could be stalling the official announcement could be one of three things. One thing that it could be is that the team is strategically waiting to announce their fourth player which is what London, Paris, and OpTic are doing as of right now. 

One of the other reasons could be in relation to the contract. There’s the possibility that the two groups are still trying to figure out a contract to agree on as Crimsix is known to be very passionate when it comes to contracts and things of that nature.

The last and final thing, although very unlikely, could be that he is looking to go onto another team like Paris or London. This, due to the recent podcast that happened where Kenny said that they were supposed to team on Los Angeles Thieves along with Envoy. Also, that he was looking to possibly play with Huke on the Los Angeles Guerillas.

Theres still one announcement scheduled soon. Could it be the Crimsix announcement that many people within the Call of Duty League have been waiting for? 

The Future of the New York Subliners

The future, regardless of who they pick up, looks great. This is due to the great foundation of Clayster being the team captain. Also, there are the two youngsters who could be the next big thing in the Call of Duty League. With that, it could be the players that the Subliners need in order to get Clayster his fourth world championship. 

With a possible announcement coming soon of Crimsix, this could be a team to look out for when it comes to the Call of Duty League. This is only the case if Crimsix and Clayster are the veterans to help guide Hyrda and Neptune to their first championship. 

Featured Image Courtesy of the New York Subliners

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