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Who could this New Organization in the CDL be?

New CDL Organization

With the season coming in a couple of months, things are starting to get really interesting when it comes to possible franchises that might go into the league. This is due to NRG Esports selling their spot within the league which begs the question, who could this new organization in the CDL be? 

The Possible Orgs


C9 had been a team within the league ever since it was created during the Call of Duty World League era. They would be very interesting considering they were considered one of the most hated teams in Call of Duty due to them taking out OpTic back in the Black Ops 3 World Championship.

There are still players that have ties with the powerful gaming organization that still have not been signed by other teams. This could mean that they could reemerge with an old squad to grow the Cloud9 brand by having a good Call of Duty team. 

Cloud9, as an organization, are one of the most notable gaming teams in the world. This is due to their teams being syndicated across the world and across many games.

The organization definitely has the funds to create a team so seeing them join the CDL would not be something completely out of the blue.

The Front Runners – Washington Justice

The Washington Justice are reported to be the gaming organization that is going to buy the Chicago spot. The Overwatch League organization is looking to create another team after the success of their other teams within other games. 

They are owned by the owner of a Tennis Team, the Washington Kastles, Mark Ein. He is looking to expand his reach by buying out the Chicago spot that NRG Esports currently holds. 

The Future of the Call of Duty League and its Franchises, Maybe Expansion?

The future of the Call of Duty League is looking bright as there might possibly be another young and bright gaming organization to enter it. With Washington being a new location, there might be a couple more locations that the league might want to explore. 

One of those locations is in Philadelphia with there also being an Overwatch team in the Philadelphia Fusion. Another location is Boston as the city also has the Boston Uprising Overwatch team. The one location outside of North America is Spain. This is due to their being many talented Spanish-speaking players and notable teams like Team Heretics. 

Many are speculating that an expansion is imminent because many pros are beginning to complain of there not being enough teams within the league. 

This could be great for many players within the Challengers division because they might have a better chance if there are more teams in the league with the additional roster spots. Also, it could cause better competition as well. Overall, there are still many things to come, whether it is the Washington Justice or not, there will be many more other franchises that will be looking to buy a CDL spot. 

Featured Image Courtesy of the Call of Duty League 

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