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Which is Better for Warzone? Caldera or Verdansk?

With the recent update of a new map for the Call of Duty game mode, Warzone, many people are debating many things. One question is which is better for Warzone? Caldera or Verdansk as a map? 

The Terrain

The terrain of both maps is very interesting and different in many aspects. The terrain of Caldera as a map is very wilderness and vegetation-based. Whereas Verdansk is very modernized and with a lot of structure in or around a lot of the map. 

The Color of the Map

Second of all, the color of the map, which is something a lot of people talk about. Streamers and Warzone professionals alike talk about the vibrance in Caldera compared to Verdansk. This, in turn, is really concerning considering that this is the biggest difference within the maps.

Most of the map has very vibrant colors of green and blue. Green is the majority of the vegetation and blue is the water in and around the map itself. This is great for players who like the visual within the video game they are playing to help keep them in the game. 

The Gun/Map Relationship

The gun/map relationship is the map compared to the guns that can be used within the map. For the regular, Modern Warfare guns in Verdansk, it was a great dynamic because there were a lot of terrible guns compared to the normal meta’s used.

In Caldera, the gun/map relationship is really interesting. This is due to the guns used on the map. The guns are not exactly as overpowered as they are in Verdansk. However, the problem is that there are slim pickings when it comes to gun drops.

The Vehicles

Lastly, the vehicles are a lot more creative in the Caldera map. There are two vehicles that have guns on them. Something they did not have in Verdansk. Those vehicles are the fighter plane and a vehicle with an AA gun on it as well. 


Overall, both maps were great for the Call of Duty community. The implementation of a variety of weapons over games created a huge population and increase of viewership for the franchise itself. 

However, the fact that Caldera was made shows the Call of Duty community that the franchise is trying to grow. The fact that Caldera is completely different, shows that the franchise is trying to progress into a new and better era of Call of Duty Warzone.

This could be great for the Call of Duty franchise and community. This could very well be the start of something the franchise needed in order to have their players still play their game. However, there are many things that need to be improved if they truly want to show their community a great game. 

Featured Image Courtesy of Call of Duty 

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