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What will the Purchase of Activision by Microsoft do for COD?

Earlier this week, there was a recent purchase made by Microsoft. That purchase was Activision Blizzard, one of the biggest gaming publishers in the world. The buyout and sold cost of the purchase was made to be around $70 Billion. This, in turn, was said to be one of the biggest purchases ever made in the gaming industry. Which then begs the question? What does this buyout mean for COD? 

The Possible Approaches

There are a couple of things that can happen due to the buyout. Out of all the things, there are four possible approaches that it can create. One approach is that Microsoft will encourage Activision to make COD and its games only for their consoles only. 

The two other approaches are less significant but could cause a huge impact on the gaming industry. The second approach is to help produce a Halo-like Call of Duty where it is fun to play that will help drive up the sales and population of the game. 

The last and final approach would be to eventually have Call of Duty possibly die out to where Halo is really the only and true first-person shooter. Although this last one is highly unlikely, I would not put it past Microsoft to do such a thing as they already have Halo. 

The First Approach 

The first approach that Microsoft could possibly make after they purchase Activision will be to have all of the publisher’s games be Xbox and PC exclusive only. This would be an interesting approach as the rivals, Sony(Playstation), are also trying to do the same with some of their games as well.

The pro to this would mean a drive-up in sales for Microsoft. It will also make it easier for players to keep the same console. However, the negative to be brought up could be the fact that it might cause a lot of players to grow tired of it or tired of the console. 

The Second Approach

The second approach, which is probably the most ideal approach, would be if Microsoft created a vision to help make a better Call of Duty. In the past, they have done extraordinary work for Halo, maybe they can do it with COD as well?

The pro to this is that it gives many people a willingness to play by showing that the publisher and developers care about their fans. It will also drive up sales and population for COD and its other games as well. The only con would definitely be the cost that it will take to do something like this. 

The Third Approach 

This is definitely the most unlikely, but scary one out of all of them. This scenario is the fact that Microsoft will not work with Activision when it comes to Call of Duty and instead put even more of its resources into his office. 

Overall, who knows what is to come for the loved franchise. All many of its supporters ask for a better game. The decision on whether or not they are willing to do that remains to be seen. But then again, this buyout could single-handedly make or break Call of Duty forever. 

Featured Image Courtesy of Activision Blizzard

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