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What Happened to Clayster?

There are many questions revolving around storied Call of Duty League veteran, James “Clayster” Eubanks, one question being, what happened to Clayster?

The one question that is on a lot of people’s minds right now and over the past week revolves around what happened to Clayster. James “Clayster” Eubanks has recently stepped away from the New York Subliners. He will be placed on the bench while Conor “Diamondcon” Johst. 


Clayster recently announced on July 19th that he will be stepping down from the competition via Twitter. In this tweet, he explained what was happening and what will be happening for him possibly in the near future. He also explained that he is stepping back to focus on mental health. 

“Just need a break from it all,” said Clayster, “I’m sure you all have seen I haven’t been myself in quite some time, need to take a step back and get myself straight mentally,” he said. 


Shortly after what happened with Clayster, many players took to Twitter showing support for Clayster. Pro players such as Ian “Enable” Wyatt and Seth “Scump” Abner decided to show support towards the storied veteran in a tweet. 

Many pro players decided to give their two cents into thinking what may have happened. Players like Scump and Formal said on the OpTic Podcast, a Call of Duty based podcast by OpTic Chicago, that it was a little weird that Clayster decided to pull out now right before the stage five major and the Call of Duty Championship. 

There are a lot of people that still do not know what happened. However, there are already many professionals and people within the Call of Duty that are giving some information on what actually happened. 

What We Know Now

There has not been a lot said after that tweet that was made by Clayster, however, there are two good pieces of information as to what might have happened in this situation. One thing we know now is that his teammates think that he quit on them. 

This is the case due to what his former New York Subliners Teammate, Asim, has said on the Flank Podcast shortly after Zoomaa and Enable started talking about it. He stated that Enable was right when he stated the what if of Clayster essentially quitting on the team because he could not take it anymore. 

Another case that was brought up was due to the fact that Clayster was supposed to have returned to the Dallas Empire in the middle of the season. This was stated by Ian “Crimsix” Porter as he stated in a tweet. 

He stated in the tweet that Clayster was supposed to get traded as the whole Huke situation was going down because they needed a fourth. However, after the stage in which the Subliners placed high, NYSL decided to not go through with the trade and settled for Vivid instead. 

The Mental

Although both of these could be the case, it does not mean that is the base of the reason for him stepping away. The reason could very well be that he simply cannot do anymore because his mental state is not good at the moment. 

The reason could be that he needs time off after the many years that he has competed. This could be crazy in the times to come. What is to say for the Subliners and what is to say for the Call of Duty League. What could this mean for the community after all this is out? 

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