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Week One in Review: The Atlanta Faze

The first week of Call of Duty was full of upsets. The Atlanta Faze competed in two matches this week, one against the Dallas Empire and the other against the New York Subliners. 

This will be a weekly article series which recaps the previous weekends matches and prepares fans for next weeks matchups to ensure that they are up to date with the latest Call of Duty action. 

Week One in Review

The Atlanta Faze, with only two matches played, have shown just how dominant their team is in the league. Having dropped zero rounds of Search and Destroy this weekend, out slaying their opponents by 100+ points in hard point, Faze are not to be messed with.

Here is a closer look at how the Atlanta Faze did this opening weekend in Minnesota.

Dallas Empire: 0-1

The first matchup was against the Dallas Empire.

 Courtesy of the Dallas News

Courtesy of the Dallas News

Hardpoint / Ashir Cave 250-234

This game belonged to McArthur “Cellium” Jovel. The Faze were able to keep their composure on money hills and make a great comeback despite Dallas being in the lead up until the 180 mark. With some clutch kills going in favor of Atlanta, Dallas had no chance of securing any final second hill time.

Search and Destroy / Arklov Peak 6-0

Dallas looked lost on Arklov. Shaky shots and lackluster performances from everyone led to the Empire falling way short. Atlanta were able to outsmart the Empire’s rotations and shot calling, making their dominant performance look easy.

Domination / Gun Runner 188-118

This game was over before it had even started. Atlanta maintained A and B control for most of the game. Dallas struggled to get off spawn most of the second half, unable to string together any sort of momentum in their favor.

Player of the Match: Simp

This was an easy choice. Chris “Simp” Lehr dominated all three game modes. If he wasn’t hitting snipes in Search, he was sprinting across map getting clutch kills and out slaying his opponents 100% of the time.

Week one saw an MVP performance out of him. It will be exciting to see how he continues his reign this season, especially at home in Atlanta.

New York Subliners: 0-1

Their second matchup was against the New York Subliners and while the Subliners may have taken a map against the Atlanta Faze, the series was never really close to begin with.

Week One in Review: The Atlanta Faze
Courtesy of the Call of Duty League
Hardpoint / Gun Runner  250-211

The Faze had great breaks as a team and were very good at shutting down the Subliners when they started to get hot. With a convincing win, the tiny terrors were a nuisance all game long with some clutch one versus ones.

Search and Destroy / Picadilly  6-0

Similar to the Dallas Empire, this match wasn’t even close. Attach and Zooma from the Subliners both had 0 kills while Michael “MajorManiak” Szymaniak from Faze secured the top spot on the K/DR leaderboards this weekend with an 8.0 KD/R in search. Simp hit some great snipes (as he does) and Preston “Priestahh” Greiner, after a slow start, strung together a series of kills to end up with the second-most kills on his team.

Domination / Hackney Yard 136-201

There isn’t much to say on this map as it was over quite early in round one with a very slim chance at a comeback. The Atlanta Faze started on the bad side first. After being outplayed in the first half, the point deficit was already too much for them to bounce back from despite showing signs of life in the final couple of minutes.

Hardpoint / Hackney Yard 250-122

All was forgotten from last map. Simp made up his previous maps performance with some clip worthy plays alongside his duo Tyler “aBezy” Pharris. At one point he was on a 10 steak, 3+ K/DR while his teammates MajorManiak and Cellium were close behind him with only a few kills off of dropping a 40 bomb.

Player of the Match: Cellium

Cellium played out of his mind this series. He stepped up in every game mode and shifted momentum in the first hardpoint and domination despite their loss. Like MajorManiak, he is a very reliable and consistent player especially in times of panic.

Week Two Preview

Teams have a long way to go if they want to have any chance against the number one seed. Fortunately for those attending London on February 8th, Atlanta won’t be in attendance. Faze will have a bye week that week which means their next match doesn’t kick off until February 22non their home turf in Atlanta, Georgia.


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