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Warzone Top 5 Plays of the Week

Warzone Top 5 Plays of the Week

This week has been dedicated to Warzone. As someone who has avoided Battle Royales at all costs, it is finally time to embrace them, well, one of them. Sure, Warzone has its faults, but it has brought a lot of good back into the community. Large scale tournaments, ten plus hour streams, and an abundance of content, to name a few, as fans await the return of the CDL, here is a look at Warzone Top 5 Plays of the Week in no particular order from some of the community’s most popular creators.

Warzone Top 5 Plays of the Week

  • Testyment | Chopper Take Down

Testyment, while simultaneously getting shot at by three other people, managed to escape down the rooftop stairwell into a Chopper. That Chopper got shot down, and Testyment was left to crawl away to his teammate. Unfortunately, he was cornered by the same three who knocked him. In a quick turn of events, however, what should have been an easy kill for the enemy team ended in one of the strangest three pieces in favor of Testyment. The same Chopper that went down moments before collided with the enemies and instantly killed all three of them. Testyment’s teammate revived him, and they continued their duos run.

  • Scump | Five Man Swipe

In Cash App’s Code Green tournament, Seth “Scump” Abner of the Chicago Huntsmen dropped a record-breaking 118 eliminations to carry Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag and Dennis “Cloakzy” Lepore to a third-place finish. The video above shows one of his many multi-kills of the tournament. Scump hung on the outskirts of the circle despite the gas closing in and picked off all the players as they ran towards the safe zone. This resulted in an easy five-piece, and Scump was able to escape with his life.

  • Crimsix | Collateral Win

Ian “C6” Porter alongside James “Clayster” Eubanks and Tyler “TeePee” Polchow won the Code Green Tournament by 19 kills and a total of 298 eliminations. C6 led the way with 109 eliminations and dropped some impressive numbers for his Victory Royales. Although this clip wasn’t from the tournament, it was still impressive nonetheless.

With a sniper in hand, C6 and company were left in a 3v2. The two enemies were scrambling to get to the final circle, but that didn’t matter because as soon as they turned the corner, C6 hit the collateral from behind cover for the Victory Royale.

  • Bloo | Quad Feed Headshot

A quad headshot is hard to hit with any gun, let alone a Sniper. Despite the radar on after the first headshot, it was still tricky to spot those players. There is little room for error with a sniper in hand and, to make things more complicated, the enemies were moving, jumping targets. Bloo hit four moving headshots in quick succession, that doesn’t just happen to anybody, let alone in a game like Warzone, where players have things like armor.
  • Aydan | Impossible Clutch

When he’s not dominating Fortnite, he’s on Call of Duty clutching up for his team. With both of his teammates down, Aydan had full armor and full health for a 1v3. After knocking the first player, he reloads his last clip of ammo and snaps onto another player who eliminates his shield and leaves him with just over 50% health. His quick thinking and last minute drop shot allowed him to secure the 1v3, revive his teammates, and get the cash to save the game for his team.

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