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Call of Duty

Warzone FAQ: The Need to Know

Warzone FAQ: Everything You Need to Know

For those curious about Call of Duty: Warzone, here is an FAQ that covers everything from what players can expect to the best guns in the game.

Warzone FAQ: Everything You Need to Know

Photo Courtesy of Activision

What is Call of Duty: Warzone?

Call of Duty: Warzone is a free-to-play Battle Royale from the world of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. It is a 150 player massive combat experience set in the map Verdansk.

Is Call of Duty Warzone free?

Yes. It is free-to-play for everyone.

Is Warzone part of Modern Warfare?

Warzone is separate from Modern Warfare. Multiplayer maps from MW are featured in Verdansk, but players don’t need the full game to play Warzone.

How do you play Call of Duty: Warzone?

To play Call of Duty: Warzone, enter the Warzone menu and select any of the BR options. Players will drop into a pre-match lobby with a random loadout. Kills in the pre-match lobby don’t count towards the Warzone kill record but they will level up the weapon in hand.

Warzone FAQ: Everything You Need to Know
Photo Courtesy of Activision

Once the clock hits zero, Warzone will begin. Players will take to the skies where they will be required to skydive down into the map to an area of their choice. Cut and redeploy your shoot to land quicker and be wary of hotspots. Once on the ground, start scouring the map for loot. This includes armor, weapons, tacticals, and lethals.

Can you drop weapons in Warzone?

Players can drop everything except weapons. If players want to drop a gun for their teammate, they need to find a different weapon to swap it out.

What happens when you die in Warzone?

If players are killed, they will be sent to the Gulag. The Gulag is a second chance at life and allows players to 1v1 for their spot back into the game. There are three versions of the Gulag, and players will receive the same loadout. The Gulag will close in the final two circles, so if players die once the Gulag is closed, or they lose their Gulag, they will need to be bought back by their teammates from the buy station for 4.5k.

How do you win Warzone?

Be the last player or team standing. Squadmates don’t need to be alive for the victory either. As long as all other teams are dead, the last remaining squad will get the victory even if only one or two players of the last team are alive.

How do you win Warzone?
Photo Courtesy of Activision
What happens when you win Warzone?

When a player wins Warzone, there will be a brief pause before the words “Warzone Victory” show up on the bottom of the screen. The game will then cut to an end sequence that shows the winning player or team getting picked up in a helicopter. The camera will zoom in to each player and display their Activision ID, followed by closing credits.

Is Warzone only Battle Royale?

Yes. Infinity Ward will drop new game modes under the Warzone menu, but Warzone will always be a battle royale.

As the menu stands, Plunder is an option available to players in addition to the Warzone battle royale. Plunder, instead of being the last team standing, players need to secure the most cash to win. All the game modes are played on Verdansk.

What is the best weapon/gun in Warzone?

AR: M4A1, Grau 5.56


Sniper: HDR, AX-50

Marksmen: Kar98k


Shotgun: R9-0

For a more in-depth attachment guide for popular Warzone weapons, go here.

What is the best weapon/gun in Warzone?
Photo Courtesy of Activision
How much damage does it take to kill Warzone?

Players have a base HP of 100. There are three armor slots available, and with each armor plate equipped, player health will go up by 50 HP. Armor plates can’t be regenerated and will have to be replaced, but base health will be auto regenerated as long as players aren’t hit within a few seconds. For a fully armored enemy, players will need to hit them for 250 HP. Aim for their heads for a faster kill.

How do loadout drops work in Warzone?

Loadout drops will drop in after the second circle closure. They can also be purchased from the buy stations for 10k. Once purchased, throw the flare down and wait for the box to drop. Loadout drops work the same as custom classes. Before Warzone begins, don’t forget to customize your classes. These classes can be selected from the loadout drop in-game.

How do you earn killstreaks in Warzone?

Killstreaks can either be looted or bought with money found around the map. Money can be used to buy back teammates, purchase loadout drops, self-revives, and much more. UAVs are a great killstreak to purchase because it reveals enemy positions and will increase a player’s situational awareness when running long distances.

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