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Vikkstar’s $210K Warzone Showdown

The Biggest Game Out There

Call of Duty: Warzone has been one of the most popular games in the world and some of the biggest streamers have taken it to another level. Vikkstar, known for streaming games such as Fortnite, Call of Duty, and Minecraft, has added to the competitiveness of Warzone by creating a new tournament. The tournament awards a total of $210K and is played once a week. It’s set up where two players team up against another two and get the most kills through two games.

First Round Drama

Image Courtesy of Vikkstar

FaZe Nickmercs competed in the tournament with one of his friends, Nio. The two of them went up against TimTheTatman and Tommey in the first round and Nickmercs was down 20 kills after the first game. Everybody in the chat, for Nickmercs, was saying it was over and there was no chance for him to win. With the last game, Nickmercs and Nio came back from 20 kills and beat the other team in dramatic fashion. This incredible first-round win lit a fire inside Nick and Nio as they went all the way to the finals without going into the loser’s bracket.

The Finals

After defeating Symfunhny and FaZe Bloo to advance to the finals, Nickmercs and Nio would see them again in the finals. It was an exciting matchup, but Symfunhny was too dominant as they went on to beat Nick and be the winner of this week’s part of the tournament. Vikkstar did an amazing job with constructing this tournament and making sure the rules were unique. The tensions were high as a lot of money is on the line every week which caused a lot of attention. People in the tournament, who were streaming, received almost double their usual numbers. As Call of Duty: Cold War approaches and people get anxious for Warzone to bring a new map, this is something for people to enjoy watching and streamers to look forward to something new.

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