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Trophy Systems to be Added to Call of Duty Season 3

Trophy Systems to be Added to Call of Duty Season 3

The trophy system is back in Call of Duty. Many fans were disappointed about the exclusion of the field upgrade coming into Vanguard. Activision announced it will be returning for season three on April 27. Trophy Systems had become a staple of Call of Duty in the recent years of the game. They are designed to destroy any throwable items before they hit the ground. Usually, each trophy system would destroy three throwable items such as grenades each. Without these trophy systems, fans have often complained about how the game plays.

The main strength of the trophy systems in Vanguard is that they will stop grenade spam. This will help in casual play giving an advantage to OBJ players.

Unlikely to be used in the CDL

Historically, trophy systems have been used in professional CoD for a long time. However, this would completely change the game, game modes such as Control and Hardpoint would be completely different and way easier to hold points.

With this being such a drastic change halfway through the season, many pros have called to have a gentlemen’s agreement not to use it. Despite it not even being in the game yet. Professional CoD players have suggested the game would be worse with trophy systems as it would make it too easy to capture points so don’t expect it to be used in the CDL.

However, it is a welcome addition for casual players. They will enjoy being able to counteract grenades come as it has become a problem in many fans eyes.

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