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Three Best Looking CDL Team Packs

Toronto Ultra

One thing the Call of Duty League has pushed all season is the addition of their team packs. These packs allow players to wear the colors of their favorite CDL squads out in battle. Every team is available, and each pack includes apparel, accessories, etc. They apparently have been a hit with fans, with many sharing their favorites with the league’s official Twitter page.

Everything is customizable with these packs, from head to toe and of course for the guns too. All of the teams have great designs so players couldn’t go wrong with any of them. That said, it would be fun to do a little ranking to see who the top three are. Each one’s colors are represented nicely. The large logo of each in from of the vests stands out too, which is good.

Players will have a general idea of what the packs look like based on the team’s colors, even if they haven’t seen them yet. It’s really all about how well the colors look on each piece of apparel or equipment. Again, it’s really tough to pick a top three, and fans couldn’t go wrong with any of them. But, for fun, here are the top three in terms of design.

1. London Royal Ravens

London Royal Ravens

Arguably the most colorful of the bunch may be the best. The Royal Ravens’ beautiful mixture of blue and red pop out and the team’s cool raven logo sits front and center on the shirt. The design on the guns especially looks nice. It may be too colorful for some, but it’s balanced enough to where it isn’t annoying. Tough choice, but London takes the top spot.

2. Chicago Huntsmen

Chicago Huntsmen

What makes this particular pack stick is that it fits the team’s persona perfectly. The Huntsmen’s logo reflects that of warriors (or hunters) in a wooded setting. The woodland style colors just shout “hunter”, as they stalk their prey in the forest. Then, of course, Chicago’s slick dark green colors are nice too.

3. Paris Legion

Paris Legion

Once, one of the top three ranked teams in CDL, the Legion have put themselves in another top three situation here. What makes their pack visually appealing is how bold the orange is on their attire and guns. There’s a thickness to it that certainly lets folks know which team is represented. The maroon type color is also a nice touch and goes well with the orange.

Honorable mention: Florida Mutineers

Florida Mutineers

This was a really tough call between the Atlanta FaZe and Florida Mutineers. One can never go wrong with the FaZe’ world-famous red and black color scheme, but the Mutineers are another team whose outfits fit their persona. When players and fans see them, they have to think of the ocean and the sea monsters that lurk beneath. One can’t help but get some Bioshock vibes from the Mutineers pack (only not scary). Because of this, it gets an honorable mention.

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