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The Young Gun Powering the Chicago Huntsmen: Envoy

This year it is no secret that the Chicago Huntsmen have one of the most talented rosters in the Call of Duty League. The roster is full of seasoned veterans, except for Dylan ‘Envoy’ Hannon. Envoy recently turned 20 and is one of the sub players along with Scump on the Huntsmen. Envoy brings the hunger, drive and energy the team has been feeding off during its hot start to the season.

In the Beginning

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Envoy made his debut onto the Call of Duty scene during Advanced Warfare where his team qualified for Season 3 Relegation. The team went 0-2, but fortunately for Dylan the remainder of Advanced Warfare proved more prosperous. Envoy eventually teamed up with a highly skilled squad of well-known players including Kuavo, Assault and Spacely on Team JusTus. This explosive roster went into the last event of the year MLG World Finals 2015 and exceeded expectations, placing 5th/6th. Unfortunately for Dylan, new age rules were implemented at the end of the AW season and he was forced into temporary retirement due to being younger than 18-years old.

Dylan did not let the temporary age ban hold him back. Right after turning 18 during the World War II season Envoy was fighting to be a part of the scene again. The inopportune timing of his return was after the first major of the season, so most teams and starters were established and not willing to make a change. Envoy bounced around from a few rosters and was ultimately dropped heading into CWL Anaheim and did not play for remainder of the season.

Emerging into the Spotlight

Last season for Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Envoy had his breakout rookie season. Ahead of the Pro League Qualifier, Dylan found himself on Midnight Esports with a squad of relatively unknown but highly motivated players. This team took the CWL by storm and went a perfect 6-0 in pool play. Midnight defeated well-known teams such as 100 Thieves, Pittsburgh Knights and Team Space (later Gen.G) and earned a spot in the CWL Pro League. Due to complications with the organization, Midnight Esports disbanded and Envoy found himself being picked up by Gen.G where he continued to compound his early success.

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Later in the Black Ops 4 season Envoy flourished on Gen.G. Although the team had an early exit at Champs, they earned a few second place finishes throughout the season and Envoy was crowned an all-star. Despite the success Envoy experienced on Gen.G, he did not let this go to his head. Dylan is very humble and displayed his honest and level-headed thoughts throughout various interviews conducted during last season. The Gen.G roster did not have the most star power in the CWL yet they were always in contention. Spending a majority of the season on Gen.G taught Envoy the importance of team chemistry and the distance that it can carry a team.

Be the Hunter, not the Hunted

Today, Dylan finds himself as a starter for the Chicago Huntsmen. The other four players on the roster are long-time Call of Duty veterans with countless championships under their belt. Before the start of the CDL Dylan was the only member of the Huntsmen who had yet to win a championship. This hunger for a championship having come so close is what was motivating Envoy heading into the season. At times throughout this season, Envoy has the potential to be the motivating force behind Chicago’s potential success. When guys are not feeling it or might not be as hungry for a championship, Dylan can bring the energy and drive for another championship having only won one. Although Envoy might not have the same experience as his fellow teammates, he understands his role as the youngest member of the team.

The relationship with his teammates will be two-fold this year. Although Dylan is humble and shows self-awareness, it was not always this way. In an episode of Hecz’s Eavesdrop podcast, Dylan admits he used to be pretty immature. He said he would talk smack all the time online, even after losing to players in various settings. Given the countless years of experience and hardware his teammates possess, Envoy can learn the composure and poise that it takes to obtain such success. Dylan has already displayed his willingness to learn from those around him too.

Similarly, in the same Eavesdrop episode Dylan mentioned coming into the CDL, he and current teammate Alec ‘Arcitys’ Sanderson were marketing to teams as a package. When asked how this relationship was forged Envoy explains how his former team manager was close with Alec. He watched Alec fry the competition last year en route to a world championship and expressed an eagerness to learn from him. At just 20 years old, Envoy displays the maturity and drive to carry the Huntsmen to great heights in the CDL’s inaugural season.

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