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The Third Game Mode for the CDL Has Been Decided

Finally after nearly a month of Call of Duty: Vanguard being out, after much discussion, the third game mode for the CDL has been decided. This was decided earlier on Monday as the new season of the Call of Duty game is set to come out on December 8th. 

The Frustration of Pro Players and Fans

There were many game modes that were put into question that may have been the third game mode that was decided on. Many professional players grew frustrated and tired of the delay of the decision on what the third game mode should be. This is after the many tournaments and practices they have already started. However, here are some of the game modes that were put into question. 

The fans were extremely angry as well as many of the fans that love Call of Duty the most, got frustrated because there is still no ranked play. Now that there is a third game mode, the developers can finally make a ranked play to hopefully appeal to pro players and fans more than previous remakes. However, there were also many game modes that could have possibly been the third game mode. 

Here are Some of Those Game Modes:


Although one of the most hated game modes to play and watch. Unfortunately, it was still an option for the developers to add it as the third game mode for the Call of Duty League. This is due to it being the same developers that created Modern Warfare. In which, Modern Warfare had domination as the third game mode. 

For this game mode, there are three flags that need to be captured by either team. It is given two halves within the game. Each second either flag is captured, it is a point. The team that gets 200 points or the team to have the most points by the end of the time period wins. 

Capture the Flag

Ultimately, one of the most beloved third game modes to ever be in the Call of Duty competitive scene. The last time it was played was in the last World War Two game. This is why it was not out of the question to be in the game as the third game mode. 

Essentially, it works literally how it sounds. The flag you need to capture is in the other team’s spawn. Once you capture the flag, you have to bring the flag to your spawn point in order to capture the flag. 


This was the game mode that was chosen. It has been a game mode in a lot of game modes within the Call of Duty Black Ops franchise. It is going to be interesting seeing this on a Modern Warfare engine. 

For starters, it is literally search and destroy with a hardpoint aspect in one game mode. Each team starts with 30 lives with the attacking team and defending team defending two points. If the attacking team captures the point in time without losing all lives, they win. If the defending team kills off the other team or defends the two points in the time slot, they win. However, if either team kills the other team off of lives, that team without lives loses. 

Overall, it is interesting to think about the decision-making of the third game mode of the CDL. The thing that will be interesting will be if this is the right game mode to choose for this season. 

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