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The Sixth Man: CDL London

The Sixth Man CDL London

The Sixth Man

This past weekend was the London home series for the Call of Duty League. It was an amazing weekend that saw some epic victories and crushing defeats. The Chicago Huntsmen came out on top as they defeated everyone in their path. Every match was a crescendo of singing and yelling from an absolutely hyped crowd. London came out to show that they were a serious crowd and proved it in a wonderful display of fandom. They were the sixth man on their chosen teams and cheered them on to new heights.

CDL London
Image Courtesy of Call of Duty League

The Songs

The crowd in London had some amazing chants and songs. During each match a huge outburst of singing could be heard while the players were battling it out on stage. It almost seemed as the crowd had rehearsed and practiced for this specific event because everyone was in on the fun. The energy was next level and unquestionably amplified the viewing experience.

The Jeers

Londoners were not afraid to show their distaste to anyone. The crowd booed Patrick “ACHES” Price relentlessly. After his defeat on stage the crowd sang “ACHES is going home.” Ian “Crimsix” Porter was shouted over during his interview. The crowd chanted “T2P” referring to Time 2 Pound, the dynamic duo of Seth “Scump” Abner and Matthew “FormaL” Piper, his rivals and former teammates. The audience was on the edge of their seats as the London Royal Ravens were so close to beating the Dallas Empire. However they were ultimately defeated. The crowd booed their villains and played a huge part in developing the drama of each match.

CDL London Crowd
Image Courtesy of Call of Duty League

The Fun

There were songs and cheers, boos and jeers, and a beach ball. The beach ball was an excellent addition to the crowd and had such an amazing effect. Matthew “Skrapz’ Marshall was hyping up the crowd kicking the ball around and having a great time. Rich Campbell returned to the desk where he would later lose his mustache and receive a cake to the face. One fan was almost kicked out of the event for creating a beer tower but was then saved by the legend himself Hector “”H3CZ’ Rodriguez.

Fans for Champions

The London crowd proved themselves to be one of the best crowds ever. They had insane energy that was clearly visible and permeated through the screen. Their hype was infectious and augmented the viewing experience. Fans can learn from this crowd as they elevated the Call of Duty League and made their presence known. The crowd was the sixth man and fueled this home series to a fevered pitch.

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