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The Return of Methodz?

The Call of Duty Season is coming to a head in a couple of months. With that, there are still rosters that need to be set for a couple of teams. Those being OpTic, Paris, London, and the new possible team in Washington D.C. One question in relation to a player is still in question, could we expect the return of Methodz? 

This could very well be the type of personality a team needs in order to boost their popularity or get a great start into the league. This might come into fruition as rumors spread regarding Anthony “Methodz” Zinni. 

This is due to the possible connection to the Washington D.C. team that might get into the league. If true, this could be the player they need to jumpstart their franchise into good things. 

The Career of Methodz

MW3 and SoaR

The career of “Chef Zinni” all started in MW3 back in 2012, during the later events in the season. MW3 is also the game he got his first win in as well. The first team he ever played for was SoaR Gaming. He played with the likes of MBoze, Parasite, Saintt, Slacked, and Stainville while on the team. 


He got some playing time while on loan at FaZe and also later in the Black Ops 2 season. He also got into FaZe during the start of the ghost season as well. 

OpTic and Rise Nation

The other most notable teams that we were a part of were the likes of OpTic and Rise Nation. These are both places where he got a lot of success. 

Time at Toronto Ultra

When Methodz got picked up by Toronto, it was thought to be a great move for the team as it grew the team’s popularity due to his comedy and play style. Toronto, however, grew to be a very average team in the Modern Warfare Season. 

In Cold War, the team struggled, even more, to get top placements within the league. This was until they benched Methodz for talented youngster, Insight. In which, they went on to win a major as well as place second in the world behind FaZe at COD Champs. 

With this, he went on to play for Challenger teams like Fantastic Four, uT Crew, and WestR. After those short stints, he began to resume streaming games like Warzone along with former pros like Zoomma and Slacked. 

Other Notable Teams and Achievements

He also got to play for Team Echo Fox, Team Elevate, and Strictly Business. All in all, he has had a great career as he has won multiple minor championships and one major championship. 

Future for Zinni?

The future is only a rumor after all. This new team in Washington could very well be baiting the entire Call of Duty community. However, if true, this could be the restart Chef Zinni needs in order to kick start his career back into action with a new team. 

Featured Image Courtesy of the Toronto Ultra

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