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The New Look Warzone

The New Look Warzone

With Call of Duty Vanguard coming out, Warzone is looking to be brand new when it comes to weapons, modes, and settings within the popular battle royale game. Professional and casual players alike are trying to see if they like the new look Warzone has been given. 

Warzone Playlist Updates

Week of November 4

There are the normal solo, duo, and quads casual playlists. This, along with clash 50 v.s. 50 and blood money quads. Additionally, there is also a duo and trio rebirth island playlist as well. 

Week of November 11

On this date, there will be an update to where there are only trios and quads in regular battle royale. There will be a plunder quads game mode as well. There will also be new game modes in kingslayer and Iron Trials. Additionally, resurgence will have a mini-battle royale version. 

Week of November 18

It is the same for the regular battle royale game mode from November 4th. There is also an operation flashback part of the playlist. Along with the normal special game mode in blood money. This, with a new part of the playlist in armored royale. 

Week of November 24 

The casual battle royale game mode is the same for this week. However, instead of blood money and armor royale. There is payload and plunder in place of those for the final week of November. 

Weekends and on Nov 30th

During weekends in the month, there will be buybacks for solos and quads. On November 30th, there will be the last dance in Verdansk trios playlist before the start of the new map. 

There have been bug fixes as well along with the playlist updates with fixes to camos as well as blueprints as well. According to the team at Trello, here are some additional important patches and updates that will be in effect this month going into December. 

  • Tradeoffs on barrels, magazines, and stocks have been reduced.
  • Hip Fire spread has been adjusted on most guns (mainly to add more consistency across weapon categories).
  • Effective Range of most Shotguns, SMGs, and Pistols have been reduced (SMGs and Pistols were overperforming at range and Shotguns were adjusted down due to increased lethality overall).
  • Certain Weapons cannot be accessed in the Loadouts/Gunsmith after Level 66.
  • 1911 Pistol will now progress past Level 50.
  • Operator challenges appear to be reset after completing them.
  • Unlock requirement for weapon challenges displaying incorrectly.
  • Legendary Covenants: Some players do not receive Legendary Covenant options.

Going into the new season with this new map, will be interesting to say the least. This, in turn, is probably the reason why they made this many patch notes and updates a week into the Call of Duty Vanguard era. It could mean for a great last dance in Verdansk or create excitement for it to be finally over and begin with going into the new Warzone era. 

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