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The New and Improved Temp?

The stage is set for Donovan “Temp” Laroda with the new signing that the Paris Legion has made. With this signing, it could mean a new beginning for the storied Call of Duty professional that Temp is. 

Over the years, Temp has faced the most criticism as he is known to be extremely controversial due to his antics inside the communications within the game and out of the game with attitude problems and ego problems. 

Temp is most known to be on Splyce, Denial Esports, and Team Echo Fox before franchising began two years ago. However, over his entire career, he is only known for winning mid-tier tournaments as he only has one major championship win. 

Regardless, Temp is one of the most popular players in the Call of Duty scene, although not well-liked, he showed his strengths in the seasons before showing that he could be a team leader and captain for the teams that he was on at the time. 

The Revolving Door

This leads to many pros and people within the community thinking that he is not a good player due to what he has done in the past. The criticism got even worse over the past two years as he struggled to find success with the past two teams he has played within the New York Subliners and Los Angeles Thieves. This was the case even though having won a major with New York and having a decent showing last season. 

This season, with the thieves, Temp has struggled to gain any traction as he had the lowest kill/death ratio on the team as the team went up only to sixth place in the league. Shortly after the first two majors, Temp was benched and eventually was released to be a free agent. At first, he was having a terrible time trying to find a team that could give him a decent contract as his contract was high from previous seasons with New York and Los Angeles. 

He then decided to go the Challengers Elite route playing for the top-tier amateur team, WestR, to better his skills and hopefully make it in the Challengers scene. This, unfortunately, did not work out as they could not manage to make it to a final in three tournaments. 

Now or Never

Now, Temp is on the Paris Legion showing huge improvement as a player as he is beginning to get back to his ultimate form as he is leading the team as their captain and best player. Although second to last in the league, the Paris Legion have recently shown great promise in the past weeks as they have been competing with the best teams in the league quite well. The Legion, with Temp, have actually had an average record, faring better with Temp on the team than before when he was not on the team during the first few stages. 

With a young team and talented players, could this mean Temp could be coming back from the dead to lead the Legion to a surprising Cinderella story, or will this just be another glimmer of hope gone for the boys of Paris? All that is for sure is if Temp wants to continue to play at the top level, time is running out for him to go ahead and do so. So, therefore, this could be now or never. 

Featured Image Courtesy of the Paris Legion and the Call of Duty League

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