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OpTic and Envy Merge to Make OpTic Texas

It is only a week or so into Call of Duty Vanguard and the new Call of the Duty League season. With it come GB, CMG and UMG tournaments where the new teams can practice new strategies. Only now do fans notice a new team, a new logo, that being the merge fans all needed, OpTic and Envy to make OpTic Texas. 

The Anticipation of Merger

Nearly everyone within the Call of Duty community wanted this merger to happen. This was after it was rumored early on after the conclusion of the last Call of Duty League season. Many fans of OpTic and Envy were anticipating the merger as they were ready for a super team to be in the league. Along with the content, that is exactly what Envy and OpTic are trying to do.  

The Team

The team is full of SMG stars in one-time champions in Shotzzy and Scump. This, along with a young flex superstar in Dashy and talented AR player in iLLEY. The team is looking to turn a lot of heads as the team gets into form slowly but surely with new strategies.

The team got a major upgrade as the teams that merged dropped Envoy to Thieves, Vivid to Florida, Crimsix to New York, and Formal to retirement. This could be the most popular team as we get into possibly the most competitive CDL season yet. 


On the content side of things, this merger could be the cause for another huge gaming organization move in order to possibly rival FaZe and 100 Thieves. This with a lot of Warzone streamers like ZLaner, BobbyPoff, Sebas, and TeePee. 

With the return of Karma and Formal on the content side of things to be along with Team Summertime in Hitch, Blake, and Jorge, with the likes of MaNiaC, MBoze, and BigTimer, it is looking to be crazy when it comes to content.

Mike “Hastr0” Rufail and Hector “HECZ” Rodriguez are looking to create another gaming organization juggernaut with the content and competitive side of things. With the process and many other videos made for content, they are looking to be the most popular of all gaming organizations as they are up for many awards within esports including creative of the year candidate in “The Process”. 

The Future of the Team

There are many questions that still need to be answered when it comes to this new team/merger. It could mean the start of something new or it could mean a jumpstart for OpTic in order for it to get into its own as it was before. 

One thing to think about is the retirement of Scump, who will they replace? Will they bring back Envoy? Is  Formal coming back to play? Can Crimsix return to being on OpTic again? Can there ever be a time that OpTic will be no more? All these questions are set to be answered. For now, however, all we can do is enjoy the fact that OpTic is back, for real this time.

Featured Image Courtesy of OpTic Texas

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