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The Huntsmen’s Partner with SCUF Gaming and the U.S. Army

The Huntsmen have been busy over the past two weeks. Although they have not been competing, Chicago was busy obtaining new partners for the team. The Huntsmen are freshmen in the CDL this year. Hecz has always prided himself on partnering with the right organizations to benefit both sides. As CEO of OpTic Gaming, Hecz slowly grew his Call of Duty empire by way of content. This content then launched the team into the spotlight and opened the door to conversations with sponsors. It seems Hecz is back at it again helping bring the Chicago Huntsmen to the forefront of esports. Chicago has already built an incredible list of partners this year including Turtle Beach, Popeyes, Zippo, Mountain Dew Amp Game Fuel, Crep Protect and Metro by T-Mobile. The latest organizations to partner with the Chicago Huntsmen are SCUF Gaming and the U.S. Army.

SCUF Gaming

Courtesy of the Chicago Huntsmen

On Wednesday, the Huntsmen announced its partnership with SCUF Gaming, a controller and controller accessories manufacturer. Hecz is quite familiar working with the brand; as CEO of OpTic Gaming this was a key partner for the team. This partnership was likely in the works for a little as SCUF already announced its customer Chicago Huntsmen controller. SCUF controllers are top of the line as far as console gaming goes. The Huntsmen controllers will include trigger stops, remappable back paddles, ergonomic grip, joystick options and more. Despite switching organizations, it is great to see Hecz’s longstanding relationship with SCUF Gaming is still intact.

U.S. Army

Before the CDL season started, the CDL announced its partnership with the U.S. Army. Last week, the Chicago Huntsmen announced its partnership with the U.S. Army via Twitter as the organization looks to partner with specific teams in addition to the league. The Huntsmen are a team with one of the biggest fan bases. What better organization for the Army to partner with than one at the forefront of the esport?

The U.S. Army has become more involved with the esports world over the past few years. In 2018, the organization put together an esports team to aid in recruitment. The Army is not alone in this endeavor as many branches of the military have their own esports teams as well. Earlier this year, the U.S. Navy announced its partnership with Dreamhack and ESL North America.

While pros have voiced their displeasure for this year’s title, the game is flourishing. In December, Modern Warfare became the top-selling game in the U.S. In addition, this is the most played Call of Duty title in history. Surely some of this hype is from streamers playing Modern Warfare’s battle royale Warzone. Nevertheless, as Call of Duty continues to grow, so will the Call of Duty League. The U.S. Army is ready to take the ride to the top with the CDL moving forward.

Featured image courtesy of the Chicago Huntsmen

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