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The Huntsmen in the Middle of a Warzone

Another week has gone by with no news on when the Call of Duty League will resume again. For some organizations, this unclear time could pose issues as they try to ramp up growth. For the Huntsmen this is no big deal as the organization continues to create high-quality content. Over the past few weeks, Chicago has been creating lots of content which includes Call of Duty’s latest battle royale, Warzone. This past week the Huntsmen continued to put themselves in the headlines with the NRGFam Feud and week two of their Warzone Elimination Race series.

The Inaugural NRGFam Feud

Courtesy of NRG

The NRGFam Feud was an event hosted by the Huntsmen for the entire NRG family of esports teams. Each team had a captains and teams were comprised of players across all major titles NRG is involved in. The teams were as follows:

  • Team Scump: Scump, Symfuhny, Di3sel
  • Team FormaL: FormaL, Hecz, jstn
  • Team Arcitys: Arcitys, Aceu, Frexs
  • Team Gunless: Gunless, BigTymeR, super
  • Team Envoy: Envoy, sinatraa, Sizz
  • Team General: General, Mohr, DeMarcus Cousins
  • Team Boze: MBoze, Hutch, Lululuvely
  • Team Sender: Sender, GarrettG, Turbopolsa

The format of the tournament was one kill was worth one point and winning a game was worth five. The teams totaled their five highest-scoring games. Scump has made a name for himself for his iconic Call of Duty resume, which includes dynamite battle royale performances. Some things never change for the King. Sparks starting flying early for Seth as he soon found himself with an entire team in his building. This was no problem for him as he put three kills up early and got his team off to a hot start.

Courtesy of the Chicago Huntsmen

Although things were close early between Team Scump, Arcitys, Envoy, FormaL, Sender and General, with just thirty minutes left in the competition it was very close between Team Scump, Arcitys and Envoy. It came down to the very last game between Team Scump and Team Arcitys to see which team would take the crown.  Team Scump needed to drop a 45 kill game to beat Team Arcitys. With only ten people left on the map, Scump got the ball rolling on what would ultimately help his team propel past Team Arcitys. Scump found a kill around the corner of a building and built his momentum from here. Seth went into a building nearby and got two more kills using C4 and his RPG. The icing on the cake was Symfuhny finding a final kill before dying and helping push Team Scump past Team Arcitys by three points. The suspense and high octane gameplay was just what fans needed to get their share of competitive Call of Duty.

Warzone Kill Race

Courtesy of the Chicago Huntsmen

Last week Chicago unveiled a series called the Warzone Elimination Race. This series is a one game-winner take all approach. Three players drop into a game of Warzone and the person with the most kills at the end of the game wins. Each winner comes back the following week to defend their title. Scump won last week’s event and was back this week to defend his title against Sender and General. This week, all three players dropped Boneyard simultaneously and made for an interesting start to the match. Sender dropped on multiple players and managed to get one call while inadvertently baiting a kill for Seth tying the score up early.

In typical Seth fashion, he quickly jumped out to a lead obtaining three kills and putting a three kill gap between himself and Sender. After a little more time went by, all three players found kills making the score 5-2-1 for Seth, Sender and General. Making the contest more interesting, Sender killed two more players closing the gap to just one between him and Scump. General struggled to get momentum going in this week’s event. He managed to get a second kill, but was subsequently killed and sent to the Gulag where he did win his 1v1. Unfortunately for Sender and General, they never managed to close the gap between themselves and Scump. For every kill they managed to get, he would get one as well and kept the distance he built from his early lead. In these CDL-less times, the Huntsmen continue to churn out Warzone content and continue to create videos for fans across the Call of Duty spectrum.

Featured image courtesy of Call of Duty

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