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The Chicago Huntsmen’s Quarantine Essentials

In these ever uncertain times, people across the world find themselves quarantined in their home for an unspecified amount of time. This week, Hecz sat down with Scump, Envoy and MBoZe to discuss their quarantine essentials. Although people can leave their residence to obtain essential items, the players assume they are truly stuck at home. Each person gets to pick one food dish they would have in addition to four items of their choosing. Time to take a look at what some of the Huntsmen deem as their “must-have” items.


Courtesy of OpTic Gaming/YouTube

It is only fitting that the Call of Duty legend gives the fans his quarantine essentials first. Hecz’s five items include Chipotle, YouTube, family, baby wipes and toothpaste. Hecz notes that if he could have his mother’s cooking he would, but given you need food from the outside world he elects to eat Chipotle. He got his beginning on YouTube and today uses it for lots of DIY work and podcasts. Item number three on the list is family, which nearly everyone can relate to. Throughout the past few weeks the importance of cleanliness cannot be stressed enough which is why baby wipes are number four on Hecz’s list. Last but not least is toothpaste, in these trying times, it is important to keep a clean mouth and a nice smile to help boost the morale of those around you.


Next up is the king himself. Scump chose enchiladas, toilet paper, Hulu, his girlfriend and his dog/cat. Toilet paper is an essential item that has been in high demand over the past few weeks, so this one is a given. Much like most households today, some form of a streaming service is present and it appears Scump is no exception to this. Similar to Hecz’s answer of family, Scump would like to be with his girlfriend (although he currently lives with her so this likely went without saying). Item number five on Scump’s list is an extension of family with his two four-legged friends Buzz and Leo. With family and high-quality television, this combination would look similar to lots of fans.


Courtesy of Call of Duty League

The other sub player on the Huntsmen followed Scump. His list included Portillo’s, baby wipes, gaming setup, YouTube and mouthwash. For anyone who is unaware, Portillo’s is a Chicago-based fast-casual restaurant best known for its hot dogs and Italian Beefs. It is a very solid choice which would keep him full and happy for a long time. Similar to Hecz, Dylan wants to stay healthy and clean while in his home. Gaming setup is something that all Call of Duty fans can empathize with and would likely feel a little helpless without. YouTube is a solid pick and is a website that plays an integral role in the day-to-day lives of hundreds of millions of people across the world. The last item on Envoy’s list is mouthwash. It is hard to be happy in quarantine if they have bad breath. Taking a step back, it is apparent Dylan and Hector have lots of overlap in their day-to-day activities and hobbies.


Last up in the video is MBoze. His five items are a steak dinner, iPhone, girlfriend, baby wipes and his PS4. A steak dinner is unlike that of the other three and would be a delicacy for someone stuck at home. The iPhone was left off by everyone else but it is something that nearly everyone nowadays cannot live without. Much like everyone else, his girlfriend/family is an essential in these tough times. Similar to his peers, MBoZe picked baby wipes as an item due to their ability to keep people clean and healthy. The final selection for MBoZe was his PS4. Just like Dylan, MBoZe is unsure of his ability to stay sane without his trusty gaming setup by his side.

No two people answered the same, but many of them had similar answers. Good food, friends and family and gaming systems were some of the highlights for the Chicago Huntsmen.

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