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The CDL Season Format

With the season coming in just a couple of weeks, the Call of Duty League has announced the CDL Season Format for this year. With this, there has been a lot of outrage as well as arguments as to why this format is the wrong way to go.

Regular Season

For the regular season, 12 teams will be competing this season. Along with that, there will be four regular-season majors in an online/lan format. The teams will be playing Search and Destroy, Hardpoint, and Control. 

Control is one of those game modes that are currently broken in the game with its spawns. There is a possibility, if still not playable, that it will not be played at all. In this case, there will be three search and destroy plays instead. 

For each major, there will be four weeks full of placement/group matches(predetermined) which will determine which teams will go to the major. There will be all twelve teams per major. 


It will be the same as far as the number of teams. However, for COD Champs, the top two teams will no longer get byes and the bottom four will not start in the losers bracket. All eight teams will start in winners round one. 

Pro-Am and Warzone Event

There will also be a lot of talks about this Pro-Am. In this Pro-Am in the middle of the year, will pin challenger teams versus franchise teams creating a great MLG-like atmosphere. There will also be yet another Warzone event featuring pros, streamers, and talent. 

Kickoff Classic and Start to the Season

The kickoff classic will take place from January 21st through the 23rd. This will be the only tournament where there will be all 12 teams. Also, the opening weekend for the league will be on February the 4th through the 6th. 


There is a lot of outrage when it comes to the format within the Call of Duty community and its professional players. The first is the issue of control. The other one is that all 12 teams will not be featured in each major. 

Another argument is the Pro-Am and why it cannot be implemented into the season at all, giving challenger players a chance to showcase their talent. The final argument and part of the outrage are how unplayable the game is whole to everyone. 

There is rarely any type of streams or videos going on right now promoting the game/league. Overall, it could still be a great year for the league and Call of Duty, only if everything goes to plan, however. 

Featured Image Courtesy of the Call of Duty League

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